Effects Of Globalization On Industrial Relations Practice

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Effects Of Globalization On Industrial Relations Practice


This study tends to examine the Effects of Globalization on Industrial Relations Practice with special reference to John Holt Plc.

To achieving this, related literature was cited on Globalization.

Descriptive research design approach was employed for the research design and a simple random sampling technique was used in selection of respondents.

A sample of Thirty-Five (35) respondents was selected from the population study. Fifty (35) questionnaires were administered to the staff of John Holt Plc.

The research instrument used are the questionnaire, frequency distribution; percentage and chi-square were methods of data analysis used for the study.

The three research hypotheses tested resulted to reject the null hypotheses and concluding that Globalization has effects on industrial Relations Practice, Globalization brings about industrial stability, growth and development. And finally, Globalization leads to industrial peace and enhance economic growth and development.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.0 Background of the Study

Virtually everything in our society depends on information technology. Efficiency and industrial growth can be enhanced with information technology.

Technology innovations have entirely change economic socio-cultural and political forces of the world moving towards world’s integration. Enterprises or Organization divided against itself shall not stand, due to this organization should come together and work towards achieving the objectives and goals of the organization. Organization has to work harmoniously for the interest of all the stake holders in the industry which includes workers, employers government. Society state etc.

Globalization deals with the concept of information transmission to individuals corporate investors through electronic system that tend to integrate the corporate goal with the National and international economic through trade, Foreign investment capital inflows, migration technological spread. It is the internationalization of everything related to different countries information technology brought about new dimensions in services rendered with the use of computer greatly reduce the normal work done and brings about specialization increase in productivity and efficiency.

The advent of internet. E-mail. Page maker and communication has formed the world into a global village whereby cost of communication is drastically reduced.

Globalization embrace facilities such as online training, computer generated compensational benefit recruitment, intentional stock market and exchange mobile tribune etc which as greatly to many international organization.

1.1 Historical Background:

The Vision began in 1962 when John Holt, just under 21 years Old with ₤27 his pocket take up appointment as a shop assistant in a grocery store in Fernando Pothe present equatorial Guinea, Five years later, he bought out his employer and subsequently builds up a produce trade with the Delta ports.

Palm oil, Palm kernel, rubber and cocoa were exported to England.

Imports include textile from Brigham in 1897 John Holt established his first venture in Lagos.

Lip to the Second World War much of John Holt business. was in distribution and export of produce. A fleet of ship operated a fort mightily service from Liverpool to West Africa and the company also had its own fleet of river craft.

These river craft carry produce, merchandise and cash where Banks do not exist. The company had strong rooms even after Banks were established many Nigerian preferred to deposit their cash and valuable with John Holt.

In 1961 John Holt and company (Liverpool) limited was in co-operated in Nigerian as John Holt limited.

The company logo consist of brass manna, Previously used in some parts of Nigeria as currency and a fine star, which signifies the groups link or connection with Liverpool (U.K).

Company Profiles

John Holt is a well established name in Nigeria and has been an important participation in many areas of the economy. Their interests are managed in two operations divisions.

Technical Product and Leasing Services

A market leaders in various fields:

  1. Holt engineering specializes in sales leasing and maintenance of large power generating and related equipment (F.G) Wilson diesel and gas generations.
  2. Startek sells, hires and services air conditioners and other cooling equipment
  3. Marine leases and service vessels. (Almarine boats and shrgsby aviation over crafts)
  4. Fire protection sells ANGNS fire U.K and Rosenbauer fire fighting equipment.

Benefit derived from John Holt leasing include the release of funds, Better cash flow, assured budgeting less tax and provision of alternative, equipment in case of prolonged breakdown.

John Holt leasing offers an impressive list of equipment, cars pick-ups, Buses, Trucks, Water tankers, Boat, Hover craft, Fire fighting equipment e.t.c.

The motors leasing unit can structure and package leases of varying vehicles and tenures (6-36 months). Replacement clauses are also included to ensure that the customer does not accumulate business down time unnecessarily.


Dominant player in the distribution and warehouse of a wide range of consumer and light industrial goal.


Distribution of a full range of Yamaha products, Include motorcycles, Out-board engines, Generators and Multi-purpose engines.


Build fiberglass boats to order for sales / lease.

John Holt Shipping Services

It is a major provider of shipping, fright forwarding, clearing and ware housing services.

The group head (central) is responsible for the management of the group’s portfolio of properties across the country, finance insurance, manpower development, training and statutory matters.

Products and Services

The group has undergone a major restructuring exercises and is now focused in the market sector where it can achieve leadership. The restructuring exercises reflect the emerging trend in market competition, consumer orientation in the light of the layer macro-economic and social realities and the group’s core business and competences.

Redeployment of staff within and across divisional boundaries has also been carried out to ensure that staffs are in functions and positions where they can make optimum use of skills and competences.

The sum of these is the strengthening of the group to make it further quicker and more flexible in responding to market opportunities and deriving fully the benefit of economic of scales and synergy.

The group’s interests are managed in the following divisions / units.

Technical Product & Leasing Services Distribution
  1. John Holt Engineering
  2. John Holt Leasing
  3. John Holt Fire Protection
  4. Almarine
  5. John Holt Ventures
  6. John Holt Shipping
  7. Yamaco
John Holts Mission Statements

“Our mission is to engage in industrial commercial and other related business that provide goods and service that best meet the needs of Nigerian markets, with the satisfactory return to our shareholders to provide rewarding careers to our employees through quality of work. Life that enhance their commitment to the company and enables them to fulfill their development needs to provide support for social action that promotes general well being and through the foregoing strengthen our conditions to Nigeria economic, Industrial and social development.

Improving the quality of social and community fife is an integral part of our co-operate mission. Our activities are at the fore front of Nigeria’s economic and social development.

We are actively involved in partnership with numerous communities around the country in promoting cultural activities and peaceful co-existence, as well as strengthen national unity and community bonds.

We support several charities and community groups with cash and linked donations to enables them achieve their goals.

At John Holt we never forget that we are not just only a company we are part of the community. The company’s responsiveness to social needs has recognize John Holt as a formidable force in the economic and social advancement of Nigeria.

Substantial investment has been made in information technology. A major benefit accruing from the company’s information system is the elastic capacity to develop a database in key arcs of management of the business as well as improving total process performance within the new system, The group has strengthened its position as a frontline contender in each product group and market sector in which it operates.

The company’s remain committed to make sure that employees are adequately remunerated and that they work in the most rewarding environment. The annual appraisal processes identify – training and development need for each employees. The annual training programs are designed to meet these needs and, In this regard, extensive training program include internal and external course are carried out.

The group as undergone a major restructuring exercise. The restructuring exercise reflect the emerging trend in market competition consumer orientation in the light of large macro–economic and social realities and the group’s core business and competences.

A redevelopment of staff within and across divisional boundaries as also been carried out to ensure that staff are in functions and position where they can optimal use of their skills and competences.

1.2 Objectives of Study

  1. To discuss the essence of globalization.
  2. To discuss the future of globalization.
  3. To discuss the new development on globalization.
  4. To evaluate advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  5. To highlight the concept of globalization to date.
  6. To review the area of globalization in industrial relations.
  7. To determine globalization effect on industrial relations.

1.3 Statement of Problem

The present day business world in faced with competition. Provision of wider product and services that are deliver through technological innovation. Expectation from practices and the general people contribute to the reason for the study.

  1. What is the concept and effect of globalization on industrial Relations Practice.
  2. What are the problems faced by Industrial Relations Practitioner in reviewing their operational method?
  3. How could globalization be review?
  4. What are the suggestion and problem of globalization on industrial Relations Practice?

1.4 Research Questions

It is-statement that captures the main question of he study to be verified ascertain

  1. How has globalization contributed to industrial Relation?
  2. Does globalization facilitate dispute settlement?
  3. What impact has globalization on the economy?
  4. Does globalization reduces industrial conflicts?

1.5 Research Hypothesis

Hypothesis One
  • Ho; Globalization has no effects on industrial Relations Practice
  • Hi; Globalization has effects on industrial Relations Practice
Hypothesis Two
  • Ho; Globalization does not brings about industrial stability, growth and development.
  • Hi; Globalization brings about industrial stability, growth and development.
Hypothesis Three
  • Ho; Globalization does not lead to industrial peace and enhance economic growth and development.
  • Hi; Globalization lead to industrial peace and enhance economic growth and development.

1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study

Due to time constraint this study is being restricted to multinational company referred to as JOHN HOLT NIG. LTD.

1.7 Definition of Terms


It is a computer network system comprises many stations lanced together and are controlled or share resources available through the informational bank called Data Bank “Central Computers”.


It is concerned with increasing the interconnected and interdependent world .n international trade, management, Administration, investment and finance that have been growing much faster than national incomes (Wolfensoh, 2001).

Informational Technology:

It is use of electronic system for processing and transfer or disseminates information. There include computer, Telecommunication etc.


It is an address of an individual or Organization and service Offered.


It is the method of passing or obtaining information on the computer within and out side the company.


It is a system whereby people indifferent locations are linked together via computer

Industrial Relations:

Is the Complex interrelationship existing among stakeholders. i.e. government, workers, managers and other interrelationship workers.


It is the interrelationship existing within a body i.e. interconnectivity of various component.


It is the disagreement between component that form an organization i.e. workers and management, labour and government etc. ORGANIZATION: It is a system through which individual effort channel toward attainment of a major goal or objective.

Trade Union:

It is an organization of employee to take care of member’s needs 1 interest.


It is the ratio or proportion of output to input

Chapter Five

Summary and Conclusion

5.1 Summary

This study was carried out to investigate the effect of globalization on industrial relations. The study was based on the fact that globalization has changed the dynamics of industrial relations. Therefore, this study was undertaken to substantiate this fact.

The study is reported in five chapter. The first chapter states the research problem and its significance. A major overview of the case study was done in the first chapter also. In the second chapter, a review of literature was conducted. The review accommodated both local and international content with previously held views on globalization and industrial relations. The two elements under study were reviewed conceptually and historically.

The third chapter, described the research process adopted for this study. The population, sample size technique, instrumentation and ethical considerations.

In the fourth chapter, the data collected from the survey were presented starting from the demographic data. Four research questions were duly answered using descriptive statistics, while 3 research hypotheses were tested using the Pearson chi-square statistics. The SPSS software was used in processing this information.
The fifth chapter summarizes the study and draws a conclusion.

5.2 Conclusion

Globalization is inevitable trend with the development of technologies in transportation, communication, and information etc. Globalization has its impacts on many fields including politics, economics, and cultures around the world. With respect to impact on the economy, the impact of globalization on the firm’s performance has been studied for a long time by scholars. Industrial relations are one important aspect in organization and it highly affects the performance of one firm.

The findings of this study reveals that:

  1. There is a significant positive relationship between Globalization and industrial Relations Practice.
  2. There is a significant positive relationship between Globalization and industrial stability.
  3. There is a significant positive relationship between the Globalization and economic growth and development.

Furthermore, the findings shows that globalization has contributed to industrial relations through:

  • Internationalisation of markets
  • Increasing competition
  • Free movement of capital and labour
  • Informational globalisation through rapid development of ICT
  • Rising importance of markets

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