Examination Of The Impact Of Friendly School Environment On The Learning Level And Process Of Primary School Pupils

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Examination Of The Impact Of Friendly School Environment On The Learning Level And Process Of Primary School Pupils

Chapter One


Background Of The Study

Any effort to enhance the quality of human life in which education plays a role and serves a reason for ‘humanizing’ is described by the word “education.” Education is basically a process of maturation and improvement of life quality. It is predicted that participants will be able to comprehend what man’s sense and the nature of life are, as well as what and how to carry out the task of living life correctly. As a result, education is focused on the development of a superior mind. The growth of a nation is heavily reliant on its youth, so children’s education is critical. The school is often regarded as a social institution created to fulfill important cultural functions associated with the education of children. In order for the school to accomplish these objectives, it must have a child-friendly atmosphere in which teaching and learning takes place. A child-friendly school is one in which the staff is friendly to children and the children’s health and safety needs are met sufficiently. The school is also community-based, and it respects and supports the rights of all children, regardless of gender, religious or ethnic differences, family status, or physical or mental abilities (UNESCO 2001).A child-friendly school, according to a UNESCO report on child-friendly schools (2001), ensures quality education and positive learning for the child. If this result is not achieved, then the school is not child-friendly. A Nigerian child grows up in a variety of settings, including his or her home, school, culture, and larger society. All of these factors play an important role in a child’s right to live, develop, and learn. In terms of academic knowledge learning, the school environment has a major impact on the pupil. Some scholars have coined the term “school learning environment” to describe the physical features of the school setting. Others have used the term to refer to employee relations, leadership styles, morale, and member cooperation. However, according to Brook (1982), the definition emphasizes the complete learning environment in which the child finds himself. This involves the overall system’s standards and goals, as well as the pattern of pupil classification for teaching and learning. In any given scenario, the environment plays a critical role in ensuring successful growth. According to Piece (1994), the school is a vital subject for the inter-personal and educational growth of students. The essence of a school setting has a strong impact on how well students achieve a broad variety of educational results, according to research findings. In addition, according to Goodlard (1984), the school’s physical, mental, and aesthetic characteristics appear to improve students’ attitudes toward learning.

Statement Of Problem

Every nation should be concerned about the well-being of its children, as they will be the leaders of tomorrow. The schools were founded to assist these children in becoming useful to themselves and the country as a whole. Teachers in schools are critical in this regard because they deal directly with students and thus have a significant influence on their lives. According to Okeke (1999), teachers are the most influential change agents because they serve as managers, curriculum creators, educators, and career guidance counselors. They are effective mediators in all areas of education. If the child is at the center of the educational system, the teacher is at the center of the educational process, according to Ukeje (1992).In the classroom, the processing takes place. Learning and teaching can not take place if the school atmosphere is not child-friendly.

Objective Of The Study

The following are the primary objectives of the study:

  1. To examine the impact of friendly school environment on the learning process of primary school pupils
  2. To examine the impact it has on the academic performance of primary school Pupils

Research Questions

  1. What impact does friendly school environment have on the learning process of primary school pupils?
  2. What is the impact it has on the academic performance of primary school pupils?

Significance of the study

This study will be of significance to school administrators as it will help in providing way in making its school environment friendly for learning.it will also be useful to scholars, students and researchers who would want to carry out further research on the study

Scope Of The Study

The purpose of this research is to examine the impact of friendly school environment on the learning level and process of primary school pupils. The respondent of this study are the pupils of Lourdes Academy.

Limitation Of The Study

Finance, time constraint and lack of research materials were the major challenges the researcher encountered during the course of this study

Definition Of Terms


A person who is taught by another, especially a schoolchild or student in relation to a teacher.

School Environment:

School environment refers to the set of relationships that occur among members of a school community that are determined by structural, personal, and functional factors of the educational institution, which provide distinctiveness to schools.

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