An Evaluation Of The Contribution Of Salesmanship To Marketing Of Consumer Goods

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An Evaluation Of The Contribution Of Salesmanship To Marketing Of Consumer Goods


This research study is on the importance of salesmanship in the marketing of consumer goods. Salesmanship has been described as the act of persuading a prospective buyer to accept an organization’s product, service or idea. While the consumer market is described as constituting ultimate buyers of a product or service for their personal, non-business use.

The trend toward producer proliferation on in the market has culminated in keen competition to the extent that producers find it different to sell their produces. It is as a result of this difference that the researcher has attempted to emphasis on the importance of salesmanship in the marketing of those consumer products.

Remains of related literature focused on the meaning of selling and salesmanship, the consumer market and characteristic of consumer goods. Importance and function of the salesman as well as selling process. For reasons of in-depth analysis, description research approach have been employed in this study. A combination of personal interview, observation and questionnaires have been used as research instruments. The population standard include salesman of Unilever Nig. Plc and customer from the 5 strategic area Kaduna i.e. Ungwan Rimi, Kawo, Tudun Wada, Kakuri and Doki. The researcher uses the simple random as the sampling procedure for this research.

The statistical techniques used here is the simple percentage. The hypothesis formulated is as follows:

HI: Salesmanship contributes to marketing efficiency and productivity

HO: Salesmanship does not contribute to marketing efficiency and productivity.

The null hypothesis have therefore been rejected. The finding reveals that sales people actually influence the customer to buy, it was discovered that the company’s sales budget determines its level and that without the required selling skills, sales people cannot meet sales budgets.

Based on the findings, recommendations have been made to the sales people and producer should employ motivational strategy and effective advertisement for products. The salesman should maintain good public relations, they should be honest and avoid being rude and they should try to acquire more knowledge about the products they are selling. They should also have good language and should have a very effective dressing code.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

The act of persuading customers to by either a product, service or idea would be very difficult if not for the act of salesmanship

Marketing can be defined as the managerial process involved in identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers requirements profitably. Survival of the fittest has become the order of things in the market. This is due to the variety of product and services.

As a company increases in output, in finds it difficult to dispose of this product and thus the need for salesman arises. The needs for talented sales personnel who are vigorous, zealous and are very determine arise. The company that embraces such change is sure to March forward than those who remain insensitively to such change.

Salesmanship has become a dynamic force in commercial and industrial economic e.g. we are to think both commercially and industrially then we must be able to sell one national output of raw materials goods and services continuously and at a rate of profit which will ensure meeting current commitments as demand increases

Salesmanship is concerned with a conscious or unconscious use of persuasive power salesmanship is an effective way of persuading current potentials customers to buy with lasting satisfaction. It has taken a new dimension in our economy due to the increased business activities in the production and service sectors.

Fundamental marketing orientation demands that every executives in an organization that offers something to consumers should be marketing oriented. This presupposes that every executive should ideally be a salesman, salesmanship has become a profession and sales people should be trained to operate as such.

The changes in one business environment for the year coupled with the stiff competition facing organization have made selling the most progressive and marketing oriented organization.

Telling how good your products are or getting an order is no longer the mark of good salesman in the market place for every product/services competing not at the same price, quality and daintier etc. The only advantage such a company may have on these competitions in the effective sales strategies and tactics.

Personal selling is an integral part of marketing and is one of the four elements of marketing of marketing that go to form the premix which is the component of marketing mix personal selling is particularly important why it meet special attention.

As productivity and technology shift to a higher gear, what it takes to succeed in sales is more complex and more that ever the need for human touch. This is because customer needs people/individual to explain to them and guide them in their choice among alternative products or services to differentiate between competitors and the operation of such product, this trend use off the growing importance of professional sales people.

After a product of service has been conceived, then feasibility studies is completed, the production technology developed the marketing plan completed the market testing conducted, the adverting and public relation plan produced and distributed, there still becomes a point where one person must persuade one another to buy the product or services. This summarized the significance of selling and salesmanship.

1.1 Background of the Study

Trough selected acquisition and mergers; the company’s range of quality products is broad. These include sunlight, omo, lux, oxber, rim, breeze, reward, close-up, fresh, elide, esteem hair care range, pears baby product, Vaseline, lotus, blue band, breadeen, holsum, galaxy cream, royco and oroyo etc.

The purpose of Unilever Ltd is to meet the everyday needs of consumers everywhere in Nigeria.

A total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity to working together effectively and to willingness to embrace new ideas and the learn continuously.

To uphold the higher standard of corporate behavior toward their employers, consumers and the society in which they exist in.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Many companies in Nigeria particularly producers of consumer goods have failed to give due recognition to the importance of salesmanship. The effect of this nonchalant attitude on the part of producers has resulted in persistence decline in the sales of products constantly leading to the folding up of many such companies because of the absence of efficient and qualified sales personnel to market their products.

1.3 Significant of the Study

The reasons behind this research study include the following:

The study is a partial fulfillment for the award of Higher National Diploma in Marketing.

It is hoped that this study will provide useful insight that will enable managers and executive to uncover people with desire sales qualities and also for individuals to determine whether they possess what it takes to be professional sales people.

The research would reveal the importance to salesmanship to producers of consumer goods and the need for them to design effective selling tactics and strategies in achieving the company’s corporate marketing goal.

This project would be an invaluable asset to the study of salesmanship and other related areas.

1.4 Purpose of the Study

This research study is therefore geared towards:

  1. To identifying the importance of salesmanship in the marketing of consumer goods.
  2. To identifying the contribution of salesman to marketing efficiency and profitability company product.
  3. To examine any likely problem or obstacles faced by products in their sales efforts.
  4. To find out the relationship between companies’ sales budget and its volume.

1.5 Statement of Hypothesis

The research study is base on the following statements of hypothesis.

HI: Salesmanship contributes significantly to Unilever marketing efficiency.

HO: Salesmanship does not contribute significantly to Unilever marketing efficiency.

1.6 Scope of the Study

A research work of any study nature could not have been undergone without any constraint, especially one of these natures in particular, researching into consumer products as the importance of salesman to the delivery of the product.

Below are the factors that limit the research work.


The time given for the research work is not adequate for the research to increase the degree of accuracy is planned within a certain specified limit to time which makes it difficult to blend academic research work.


The money needed for data collection (primary and secondary) is quite much in addition is the money that would be used to transport the researcher to the place of data collection and also funds (money) needed for the typing, photocopying, development of questionnaire, binding and other areas where money is needed.

Inadequate data:

There is the availability of very few books, journals and magazine on salesmanship and also the difficulty of getting secondary data.

Uncooperative attitude of respondents:

Lack of full co-operation and adequate attention by respondents is another major constraint faced by the researcher. Most of the respondents deliberately refuse to provide answers.

1.7 Definition of Terms

Consumer Goods:

They are those goods and services which are destined for the ultimate consumers

Consumer Market:

This consists of all the individual and households that buy or acquire goods and services for personal consumption.


Succeeding in making a consumer place an order or studying to acquire some other ultimate objectives.

Contact (Approach):

The part of the presentation when the salesmen approach the prospect with the objective of making a sales representation.


Are recorded observations

Emergency Goods:

Are conveniences goods which are purchased when the need is even more than for impulse goods and which solve a current crisis.


Communications from a receiver to a source of information that take place after the source has communicated.

Industrial goods:

They are those goods and services which are designed for use in producing other goods and services.


These are people with specific, similar needs or wants.

Market research:

This is systematic objective approach to the development and provision of information for marketing decision making.

Missionary Sales People:

Those who do not take orders, but build goodwill for the organization and interest in the product line.

Order getting:

Calling upon prospect who are not customers and converting them into customers.

Order taking:

Making routine calls upon customer checking their needs, taking their orders and sometimes providing various non­ selling activities.

Personal selling:

Identifying customers need and presenting products and seminars that should be helpful to fill the needs. It involves interpersonal communication through sale men with target.


Is the aggregate of the element defined prior to selection of the sample.

Post selling activities:

They are actions taken by the sale man to service customers after a sale has been achieved.


Is the set of tangible and intangible attribute of the goods, service, person, place or idea that is being exchanged.


It is a forma list of questions designed together information on data from the responses of consumer or any set of people capable of providing answer to the questions.


This is an act of persuading or convincing prospective customer to buy a product, service or idea.


Is the subset of the elements of the population.


These are activities benefits, or satisfactions which are offered for sales or are provided in connection with the sales of goods.

Shopping goods:

These are items which are actually compelled for price and quality before being bought.

Simple random sample:

This is a probability sample in which each population element has known and equal chance of being included in the sample

Specialty goods:

These are goods for which there is an intense demand and which buyers insist on having.


They are goods which buyer does not get realize they have a want for.


Something that is lacking which is desirable or useful.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations:

5.1 Introduction

This chapter summarizes the findings on an evaluation of the contribution of salesmanship to marketing of consumer goods, Unilever Nig. Plc as case study. The chapter consists of summary of the study, conclusions, and recommendations.

5.2 Summary of the Study

In this study, our focus was on an evaluation of the contribution of salesmanship to marketing of consumer goods, Unilever Nig. Plc as case study. The study is was specifically focused on identifying the importance of salesmanship in the marketing of consumer goods; identifying the contribution of salesman to marketing efficiency and profitability company product; examining any likely problem or obstacles faced by products in their sales efforts and finding out the relationship between companies’ sales budget and its volume.

The study adopted the survey research design and randomly enrolled participants in the study. A total of 100 responses were validated from the enrolled participants where all respondent are staff of Unilever Nig. Plc Kaduna State.

5.3 Conclusions

With respect to the analysis and the findings of this study, the following conclusions emerged;

Since the X2 calculated value is greater than the critical table value that is 10.47is greater than 5.991, the alternate hypothesis which states that Salesmanship contributes significantly to Unilever marketing efficiency is accepted and the null hypothesis which states that Salesmanship does not contribute significantly to Unilever marketing efficiency is rejected.

5.4 Recommendation

Based on the findings the researcher recommends that;

  1. Companies should define their sales promotion objectives and their customers should be well informed in order to achieve the stated objective.
  2. Sales promotion records should be well kept after the promotion in order to evaluate the results.
  3. Companies should involve the customer retailers in sales promotional activities if they need to meet the goals stipulated for such campaigns. This is because customer retails deal directly with consumers hence they can give adequate feedback on promotional activities used.
  4. The management should periodically evaluate the contribution of sales promotion relative to other promotional tools.
  5. Management of organizations should ensure effective integration of communication tools to ensure that the intended objectives for all promotional tools are achieved.

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