Causes And Effects Of Examination Malpractice In College Of Education Ekiadolor, Benin City, Edo State

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Causes And Effects Of Examination Malpractice In College Of Education Ekiadolor, Benin City, Edo State


This study is designed to carry out an investigation of the causes and effects of examination malpractice in College of education, Ekiadolor, Benin City. Examination malpractice is a problem, which has plagued the educational system of Nigeria for years. Some causes and effects of examination malpractice have been identified in recent times. This research is therefore designed to revalidate students’ perception of causes and effects of examination malpractices. The instrument used for data collection is the questionnaire. The questionnaires were administered to students in college of education Ekiadolor-Benin. From the students’ responses some results were obtained, these are:

Students in general agreed with the identified causes and effects of examination malpractice. From the result of the data analysis it was observed that the major causes promoting examination malpractice is the strong desire ton acquire certificate and success at all cost. Based on the findings the researcher made some recommendations o how to eradicate examination malpractice.

  1. That collaborative effort is required from everyone concerned such as the parents, teachers, government and students.
  2. Parents should educate their children on the implication of examination malpractice.
  3. Children should be taught on how to be confident of themselves and depend on their own ability.
  4. Rigorous penalty should be given to those who involve themselves in examination malpractice. The gravity of penalty should be determined by the gravity of their offences.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

The issue of examination malpractice has become a rampant phenomenon, which has led to problem of educational system in Nigeria today. It has eaten so deep into every aspect of the economy because education is the bedrock upon which any country or society can be developed. Infact, many educational authorities of Nigeria schools are now with the mentality that the best way to make their students to excel is by cheating in examination. Examination malpractice can be defined as an illegal or unethical behaviour by somebody in the process of testing an examinee’s ability or knowledge. It can also be stated as any means which a students device to pass an examination Oluya and Daramola (1992) defined examination malpractice as any irregular behaviour exhibited by a candidate or anybody charged with the conduct of examination before, during or after the examination which contravene the rules and regulations governing the conduct of such examination.

The incidence of examination malpractice practice has witnessed increasing trend and this is invariably due to the candidates fear of failure, lack of confidence, inadequate preparation and laziness. The bad habit has eaten very deep into our society. Infact examination malpractice is a cankerworm that portend grave danger for the nation. However, examination plays a very important roles in our educational system. It is used for the measurement and evaluation of students. Examination provides the learner with knowledge of his/her achievement in relation to desire objective thus acting, as reinforcement and enabling him/her to take whatever remedial action may be needed. It is also used to diagnose learners’ difficulties, weakness and deficiencies in learning. It offers the learners a realistic awareness of his intellectual status among his peers infact, in Nigeria, examination is currently used in predicting a student’s future academic behaviour.

Actually, examination can be used in so many other area, but today this monster (examination malpractice) has destroyed educational system of instructing or training the young people on how to develop and use their mental, moral, and physical power. Examination malpractice has planted the seed of unethical values in the fertile mind of the students. The problematic phenomenon has a free region amount to support and enabling our environment to get destroyed where by our future leaders, such as doctors, civil servants, bankers, politicians, accountants, journalist, professors are forged on the fraudulent foundation of examination malpractice. This has serious social, political and economical consequence not just for a country but also for the world at large. But educational system must rise above moral decadence since it holds the only hope for the transformation of the youth and for the future of political, social and economic sanity.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The researcher noticed the rate increase in students’ involvement in examination malpractice in higher institutions is alarming. From the background of the study it has also be discovered that examination plays a prominent roles in our educational system. Since it holds the only hope for the transformation of the youths and serves as the medium in which Nigeria used in predicting a students future academic behaviour, examination malpractice has to be death with. The major problem of examination malpractice in college of education Ekiadolor as a case study of this research is that most of the students paid less attention to their study but spend most of their time in worldly pleasure. And thereby planned on how they can cheat in examination because it has so eaten into their blood. This could be because they have not really faced the deadly consequence of examination malpractice.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

The purpose of this study includes the following:

  1. To examine the causes of examination malpractice
  2. To find out the method students use in cheating in examination hall.
  3. To know the effects of examination malpractice on the students at present, future and on the society in general.
  4. To suggest possible remedies to combat the problem of examination malpractice.

1.4 Research Questions

The following research questions are raised.

  1. Does the urge for success promote examination malpractice?
  2. Does involvement in examination malpractice lead to expulsion fro school?
  3. Is there any difference in the perception of male and female students towards the effects of examination malpractice?
  4. Does examination malpractice led to the falling standard of educational system in Nigeria?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

This research work when completed will be of great value to the students and lecturers of college of education Ekiadolor Benin City. The students will equally contribute much in creating awareness and in educating others about inherent in examination malpractice.

Also, it will assist them to know how to found possible solution to examination malpractice.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

Although most schools in Nigeria is involved in one or more terms of examination malpractices, this study is limited to college of education, Ekiadolor-Benin city. The school is a higher institution for learning with large number of students.

1.7 Definition Of Terms


It is any action which makes it impossible to use examination in determining the level of students ability or it is any act of wrong doing which contradict the rules and regulations of examination.


Can be defined as an assessment of students to ascertain to what extent they have benefited from the teaching of their teachers in given subject.


This is the involvement of one examinee turning or stretching neck to read or check the script of another examinee with the aiming of copying.

ECOMOG: (Mass cheating)

This is a massive agreement among candidates to assist one another in the examination hall.


This is collusion between candidates and officials, where candidates make advance monetary or materials inducements to examiners or officials for undue favour.

Assault And Intimidation:

These are practice whereby the candidates create confusion and commotion to create conducive atmosphere for their time.


Is an act of writing on palm, lap or any part of the body and thereafter referred to such writing inside the examination hall.

Causes And Effects Of Examination Malpractice In College Of Education Ekiadolor, Benin City, Edo State

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