Effects Of Job Dissatisfaction On Secretaries

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Effects Of Job Dissatisfaction On Secretaries


This work was on โ€œthe effect of job dissatisfaction on secretaries NITEL Enugu (A Case Study of Nigeria Telecommunication (NITEL) Plc Enugu). The purpose of the study was to find out the whether NITEL staff relates very well with their employers. To determine the feelings and level of dissatisfaction of NITEL staff on their productivity rate. To find what motivational measures methods can be employed by NITEL management to ensure greater performance in the interest of the Organization and the entire public when they serve. To guide this work, four research questions were formulated.

A review of literature was done to ensure solid conclusion for the study. A structured questionnaire was developed and administered by the researchers to some of the staff of the Nigeria Telecommunication Service Enugu Territorial headquarters. Data were presented on tables and were analyzed using mean. It was concluded that among other things, that a good relationship is vital between the management and the workers in any business organization. The researchers recommended among other that adequate motivational measures be employed by the NITEL management to ensure greater work satisfaction and improvement on the workers welfare.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The Nigeria Telecommunication PLC is one of the organization set up by federal Government of Nigeria in year 1973 with the sole aim of providing public utility services to the people of Nigeria although they are secondary expected to some profit, primary for the sole aim of providing services before they went into privatization at a subsided rate.

NITEL was formed from the former post and Telecommunicate (P&T) Department of Federal ministry of communication with the view of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of NITEL. The organization was not mainly for profit making but just like any other government establishment to provide itโ€™s services to the public at minimal cost.

The problem however remains that the efficiency and effectiveness of NITEL has continued to fall below consumer expectation despite of several re-organizations that has taken place in the parastatal. Nigeria Telecommunication where they are oppositional lapses but her case has become so common place or rather important considering its role as communication conveyor for any modern business organization (Private/Public).

Public and Private sector of the economy are modifying their communication system to ensure efficient and effective information gathering, processing and disseminating by the telecommunication system. Hence the role of telecommunication in the socio-economic development of the developing nation like Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized. It is in the realization of this fact that the Nigeria Telecommunication limited was set up by the federal Government to offer Telephone Telex, Telegrams and satellite and other Telecommunication services.

The Federal Government had spent huge sums of money in this parastatal to see that the public gets the satisfaction they need yet telephone subscribers still fell they are not getting the best from this parastatal Nigeria Telecommunication on itโ€™s own in terms of services delivery part complains frequently of canalization of itโ€™s equipment and neglect on me part of its workers, which had led to the disruption of its operation.

Some of these workers are secretaries who are way or the other are dissatisfied with their jobs and seek a way of satisfying themselves on their job. The secretaries are been paid like other workers but the cause of their dissatisfaction with their jobs has been that of absence efficiency and effectiveness in the performance of their job.

Hence that the Nigeria telecommunication secretary are not satisfy with their job, the problem is about un-equipment of the offices or the work.

Therefore, in the case where the is no efficient equipment to carry out efficient and current work, there by their right are being taking out of them rather by another companies.

Jobs dissatisfaction in the context of this research refers to a state of discontentment and a sense of not achieving what one want to archive. The displeasure that one con derive from performing his /her daily chores or duties. It is quite the opposite of satisfaction. It could be viewed as resulting from lack of motivation stemming from the challenge of the job, through such factors as achievement, responsibility, growth inadequate equipment in carrying out her job like computer e.t.c.

In Nigerian telecommunication, it concern for works psychological state as well as the job are allowed to take prominence, it will help create a state of satisfaction examining job. job dissatisfaction two district set of factor have considered.

These two set are called the satisfiers and dissatisfies.

The satisfiers on the other hand which are peripheral to the job itself are factors on which management here traditionally relied on an attempt to motivate their employees which include working conditions, Policy and Administration relationship with superiors and peers (workmates)

It is a well-known fact that people go through life performing the job which they desire no pleasure or satisfaction. This study will try to examine some of these attributes that give dissatisfaction to secretaries in governments in Enugu using Nigeria telecommunication as a case of study.

However, Nigeria telecommunication office is not the only government establishment in Enugu that has secretaries with similar conditions of services.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Secretaries are faced with the problems of not being satisfied with their job. This job dissatisfaction comes up in the cause of their official duties and in job environment. Recently many people have questions for this reason the researcher have decide to look into its problem to know what could be the likely cause of this dissatisfaction. Secretaries are educated fully trained and recognized but not allowed to exercise initiative in the organisation. Also the consistent harassment by their boss have posed a problem for this secretaries which has led to their being dissatisfied with their jobs most time they are being treated with disdain.

Also people perception of secretaries has also caused a sort of problem for these secretaries. Most people took at secretaries as mere typist in the organization. Also secretaries are being restricted from exercising their full freedom like other works in the organization because their position in the establishment and the fear of leveling matters of confidentially to outsiders. They are not also allowed to enjoy leave benefits like other workers.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to find some of the major causes of relation to their jobs and their prospects on selected government parastatal.

This study is specifically designed to

  1. Identify the causes of this job dissatisfaction among secretaries in the parastatal
  2. Determine the causes of this job dissatisfaction which affect the secretary in their offices
  3. To find out whether their jobs as secretaries offer a greater sense of responsibility, advancement recognition and growth potentials.
  4. To find out whether the conditions of services offered to them are satisfactory to them and examine their prospect.

1.4 Significance of the Study

It is hope that this study will reveal the prevalent causes of dissatisfaction that secretaries are experiencing which will go along way in finding way of improving the performance of the secretary thus leading to increased productivity.

1.5 Research Questions

In view of the problem stated above, the following research questions are set to guide the researcher reach valid conclusions in this research.

  1. What is the nature of job dissatisfaction that secretaries experience?
  2. To what extent has job dissatisfaction of secretaries contributed to be organization goal?
  3. What factors give rise to job dissatisfaction of secretaries in Nigeria Telecommunication.
  4. What are the other problem encountered by secretaries in the course of carrying out their duties?

1.6 Delimitation of the Study

For the purpose of this study one government parastatal was selected to reflect a fair representation of other similar parastatal for the study of nature. This study was selected in Nigeria telecommunication Enugu Branch. The role of telecommunication in the socio-economic development of the developing nation like Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. It is the realization of this fact that the Nigeria telecommunication limited was set up by the federal government to offer telephone, telex, telegrams and satellite and other telecommunication services.

1.7 Limitations of the Study

The problems which faced every research work and which also constitutes limitations to the research are so many and this research work is not excluded.

Some of the constraining include:

1. Fund

This is one of the greatest constraints in this research. At a stage in it became difficult for the research to get some of the respondent to give some information since some of them demanded for financial gratification as a prelude to the release of the information.

2. Time

The time limit allowed for the completion of this research was not enough due to the fact that there are other academic work to be done and also the reluctant attitude of the respondent to fill the questionnaires on the time posed another problem.

3. Procurement of Books

As one of the constraints to this research work, text books involved in this study are very expensive due to economic situation in the country. Also most of test books have been mishandled by previous researchers, to locate information easily.

4. Another limitation is that the uncooperative attitudes of the respondents and the hostility exhibited by some of the works interviewed. Some claimed that they are protecting the security of the organization and their own personal safety, which in many ways posed a problem in this research work.

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