Effects Of Sexual Liberty On Educational Development

Sex Education Project and Seminar Material

Effects Of Sexual Liberty On Educational Development


The study was meant to assess the effects of sexual liberty on educational development in Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State. The study was carried out with the aid of four (4) research questions, which were later subjected to percentage analysis. The research is a survey type of research with all adult and adolescent men and women of Yenagoa Local Government Area as the population. Data used for this study were based on responses from questionnaires designed for the different communities of the selected local Government Area. After administering and collecting data from the respondents, the results of the study showed that: such aspects of life as the traditional marriage system, life-span of marriage, teenage pregnancy, single parenthood among others, were significantly impacted upon. Based on these findings recommendations have been made to parents, traditional rulers, religious organizations as well as social/development unions to properly guide their members.

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

Development is said to be both a process as well as a product. The evolution of man as a rational being has exposed him to the need for development. But as a product, the achievement of total development has been an elusive target since creation. This is evidenced by the ceaseless struggle of man at all times with a view at reaching the target.

In modern complex societies, roles are given a due recognition with the knowledge that every role is important. Throughout the ages, human beings have sought for personal development as well as that of their communities. Consequently, man has continues to pick-up roles according to one’s interests, skills, knowledge, sex or age. Thus, man is seen as an indispensable agent of development, yet, education still remains the yardstick of development, indeed.

Though education nurtures the man who picks up his roles, the life-style of a people call for the general tone of development example, a given life-style may enable a man to solve both his personal and educational developmental problems or may create his personal and communal problems.

Real development is known to deal with only those qualitative functions of a human being. It is a complex process of integrating many structures and functions of an individual or a developmental, patterned and structured by man and his environment. Therefore, common sense demands that one should pick up a role that is socially acceptable, economically worth while and culturally uplifting so as to ensure a general development of one’s education, a venture which would bring absolute stability and orderliness to one’s educational development owing to its deep roots in the mutual recognition of world view and aspirations.

Several studies have been undertaken and books written on how to develop human resources as well as educational development, yet the expected positive impact on the public has been minimal. Here in Nigeria, government have never show much interest both during military and now we are under democracy, have not failed to show their desire for total development of man and his environment. The oil companies as well as the non-governmental organizations have not folded their hands in this direction but the story is different.

In Yenagoa Local Government Area, the impacts of sexual liberty on the educational development are well structured. It has made the citizenry to relating well with various peoples throughout the generations. Also, they have long established a unique cultural system based on their experiences with the physical environment like any other group of people, it has been engaged both of late aspects of their cherished value systems are known to have been eroded. Consequently, there is a downward trend in their standards of living so much that it calls for concern.

This makes it necessary for the study on “Impact of Sexual Liberty on Education Development in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State”.

Yenagoa Local Government Area is one of the groups of people that make up Bayelsa State. It is the capital of Bayelsa State. Some of her important clans are Expetiama, Gbarain, Epie, Afissa, Okordia, Biseni and Zarama.

Many years ago, to have more than one wife elevated a man socially, and to father many children brought about one’s economic well-being in Yenagoa. Thus, a propensity to father as many children as possible was put in place. Such propensity gave weight to quantity rather than quality of human being as a hall mark of the worth of a War-Canoe House in Yenagoa.

Under such condition therefore, it became logical to relax the hitherto strict rules of pre and extra marital sex behaviour of the indigenes of the communities. Undoubtedly, that marked the beginning of the abuse of the sexual liberty which was enjoyed by the adult members of the society.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Sexual relation is a normal human activity and, is universally practiced.

In Yenagoa Local Government Area, the act is as old as the people. From the origin, sexual behaviors among the people were exhibited within the limitations of the natural laws and cultural strings of the land. The result was that:

  1. There was a Yenagoa’s Traditional Marriage System.
  2. Almost all matrimonial homes passed the accepted marriage system.
  3. Adultery was frowned at.
  4. Parental obligations were honoured.
  5. Boy-father was almost non-existent.
  6. School-girls-mothers were non-existent.
  7. Co-operation among member of the same community was strong.

Thus, the observance of the land ensured laws and the traditions of the land ensured a full expression of the adults sexual adventure in a proper up bringing and psychologically satisfying way, as it recognition also contributed to a general happiness of the members of the community.

At present, marriage by Yenagoa’s people’s standards does not occupy the centre stage in the sexual relations of the people. Casual and unlimited sex acts are common place, giving room to adulterous and other forms of sexual misconduct. Such have co-existed side by side with other related not desirable features as smoking, drinking, swearing, procrastinations, and the use of fowl language among others.

Many people still overlook the adverse effects of a sexually permissive era as many people of Yenagoa’s still uphold the elusive importance of indulging in pre and extra marital sexual pleasures. A proper look at the root of the adventure shows an old socio-cultural disposition as the basic cause. A disposition that every adult in Yenagoa’s should has children to keep one’s lineage and inheritance in existence, that barrenness was a calamity especially for a woman.

Though every human being has natural rights which cannot be prescribes for him by another human being, it is imperative for one to subject oneself to the limitations of both the natural laws and one’s cultural system. For such laws moderate one’s activities that are injurious to a fellow man, this means that, the liberty of every human being remains relative.

Besides, the actions of government towards the development of the various communities in Yenagoa’s, and the oil companies are not relenting in their efforts. But the educational development does not look any better.

Their standard of living appears to be deteriorating, their quality of life do not appear different. In the circumstance, a need to identify the root causes of the persistent downward trend in the affairs of man and his communities in Yenagoa became pressing. This study, “Effect of Sexual Liberty on Education Development in Yenagoa Local Government Area”, readily comes to mind.

1.3 Purpose / Objective of the Study

The purpose of the study is to examine the effects of sexual liberty on education development in Yenagoa Local Government Area.

Specifically, the study would among others look into:

  1. To find out the position of Yenagoa custom on marriage.
  2. To estimate the average life span of a matrimonial home in Yenagoa before 2010.
  3. To ascertain the place of traditional wake-keep ceremonies in Yenagoa.
  4. To examine the causes of some fragile relationship among members of the same organization.

1.4 Research Questions

This study sought to answer the following questions based on the objective.

  1. What is the position of Yenagoa custom on marriage?
  2. What is the estimated the average life-span of a matrimonial home in Yenagoa before 2010.
  3. What is the place of traditional wake-keeping ceremonies in Yenagoa?
  4. What are the causes of fragile relationships among members of the same organization?

1.5 Significance of the Study

Since this study looks into a unique social constraint in community development, there is no doubt its importance.

  1. The study would provide pieces of information relevant to community developers in undertaking and enduring and sustainable development efforts.
  2. The perceptions of community development would be clearly understood.
  3. Frequent breakdown of relationships between host communities and oil companies would be reduced.

1.6 Scope of the Study

This study looks at the whole of the Yenagoa Local Government Area. Though many towns and villages make up Yenagoa, only six (6) clans were chosen for this study. They are:

  1. Ekpetiama
  2. Gbarain
  3. Epie
  4. Atissa
  5. Okordia
  6. Zarama

1.7 Definition of Terms

Five concepts needed working definitions to enhance the understanding and discussion of the study. They are:


Effects or strong impression which one thing makes on another possibly to the extent of changing the direction, state or taste of the receptor.


Sexual refers of the use of one’s genital organ with the opposite sex either, for procreation or sensual pleasures or both.


Freedom without restriction, freewill. Natural, right that cannot be prescribed for one by another.


A process of teaching, training and learning especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills.


A series of coherent and progressive changes in size or proportion of a human community on a settled land.

A serried of progressive and cohere physiological and psychological change in a human being example an evolution of new state of the human mind.

Effects Of Sexual Liberty On Educational Development

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