An Evaluation Into The Effect Of Human Resources Development On Organizational Productivity

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An Evaluation Into The Effect Of Human Resources Development On Organizational Productivity


This project is on ‘’An Evaluation of the Effect of Human Resource Development on Organizational Productivity’’ with particular emphasis on Gitto Construction Company, Lokoja; The research work is divided into five chapter with each chapter linking the other. The objectives of the research is to identify the importance of human resource development as a means of achieving great performance in an organization. Two methods of data collection were used i.e. the primary and secondary sources of data and the data was analyzed using simple percentage method for easy understanding. The findings showed that after being trained as an employee on a particular job, some workers were not given enough time to justify their training and experience before they were transferred to another job. At the end of the research, it was recommended that Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Limited should not see the capital invested in this area as a waste. Rather, they should see it as an investment and that human resources should be transparent with those employees that have not attended long term training programme.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Organizational efficiency and effectiveness simply imply the need for establishment of organized structures for higher productivity and the achievement of the stated objectives of such organization. One method of organizing higher productivity is for the human resources to be strengthened by the way of workforce to acquire skills. This underscores the need for training as well as manpower development. We know that the effectiveness of an organization in achieving the stated objectives is dependent on many variables. Training is undertaken in order that human potentials may be realized and utilized to the maximum advantage of the organization. This can also be utilized more fully to the mutual benefits of the individual organization, its immediate community and the world at large.

Training is therefore, regarded as a process of developing an individual in order to increase his performance standards with a given job, occupation, trade, profession etc. In fact, every organization must regard training of the employees as a paramount responsibility if it requires them to perform competently and become adaptable to its need and aspirations. Training therefore prepares the employees adequately for job and assist the employees to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudinal needs in their current jobs. It also prepares them for management succession and promotion to higher responsibilities. The need therefore, for training cannot be over emphasized.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Organization regardless of their types, sizes and functions require their staff to possess certain skills if the organization must achieve its objectives. However, the skills required of the organizational staff include; manual, technical, social and conceptual, all of which can be learnt in order to cope with various types of problems in the organization.

The Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Limited, has a great responsibility as the only organization in Nigeria that has been providing the higher quality construction work in Nigeria. It therefore follows that for the company to function effectively, it should adequately train its staff to cope with various responsibilities and challenges of contemporary civil and construction engineering. Unfortunately, there is no adequate arrangement to train the staff before they join this construction company. The training envisages for this company should be such that reflects the nature and functions of each category of staff. These staff of the company therefore require administrative, technical, and professional training to be able to function effectively and efficiently. In order to achieve this result, there is great need to have systematic and effective training programme for the staff of Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Limited, Headquarters, located in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

Despite the availability of resources, the study is therefore geared to investigating the cause of under achieving optimum utilization of staff, as it is necessary to train and deploy them to various departments according to their knowledge and skills.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The objective of this research work is on the role of Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Limited in promoting training development of staff for future challenges. However, the aims of this work is to focus on the objective as highlighted below.

  1. To recommend appropriate solutions to the problems of human resources management in the organization.
  2. To identify the importance of human resources development as a means of achieving the great performance in an organization.
  3. To identify any weaknesses or inappropriate practices in human resources development. As it affects Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Ltd.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The significance of this study lies in generating a spirit of enquiries into some of the causes of ineffective human resources development.

It is through human resources that every organization become an open system, interacting with elements in the external environment. Organization growth and development can not be achieved without effective human resources.

On the human resources development of this study, it will be of significance value to the Nigeria, Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Ltd., and other organizations in decision making policy.

The research will also be of great importance to the management and staff of Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Ltd.

Finally, it will provide the means of solving the problems facing Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Ltd., and the possible solutions.

1.5 Research Hypothesis

In any scientific research carried out in management science or many of the social sciences disciplines, we need to set out with hypothesis or an assumption.

Hypothesis is a tentative statement about something that is subject to verification as proposition has been drawn to be tested for the validity.

  1. Hi: Alternative hypothesis: That human resources development does enhance effective performance and high productivity in the business organization.
    Ho: Null hypothesis: The human resources development does not enhance effective performance and high productivity in business organizations.
  2. Hi: Human resources development has some impacts on the achievement of organizational goals and objectives
    Ho: Human resources development has no impact on the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The study covers An Evaluation Into the Effect of Human Resources Development on Organizational Productivity which focuses on Gitto Construction Company Nigeria Limited, Lokoja. The inability to cover Gitto Construction Company in other areas of the country is mainly because of constraints of time and cost.

1.7 Limitations of the Study

This research work is strictly restricted due to some problems facing and the degree of severeness varies from one research to another.

Some of the problems faced in this research work includes:

  1. Time limitation affects the attainment of the work
  2. Financial constraints: This leads to the difficulty in the achievement of this research work.
    Failure to return questionnaire by the respondents
  3. Difficulty in collecting accurate data and analyzing them were not easy as some responses given by the respondents were not relevant to the topic of the research.
  4. Delay of vital information as respondents are afraid to disclose in details some helpful information that can assist this research work.

1.8 Definition of Terms

Central Tendency:

It is a situation where an evaluator tends to rate all employees within a range.


This is to compare one person with others for the purpose of placing them in a simple ranking order of work.


This is a system whereby certain categories of work are established in advance and carefully defined.

Graphic Seales:

This is a techniques whereby an individual is assessed on factors such as initiatives, dependability, cooperativeness, attitude, foresight, and output of work etc.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 Summary

The aim of this study is to determine whether motivation is effective in achieving higher productivity among workers in Gitto construction company LTD, other relevant areas which the study highlighted are: the reaction of the workers towards their duties when motivation is employed by the employer and how the managers can apply motivational theories of management in their attempt to direct the job behaviour of employees towards the goals of their establishment.

The general description of the area of study, which depicted the inevitability of motivation in achieving higher productivity in an organization, was stated. In the course of the study, statement of problem such as; workers leaving the organization due to poor motivation, their unwillingness to perform their duties well and how to motivate them to achieving desired productivity level were pointed out. To ascertain the application of the motivational techniques by the organization concerned and to know the problem inhibiting the success of the employees’ motivation in the organization forms essential part of the objectives of the study. Questions relating to the objectives and problems were also looked at.

The study looked into some review literatures that covered different models and theories on motivation by different scholars, various definitions given by several management scholars, different means of motivating workers or simply type of motivation and the importance of motivation. Various textbooks, journals, articles and other scholarly materials were used to get terms, ideas, concepts and academic as well as professional viewpoints.

The management team of Gitto construction company LTD, together with important officers of the organization were selected as the study population with the use of simple random sampling. Both primary and secondary data were also used for this research work. The primary data was based on questionnaire while the secondary data was based on published and unpublished works. The data collected were processed and analyzed through the use of t-test statistics.

5.2 Conclusion

Human resources (personnel) in any organization remain the most invaluable asset for growth and development, hence development and redevelopment is essential components of human resource development. Development and personnel development is a mixture of activities aimed at improving the performance of personnel in organizations for the attainment of continuous improvement in productivity. Development and human development assists employees to learn how to use the resources in an approve way that allows organization to meet its desired output.

Staff are required to perform varied competences in their profession that will make then saleable in the labor market. It is the possession of these skills needed by the labour market that will enable them contribute maximally to organizations and national development of the Nigerian nation. However, for the organization and government to make development and personnel development to become effective in the service cycle, they have to tackle the challenges of introducing new orientations on development contents, development evaluation, attitudes to training and development utilization.

5.3 Recommendations

The essence of training and development in organization cannot be over emphasized. It has been observed that development is very important in every aspect of an organization. It enhances the efficiency of staff, increases output and motivates employees for better performance.

It has been discovered that development and human development are not isolated from human resources. Even in the advanced countries and in most computerized organization, training and development cannot be overlooked because; human are the ones to operate this equipment.

From the findings, the following recommendations were made:

Organization is seen to be effective and efficient if there is demonstrable increase in productivity, therefore, any development and personnel development must be based on proper analysis of its contribution to the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. Staff should be expose to regular professional development areas such as foundation, career or development, preservice and off-the-job-pupilage development as to enhance their productivity in the organization. It is also necessary for the staff to be exposed to seminars, conferences and workshops to enable them keep abreast with the challenges posed by modern business offices.

The development programmes of managers should be done on yearly or regular basis; hence development involves systematic, professional and development of skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for performing specific schedule of duties. There should be free flow of information to enable all the staff aware of the training and development programme available both internally and externally.

There should be effective utilization of integration of resources, physical and human will to yield high output or performance. Also, on-the-job and in-house methods of development should be used extensively by organizations and government, especially in the development of junior staff as they tend to be cheaper and more effective.
GITTO Construction Company LTD should also introduce reward system for outstanding performance so as to motivateemployees to always put in their best during each development period. This will assist them in identifying those staff that has special skills and talents. GITTO Construction Company LTD should expose all their staff to development at least once in every year. This will make the employees to meet up with the changes in their services and work processes as may be driven by the competitive environment.

Instead of downsizing those employees with years of experience and recruiting new ones, organization should rather invest in (committed to) training and development of their experienced staff. This will help them to reduce the cost of frequent recruitment and selection.

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