An Evaluation Of Production Scheduling And Control In Manufacturing Industry

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An Evaluation Of Production Scheduling And Control In Manufacturing Industry


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problems faced in production scheduling and control and also suggest on how to alleviate the problem. This paper is based on a case study of Indomie Company (Northern Noodles Limited) in Kerala, India. The data analyzed and the subsequent discussion of the findings show that the organization has production and control reviewed on the importance of inventory control in any manufacturing company as it helps to ensure smooth operation and to ensure product availability to customers. It is concluded that the store unit has no hand or does not participate directly in the procurement of items (stock) it keeps for the organization, this raises the question of how can one control what he is not involved in the purchase. The article also discusses the current practice of over dependence on the importation of raw materials with view to reducing dependence on imports in order to have a continuous supply and to avoid stock out.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

For any industry operate successfully there is need for it to be knowledgeable in the field of production, what it intends to achieve models, process, areas of application in production.

This project looks into two different aspects of production i.e production scheduling and control. Production scheduling and control as a part of the function of management deals with the scheduling and controlling of physical resource to be used by an enterprises to produce goods and services. By (Aleje A. B. Strategic Planning and control 1996) it is a design process through which input or raw materials are converted or transformed into output of useful product or service. Before production could be achieved, there must be a plan to that effect, this plan involves before production of goods or services to satisfy human wants is the major hold that keep every organization going smoothly.

The organization also divided the choice of materials from which to start production with, the choice of facilities required the choice of route or services of work/task to be applied the choice of handling and storage system to be used for moving materials within the premises.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Most organization production activity are slow and the time give to complete a given tasks always exceed the expected given time. The researcher wants to investigate and know the reasons behind lower productivity among employees. The problems of production scheduling and control are discussed in this work and solutions suggested. At times the use of quantitative techniques in assigning jobs in an organization is not done well, the researcher want to see the reasons behind this. The inventory levels of organization are not properly maintained they get short of materials due to lack of good control of stock. Lastly, the researcher want to know the problems associated with activity of scheduling in relation to noodles production and solution suggested.

1.3 Objective of the Study

For the successful accomplishment of any work, there must be a reason or purpose of setting such task. The objectives of the study are as follows.

  • To find out how production scheduling and inventory control is actually carried out in the organization.
  • To numerate the degree of consumption of goods and service produce in the organization by the consumers.
  • To find out whether Indomise Company is using quantitative techniques in planning production process.
  • It will show us the importance of scheduling and control activities in the process of producing or manufacturing a product.
  • To find out the problems facing in production scheduling and control and also suggest on how to alleviate the problem.

1.4 Statement of Hypothesis

In the course of the research work, the following hypothesis shall be tested.

  • HO; Inventory control done not affect the production performance in an organization.
  • Hi; Inventory control affects the production performance in an organization.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study of the project work cannot be over emphasized, it will help managers and organization to know which of the methods to apply at any given situation or circumstance they find themselves. It will also help organization to maximize profit through effective use of plant and machines and by taking corrective measure. The organization will see its own lapses and improve on them so as to meet its own objectives other organization in the same line can effect correction on their various productive systems.

1.6 Scope of the Study

This project work covers certain areas of the said organization. The major areas covered are the noodling line where the actual production scheduling and control activities mostly take place, it covers other departments in relation to production because they are all interrelate. It also looks at the use of mathematical techniques applied in the production of noodles. It also looks at the problem of scheduling activity to machine and the scope and concept of control in production management and its importance.

1.7 Limitation of the Study

In the course of writing this work, some limitations were encountered. For instance, due to high cost of transportation it has not been easy in conducting this research. Also time constraints or limited time is another factor. Another problem is that some of the employees shows nonchalant attitude toward this work. Despite these problems faced the researcher was chanced to gather effective materials necessary for the successful completion of the project.

1.8 Historical Background of the Case Study

The historical background of Indomie Company Kaduna. Northern Noodles Limited is the third and the most recent state of the automation noodle manufacturing factory commissioned in Kaduna in 2011. Northern Noodles Limited entered in the pages of history of her group not only for being the quickest in completion of a project but also for being the first ever fully automated plant from start to finish i.e. flour handling silo system to auto carton casing.

The company doubled its production capacity within a span of six month and processes to further add to it by the end of year 2013. The objective of the company is to provide fresh and quality product to the consumers of northern and central part of Nigeria.

1.9 Definition of Terms

Before going into the major part of the project we should understand some basic terminologies in this piece of work.


This can be defined as the creation of good and services for human consumption or uses.


Means assigning of a particular task to someone, in other words, it means planning.


Can be seen as the act of process of ensuring activities conforms with planned in an organization.


Mean manufactured goods on the other hand, product can be seen as something that is tangible as being capable of satisfying a need (i.e. any tangible things that provide satisfaction).


Is a process of continuous inspection to ensure that task carried out are in accordance with specification.


Are monetary value of good purchased.


These are component, parts raw material that is kept in store.


Can be seen as a statement providing description list of characteristics laid down for materials components processes or service.


Is defined as anything that conforms to one predetermined standard or specification.


Means forecasting the future i.e looking ahead.

Chapter Five

Summary Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

  1. The importance of production planning scheduling and inventory control cannot be over emphasized in any manufacturing industries. The concept is to ensure timely delivery of production to customers in a state that is capable of satisfying their needs and ensuring also the economic use of resources (labour materials and capital) and also of the concept of inventory control is to provide materials of the correct quantity and quality to a firm as at when required with due regards to economic is ordering cost of materials and purchase price.
  2. Most of the problems facing the organization following the discussion of the result of the work are from the method of sourcing raw materials needed by the organization which mainly comes from sources outside the country, such materials include laboratory equipments, chemicals etc.
  3. Another problem confronting the organization is government policies for instance, high tax rate, customs and exercise charges contributes to high production cost. Also, the prices of local materials.
  4. The organization has future plans which are militated against by some external factors such as government policies, technological charges and competitors actions.

5.2 Conclusion

Certain basic operational practices or production scheduling and control should be those that best satisfy an organization peculiar requirement.

Therefore, judging by the result of the data analyzed and the subsequent discussion of the findings, the writer new conclude that indomie company has actually recognized the importance of effectiveness of inventory control system on production scheduling and inventory control policies of the company among other things thus resulting into effective products. Planning in terms of maintenance has also proved this by the fact that not frequent breakdown of machineries was observes even though the organization normally faces problems as raw materials importation and also control is done in the area of production and inventory control in the organization. Not only that, in spite of raw materials, the organization through effective planning scheduling and control measures have always been able to make her products available to the customer timely. This yet another indication that the customer practices a lot of production planning scheduling and inventory control.

5.3 Recommendations

Indomie company Kaduna northern Noodles limited has no doubt recorded some significant success in the area of production planning and inventory control.

However, there are still some areas that some improvement is needed urgently. In the light of the above, the researcher therefore wishes to make the following recommendation for improvement in the organization.
In view of the fact that the organization is currently facing the problem of restriction on importation of raw material.

  1. The researcher wish to recommend that the organization should try and be getting or sourcing it was materials locally through research and development department.
  2. The present practice of over dependence on the importation of raw materials should be reviewed with view to reducing dependence on imports in order to have a continuous supply and to avoid stock out.
  3. The researcher also recommend that the corporate affairs departments of the organization should intensity effort for obtaining enough foreign exchange so that they can obtain enough foreign materials.
  4. The management should continuously be sending staff for training, short term or past time courses in computer and stores administration, it will equip them more with the basic knowledge of inventory control activities and relevant computer skills to effectively make the computerized inventory control system being put in place.
  5. The management should vigorously pursure the complete computerization of the inventory control system and discuss the use of stock cards and bin cards. Since stock control is the bedrock upon which successful organization strives, no amount of many, invested in such a gigantic programme should be considered too high as the end rightly justifies the means.

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