Evaluation Of Selling As An Effective Promotional In Marketing Of Consumers Product (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc Ilorin)

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Evaluation Of Selling As An Effective Promotional In Marketing Of Consumers Product (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc Ilorin)


In this project work,

  • Chapter One deals with Introduction which explain the statement of the study, Aims and objectives of the study, scope of the study and limitation of the study.
  • Chapter Two is based on definition of Marketing, Review of the general text, Summary of Review, Hypothesis formulation.
  • Chapter Three also deals with Research Design, Method of Data Collection, population and sample size, Method of Data presentation and Analysis.
  • Chapter Four is based on Brief History of the study, Data presentation and Analysis.
  • Chapter Five Is the summary of findings, Conclusions, Recommendations, References.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Personal selling takes the form of oral presentation in a conversation with one or more prospective purchase with the purpose of making sales, one of the purposes of personal selling in informing and satisfying consumers of the product into contract face to face and make sure that transfer of ownership takes places.

We have two types of market, the consumer market and the industrial market but we should be focusing on consumer market which comprises of the producers, resellers and government. Industrial is faced with challenges so it is advisable that the management of the industrial sector use personal selling than any other promotional mix which are advertizing, sales promotion and publicity.

The researchers is to establish why personal selling as the most effective promotional mix or tool to be used for marketing industrial product or goods.

Personal selling is when company uses sales persons to build a relationship and engage customers to determine their needs. Personal selling offer entrepreneurs both advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the other elements of the promotion mix. On the positive side, personal selling allows the sales person to target the message specifically to the audience and receive immediate feedback. In this way, it is more precise than other forms of promotion and often has a greater persuasive impact. Sales person may learn about competitors products for example or about emerging customers needs that may leads to the development of a new product, personal selling may help a small business build loyal, long-term relationship with customers.

1.2 Statement of Study

This is where the problem relating to the study would be presented. The statement of the problems relating to this study is as follows.

Time Consuming:

The time used in collecting data, for example movement from one place to another is overwhelming.

Capital Intensive:

The money spent is huge, looking at it from all perspective such as materials to be used e.t.c.

Lack of Reliable Information:

There are various information needed for the research not these information could be termed confidential or secret discouraging those who are not staff to stay back indirectly presenting non-staff.

1.3 Aim and Objective of the Study

The aim of the study is to ascertain or take note of contribution of personal selling as a tool for marketing on industrial product. It also create a way or avenue for which salesman or woman can be able to tackle the problems relating to personal selling and its environment and also to come in close contact with prospective buyer with the main purpose of selling process and lastly creating awareness about the product.

The objectives of the study are to create the buyers and sellers relationship and training the salesman on how to relate to their potential and actual customers. The aim and objectives is directed toward selling the problems encountered in personal sellings.

The aim of this research work is to identify knowledge gaps and provide appropriate background material for a proposed full-scale study of the relevance of marketing in organizations.

The research objectives for the field component of a proposed larger study are:

  1. Examine the importance of marketing research and planning.
  2. Discuss the role of marketing mix in the fulfillment of organization’s mission and vision.
  3. Identify the role market agents in the marketing systems.
  4. Identify good practice which can contribute to improve relating systems.
  5. Identify the barriers to effective marketing in Nigeria.
  6. Make recommendations, for improving marketing system in Nigeria.

1.4 Significance of Problems of the Study

At the end of this study my wish and hope is that it should be great benefit to sales management of the industrial goods or product and be a great importance to the writer, organization or industrial and to the people of large. To the management of industry, it is going to be great success in a situation or dissatisfaction towards the management policy which are connected to each department performance.

To the writer, student and future researcher it is hoped that this work will be valuable asset which at anytime they can refer to in future time such as the major work of personal selling is to convince the potential customers through persuasion, interaction to develop a positive for its product in preference of other competing one personal selling’s.

1.5 Scope of the Study

In this work, selling activities in respect industrial product example are material which are used for the production of other products are looked or verified, industrial sales fore in relation to the effect of promotional tool used in this study which is personal selling. Industry which deals industrial product is within coverage of this study.

1.6 Limitation and Constraints of the Study

The capital intensive of this study is very huge encouraging due to the fact that the aim and objective are been set and looked upon.

Access to data is not easy, such as data’s collected through questionnaire may be from the public but all the answers given are not understandable or straight forward to the level that it will be useful and this cause will be unenlightened and uncivilized way of people.

The time used during this study is just alright and considerable due to the fact that there are good communication network and transportation.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary Report

Personal selling takes the form of oral presentation in a conversation one or more prospective purchase within the purpose of making sales.

Phillip Kother define marketing as the business function that identifies current unfilled need and wants, defines and measured their magnitude, determine which target markets. The organization can be best sense and decide on appropriate products, services, and programmed to sense these markets, this definition rest on the following care concept, needs wants and demand.

  1. Advertising
  2. Sales promotion
  3. Publicity
  4. Personal selling

Personal selling has the following advantage over other.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Minimized of wasted effort
  3. Result into actual sales.

Consumer products are product and goods which are destined for use in producing other goods becomes physically part of another product this defined by MICHEAL J. BAKER it is rear for consumer product to be without other use of personal selling because at some point in terms of technical demonstration is required by the buyer that is the more reason personal selling is the buyer that is the more reason personal selling is the most suitable for marketing consumer products.

The case study of this report is Unilever Nigeria Plc, it was incorporated as lever brothers (West Africa) ltd on 11th April, 1923 by Lord lever hulme, but the company’s antecedents have to be traced back to existing trading interest in Nigeria and West Africa generally. The company produces different types of products namely close up, sunlight, lux, Vaseline, pepsodent life buog, blue-band, Royco, knorr, Lipton.

Sunlight detergent is the detergent used for washing clothes, plate especially stubborn stains, with an attractive programme that will captivate your attention, very effective and removes stain instantly.

Another product is lipton tea is one of the world’s greater refreshment brands. It’s the world best selling tea brand, has been established for more than 100 years and it available in more than 100 countries.

5.2 Conclusion

Personal selling is based on these findings, it is concluded that is the most effective promotional tools in marketing of consumers product because personal selling involves face to face communication between seller and the potential buyer, therefore it plays an important role in consumers products and there are few customers, that is relatively small in number therefore they can be easily located and defined although the product being sold to consumer are often large and complex so buyers require immediate answer to technical questions.

It is the most effective promotional tools in marketing consuming product because of the flexibility; it is more flexible in operation whereby sales person can adapt to the representation to fit the needs and behavior of individual customers. Another reason personal selling is the most effective promotional tools in marketing consumer product is that it minimize wasted effort, most of the cost detected to sending the message to the generality of the people prospect and non- prospect. Lastly, personal selling results in actual sales, in most cases, personal selling rests into actual sales unlike any other promotion tools such as advertising, sales promotion and publicity which can only attract attention and arose desire but they do not usually arose buying action complete the sales by transferring titles. It can also be seen that personal selling permits more precise customers tagging than any other promotional tools, therefore, personal selling has been accepted as the most appropriate method for selling of individual product.

  1. Personal Selling has been found to increase sales
  2. Marketing of individual product.
  3. Create awareness
  4. Stimulates demand
  5. Influence actual of consumer product.

Image creating positive has also been greatly enhanced by efficiently used of personal selling, remuneration of sales man in Unilever Nigeria Plc industry is based on straight salary and also importance of sales person in the use of personal selling is very high because without sales personal it will not be very effective, sales man make selling of consumer product very flexible.

5.3 Recommendation

The research is oriented on personal selling as an effective promotional selling in marketing of consumer product. The recommendation will be based on a finding and how personal selling can be intensified for effective use, the recommendation are as follows.

Firstly, personal selling has been generally accepted as an effective promotional means at selling consumer products. Personal selling should be integrated with mix such as advertisement, sales promotion and publicity.
These other tools will enhance the effect of personal selling by preparing ground for sales person.

Secondly, marketing manager should focus on their recruitment exercise more on those candidates with some science and related course in addition to their marketing qualification because this will reduce the number of employee sent on course or training, therefore, reducing the amount of money the company will spend on training and course because there will be enough expertise, professional and knowledge employee in the company.

Thirdly, incentive should be added to the salary of the sales person to induce or serve as the motivation factor to the employee. For example, commission can also be added to the additional sales by the sales person.

Another recommendation is that the company, that Unilever Nigeria Plc and there detergent should increase or create additional depots that will serve the whole 36 states and federal capital territory effectively and efficiently to the already depots.

Finally, the ideal of sales man are born and made by the emphasis with serious training programmes such as seminars, workshop and conference e.t.c.

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