An Evaluation Of Determinants Of Students Choice Of Courses In Secondary School

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An Evaluation Of Determinants Of Students Choice Of Courses In Secondary School

Chapter One


Background Of The Study

Adolescents are frequently faced with the dilemma of selecting subjects that are acceptable and relevant for achieving a desired job starting in secondary school. This process of decision-making helps the teenager to choose between two types of subjects for which he or she is most fitted. According to Okeke (1993), skill development in pre-colonial Nigeria did not need much specialist support because it was arranged informally at home and in families, in the town square, and during moonlight sports. Adult citizens who influenced abilities such as the practice9ical transmission of local customs, moral, religious, and social values were well aware of these goals. The contemporary age’s thirst for knowledge and perfection has made society more complicated, which has resulted in a difficulty with job choice among young people barely out of secondary school. Frequently, teenage students pick disciplines in which they have neither interest or aptitude. It is always a student’s failure, which might cause dissatisfaction and finally lead to dropout. As a result, selecting a good and engaging subject becomes an issue that he or she will address at some point in the future. It finally becomes a society and political duty, not just an issue for individual students. Jaiyeola (1997) believes that our children require continual assistance in their topic selection; this is because it is usual for students to choose areas in which they have little or no aptitude or interest, resulting in long-term frustration. Making decisions from a plethora of possibilities is a necessary aspect of life. Individuals must make crucial decisions at various phases of their lives. Some of these choices have a long-term influence on the individual. The choice of school topics in senior secondary school is one of these sensitive and life-altering decisions. It’s a decision that may have a big impact on a student’s future educational and employment prospects (Owoyele and Toyobo, 2008).

Statement Of Problem

When it comes to choosing a subject, students experience indecision as a result of differing points of view from numerous perspectives. For a long time, this issue has afflicted many Nigerian secondary school pupils. It is a problem that must be investigated, given the importance of secondary school in a country’s educational growth. Students with a decent foundation still need to develop themselves in the subject areas they are passionate about, especially those in which they have the potential to pursue their education in the future and improve their employment prospects. Many students have been discovered picking courses for their senior school certificate examinations without considering their potentiality, which has an impact on their decision to pursue a university career. Many people had made poor decisions.

Objective Of The Study

The following are primary objective of the study

  1. To find out the influence of the subject teacher on students’ choice of subjects in secondary schools in rivers State
  2. To investigate the role of parents in influencing students’ choice of subjects in secondary schools
  3. To investigate the role of peer groups in influencing students’ choice of subjects in secondary schools in river State.

Research Questions

  1. How does the subject teacher influence students’ choice of subjects in secondary school Rivers State?
  2. What is the role of parents in influencing students’ choice of subjects in secondary schools?
  3. What is the role of peer groups in influencing students’ choice of subjects in secondary schools in rivers State

Significance Of The Study

The majority of parents are ill-informed about the possibilities that have been provided to their children. Even among students, there is a lack of understanding of what should be considered when picking a subject. When students are presented with the task of determining the best decision, they may have contradictory values. These study will aid students in better understanding themselves and increasing their effectiveness and productivity. This study also aims to emphasize the need of school counselors receiving training and updating so that they can assist in the interpretation of students’ findings and place them where they belong. The study’s goal is to reduce our youth’s social voices. Many students hae v dropped out of school because they were unable to realize their own potential; consequently, this research would reintegrate them into the human race and make them socially aware. As a result, the overall relevance of this study is that it shows students’ professional aspirations with the hope of supporting career counseling experts in supporting tomorrow’s leaders in making excellent decisions about their school subjects, saving young people from future failure and frustration while also making them productive and equipping them with information for future learning.

Scope Of The Study

This study is confined to the Oyibo Local Government Area of Rivers state. The purpose of this study is to evaluate determinants of student choice of courses in secondary schools. It focuses on secondary school students in order to help them have a brighter future.

Limitation To The Study

Finance, inadequate research materials and time constraint were the major challenges the researcher encountered during the course of this study

Definition Of Terms


An act of choosing between two or more possibilities or the willingness to select among others.


in this study, it refers to individuals who are officially admitted and registered in the secondary and non secondary school system as full time candidates.


An area of knowledge that are studied in schools or universities.

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