An Evaluation Of Word Processing Package

Project and Seminar Material for Office Technology and Management OTM

Project and Seminar Material for Office Technology and Management OTM


This project work titled “AN EVALUATION OF WORD PROCESSING PACKAGE AN AID TO SECRETARIAL PRACTICE.” Is focused at examining the benefit derived from the use of word processing package and how word processing packages enhances or easy the job of the secretaries. A case study of Federal Ministry of Aviation Abuja, The population of the study is made up of 100 staff from six (60) department in the federal ministry of aviation Abuja. The sample size of 50 was adopted using the sample random sampling technique. Data were collected with the questionnaire and the analysis carried out using the simple percentage method.

The researcher found that word processing packages make job easy for secretaries, it was also revealed that the introduction of word processing packages has contributed also to the office as documents are saved with limited access which promote information security. It was recommended that organizations should try to up date their communication. Equipment to meet with the modern challenge and also that the secretaries should be sent for training in higher learning writings to enable them perform effectively and efficiently.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

A common understanding of computer as a machine or electronic device that process raw data given its instruction by human beings the computer can process at incredible speed. This is a vital tool in the society. It is commonly seen in the office being used for processing package to the secretarial practice and storage of information. By this definition, the computer is an electronic device for which accepts and processes by following a specified set of instruction (program) and giving our result.

According to Stephen Dorsey (1970;s) word processing concept did not refer merely to equipment, but explicitly to the use of equipment “breaking down secretaries Labour into distinct components, with some staff members handing typing exclusively while others supply administrative support. A typical operation would leave most executives without private secretaries instead one secretary would perform various administrative tasks for three or more secretaries. In (1971) article said that “some (secretaries) see word processing as a career ladder into management, other predicts it will lead straight to the picket line. “the national secretaries association, which defend secretaries as people who “can assume responsibility without direct supervision, feared word processing transform secretaries into “space-age typing pools.

The article considered only the organizational changes resulting form secretaries operation word processors rather than typewriters, the possibility that word processors might result in manage men creating documents with the intervention of secretaries was not considered not surprising in an when few but secretaries processed key boarding skills of horn by (2001) defined word processing as one of the printing out text one of the most versatile word processing packages available is Microsoft word (MS-word) which is the main focus of this project. This package range of facilities. The major area of computer application in organization is it’s in the preparation of documents and reports the development in information technology has made editing document possible through the use of “word processing package”.

1.2 Statement Of The Study

The position of the secretary is subjugated, despite all the involvements, in achieving maintaining and uplifting managerial excellence. His/her position cannot be dispensed with an organization regardless of the recent advancement in technology. Secretaries usually face stress in the office in the name of making sure that they uphold the image of the organization and help to achieve it objective. This is not enough secretaries find themselves in a stress full situation, most of which are poor management and use of obsolete machine. This use of obsolete machine brings about the problem of retyping of document omission of words, cause confusion and delay.

Still on the obsolete machine, if a secretary is asked to represent some calculations with a graph, they do find it difficult in doing that and that is why the introduction of word processing package sever as a great help to the secretarial practices because it will give you the right spelling and also represent your calculations with a graph without any stress. Some years backs secretaries and their colleagues usually counter barriers in communication.

This is cause through the use of typewriter, and it makes a lot of noise which will cause barrier in communication. But since the introduction, of word processing package when producing document, it does not make noise at all and it makes the environment conducive for everybody, before the introduction of the word processing, secretaries encounter the problems of insecurity. The file and document can be easily taken away by unauthorized person, but the secretaries to save their document in the system which cannot be retrieved by unauthorized person.

1.3 Purpose Of Study

The purpose of this study is to find out or to investigate on the evaluation of word processing package as an aid to secretarial practice, while the specified objectives or purpose are to:

  1. Determines or benefit derived from word processing.
  2. Find out how word processing package enhance or ease the job of the secretaries.
  3. Find out how word processing package as an aid to secretaries practice, effect organization.

1.4 Significance Of The Study

The beneficiaries of this project work are mostly secretaries and those aspiring to be secretaries. for a secretary to carryout his/her job effectively and efficiency, neatly and accurately his/her has to have an experience at work processing because it will help them greatly in the practices of secretarial work. A part from secretaries the beneficiary also includes organization and office even government a private sector need this package in orders to carry out their transaction effectively and efficiently.

1.5 Research Questions

  1. What are the benefits derived from word processing?
  2. How does word processing package enhance the job of the secretaries?
  3. What is the effect of word processing package as an aid to secretaries practice?
  4. What are the advantages of using word processing in the office as a secretary?

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The features of word processing obviously make processing correcting and amending the text very much easier then it would be if it had been produced on an ordinary typewriter where any substantial change might mean that the whole document would have been retyped. The study was limited of Federal Ministry of Aviation, Abuja due to its nature of company’s activities and level of it patronage.

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