The Effectiveness Of Raffle Draw As A Promotional Strategy In The Sales Of Soft Drinks (A Case Study Of Nigeria Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc Ilorin Kwara State)

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The Effectiveness Of Raffle Draw As A Promotional Strategy In The Sales Of Soft Drinks (A Case Study Of Nigeria Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc Ilorin Kwara State)

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

Human history is full of description on how people endeavour to achieve specific objectives at different times. In each case, some forms promotion strategies have always been attempted.

This research is designed to analyse the role played raffle draw in the sales and promotion of consumer goods especially soft drinks. Creative raffle draw is a field in which noticeable progress has been made since the emergence of modern business with the industrial revolution.

Growth and development in the marketing process call for more than developing good product, it also involves prieving competitively and making the product available to target markets. Producers must also communicate with their customers. with communication, the relationship between buyer and seller looks much closer and there are chances for greater choice and aggressive competition among the seller. Communication is the transmission of information or the sharing of meaning about a company, its products and or services with the purpose of creating favourable attitude by the target audience.

The goal of raffle draw is to communicate information about a product, services or idea that stimulate demand and also educates, and informs the audience how they can make a fortune through its purchases.

As a result of large scale production, mass distribution and increased forms of communication, raffle draw has undoubtedly become a necessary part of the marketing, economy. And also the powerful raffle draw enhances creativity which amazes which amazes and fascinates us all. The quick light is different from commercial centres at hight magazines and newspapers full of colorful raffle draw, television commercials, giants outdoor posters, all these massive proof of creative activities are not important at times. Sometimes, load and unpleasant but always ful of great pleasure and the general believe that good will tavail over evil and it signifies the spirit of creative age. Thus, the attractiveness of raffle draw and its importance or roles and function in todays business economy makes it indispensable. The research topic is designed in such a way as to constitute a unit of understanding and applying the material in the book. Special attention was given to the preparation of the question and the findings at the end of the chapters. A thorough knowledge of this research will enhance an understanding and appreciation of raffle draw as one of the promotion strategies that draw indigence to the product or services involved in it.

1.2 Background to the Problem

People fail to understand why some companies are more successful than other. The secret of the business world to day especially these companies that are engaged in the production of the consumer goods is introduction of effective raffle draw as a promotional strategy.

Many people in the society are now wondering why raffle draw has become a very important tool in promoting and increasing the total level of sales of consumer goods and in particular in the soft drink industry. What impact has 7up for example made in helping to sell other brands of soft drinks e.g. mirinda and Pepsi.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

The aim and objective of this research is to enable us to examine the importance and problems in raffle draw and a promotional strategy specially those that are associated with soft drink and 7up in particular. With this research, we will be able to understand the:

  1. The role played by raffle draw in the soft drink industry which makes competition keen and softer.
  2. The role played in the general acceptability of 7up aid the impact in its sister brands of pepsi and mirinda.
  3. The relationship between the effectiveness of raffle draw and the increase in the production of the soft drink. E.g 7up.

1.4 Significance of the Study

It is generally believed that 7up has something very special which makes it satisfying and comforting any time it is consumed.

To most consumers of 7up. Their loyalty to a product is attributed not only to taste and colour but also to other factors, which in fact they cannot express, but with 7up they derive their satisfaction.

However, this research will enable the renders to have a wide range of knowledge which will involve what is responsible for its wide expectance and loyalty. The above and many other factors which makes 7up outstanding leader in the soft drink industry would be looked in to.

1.5 Scope of the Study

It is important for one to be aware and understand what raffle draw is in the 20th and this 21st century. In an attempt to carry out a meaningful study on the effectiveness of raffle draw, meaningful study on the effectives of raffle draw as a promotional strategy and sales of soft drink in Nigeria, 7up bottling company plc. One has to be careful because what appeared in some reputable periodicals of dailies are today distasteful commentaries in the face of responsible raffle drawers as well as the media that carry such advertisements. For easy assessment, the information needed about 7up would be obtained through personal interview, questionnaire, textbook e.t.c
Moreover, the questions would be directed to two different groups. First question would be directed to the sales and marketing loan of the 7up Bottling Company Nigeria, Plc Ilorin. The other sets of questions would be directed to a cross section of 7up consumers.

1.6 Limitations of the Study

The researcher of this work is without constraint at one time or the other during the course of writing the project. Among these constraints are financial constraint, time and communication constraints. There are a lot of problems in heart in project of this nature, especially when it comes to information gathering which usually work against proper and adequate work.

The rates of respondents were also limited which might have been greater if larger samples were used along with the personal interview and observation. Despite these limitations, the study achieves a 60% responses and result in some recommendations for further research on similar topics.

1.7 Definition of Key Terms

Sale Promotion:

A set of marketing incentive designed to encourage trade such as buying of a product or services. Includes point of sales displayed, trade sands exhibitions and demonstration.


It is the development of a reaction capacity by an organization to adapt to environmental changes as well as the potentials for results. It involves the explicit specification of an organizations objective goals and policies necessary for achieving the goals including the allocation of resources and organization structure.

Raffle Draw:

A way of making money for goods caused by selling tickets with numbers on them. Later, some numbers are chosen and prizes given to the people whose tickets match them.


The act of selecting the winner of a prize by chance.

Target Audience:

Raffle draw target audience is the specific people at which a raffle draw message is aimed.

Raffle Draw/Cop/Message:

Raffle draw message refers to the words and picture or illustrations that are made up in the promotion and the they are laid out to create a total impression


The percentage of total prospects that are exposed to specific promotion in a specified period.


The parts of the promotional message that are repeated throughout the company, the selling points and the price to be won becomes the promotional theme.

Chapter Five

Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations

Following the analysis of data in the previous chapters, it was gathered that both male and female individuals consume 7up. From table, v those whose age range from (20-29) twenty to twenty-nine years seen to dominate the market population despite the patronage of the product by both old and young. It was also found out that there is high rate of consumption among the single and married consumers from the cross section of their people, civil servants and students constitute majority of the consumers.

The majority of the population of those that consume 7up fall under elite those with high education are in the minority, from the analysis, it is believed that 7up is generally accepted, since more than half of the respondents who take soft drinks prefer 7up brand. Also, from the analysis of the research carried out the choice analysis of the brand which was mostly influenced by raffle draw promotion. The prize to be won by taking the product was also a great influence, and the creative musical tones in describing the product and its worth.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the prize to be wan has been the most effective elements that attract the potential consumers target audience to 7u raffle s draw. The prize attracted great number of respondents interviewed. With the research findings, it is believed that then product performance is good and level of satisfaction.

5.1 Summary of Findings

In summary, the findings are listed below:

  1. 7pu product is consumed by both young and old, male and female
  2. Raffle draw is one of the sales promotions that create awareness of the existence of 7up existence.
  3. Raffles draw influence buying decision of the potential consumers.
  4. The products quality is excellent and that is why 7up is accepted to all.

5.2 Conclusion

Raffle draw is a very important tool in promoting the general most especially (seven up). Hence, without raffle draw, organizations like seven up bottling company plc. Will be like somebody winking to little boy in the dark place where no one else known what he is doing, because raffle draw takes a great and positive impact in promoting the soft drink i.e. 7up product. Whatever a company does to provide their product or services, it must be made known to the market through raffle draw that is those who likely have a need for the product.

Thus, the effectiveness of raffle draw cannot be over emphasized. It plays dominant role in communicating or bringing awareness of product to the targeted audience. It encouraging awareness of product to the targeted audience. It encourages business as it is the means by which customer can be informed of an existing product as well as persuading the customers to patronize a particular brand i.e. 7up.from the information collected, no company can survive in terms of marketing sales for profit without consumer knowledge of the product existence, (raffle draw). The Nigeria knowledge of the product existence, (raffle draw). The Nigeria knowledge company plc is no exception. The means by which customers can be informed do not only depend on the various media available but also on the effectiveness of raffle draw message to really convince potential consumers that can be reached. it shows from the beginning of research that the benefits of raffle draw to the company, the economy and consumers are so strong without it is in the light of the above that following recommendations are made:

The Company

Seven up bottling company has been a force to be considered in the soft drink industry. Actually in the country Nigeria. It is not the one leading to the soft drink industry but in overseas. They it fortunately leading the soft drinks industries with time and by serious raffle draw, they will be considered leading the soft drinks all over. 7up has all the satisfaction a consumer ever wants in the product. This is because, the more you take, the more you want to have more.

This is an opportunity for the company to get more market by making 7up available every where in the country and back it up with sales promotional activities raffle draw and advertising just as they are doing presently. To this end therefore, it means that the company (seven up bottling company plc) should increase its yearly sales promotional budget so as to be carried out these tasks.

The Economy

The present economic recession has completely affected the tem of activities in the country. Due to the depressed state of economy. Consumers are now becoming national. In every thing purchased, in other world, their buying motives have changed. It is hoped that with time and sacrifice, things could change for better.

The state of economy has affected the sales 7up. The company should not step in its attempts to increase promotional activities needed towards increasing sales and also of profits.

The Customers

Customers benefits from raffle draw lowers the cost of information about brand qualities and reduces the average price per unit of quality. Through raffle draw, the consumers get to know what brands of product are in market.
A lot of care must be exercised in making selection of what product to buy customers should always be at alert and always look for information that could probably aid them in making the right choice. After all, they have the right to be informed.

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