Need For Effective Safety Management In A Manufacturing Firm

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Need For Effective Safety Management In A Manufacturing Firm


This study looks into the need for effective safety management in a manufacturing firm, with reference to star paper mill limited Aba, Abia state.

The literature review highlights the importance of safety and its contributions.

The methodology used in exploratory and conclusion, research technique when finds or defines the problem.
Other techniques like personally interview and observations were also used.

It is found in the organisation that summary emphasis are not professionally qualified and therefore can not contend with the complexities, techniques and challenges. Recommendations that the employees should be exposed to safety manuals and policies for effective performance and profitability.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

Safety plays a vital role in the life of man and its environment in the sense that it is the conduct one has to adopt to arrive peacefully in all type of work despite the nature of the work and activity being carried out. Safety should be considered the priority.

Going through the need for effective safety management in a manufacturing firm, many organisation has to two managerial skills and experiments on safety while others does not observe anything about safety. It could be anything that only multinational organisations observe the standard rate of safety system. Moving a little bit, safety does not exist only on the body of working staff or personnel which when neglected can cause accidents, lost of lives and properties.

As noted by Nigeria institute of safety professionals (2009:1) effective safety management improves occupational methods and procedures leading to increased safety, environmental conservation, health security and welfare among employees and employers in an industry.

Organisation can equally se it as quality management system for managing risk within the organisations to ensure the protection of its people, assets, reputation and protection of the environment in which the organisation is situated. This goes a long way to protect the lives and property of the habitat of the environment.

Having considered this background we step more to ascertain the need or impact which could result positively if adequate safety is maintained in a manufacturing firm that encourages us to make reference to star paper mill limited Aba, Abia state, this is a manufacturing firm tat deals with the manufacturing and printing of papers and related issues like tissue papers and printing materials.

1.2 Statement Of Problems

  1. Organisation: has failed to make adequate use of safety materials.
  2. The organisation: Has equally failed to map-out strategies to replace the outdated safety materials.
  3. The employees find it difficult to adhere to safety manuals
  4. The standard of safety equipment the organisation maintained.
  5. Organisation: Could not embrace safety for profitability.

1.3 Objective Of The Study

  1. To enhance effective use of safety manuals by employees.
  2. To enlighten the organisation on the effective use of safety materials as a contributing factor to organisation profitability.
  3. To find the impact of safety to working employees.
  4. To determine the best strategies to be used to impact a standard safety measures on the working personnel in the organisations
  5. To ascertain the possible ways of managing safety in a firm to reduce the rate of accident and if things like this occur what should be alternative measure

1.4 Research Question

To give accurate direction or guideline to the readers, others researchers and planners, it becomes expedients to formulate some research question on which the conclusion would be based.

  1. Does your organisation regard safety precautions?
  2. Has there been any advantages since the application of safety rules in the organisations?
  3. What effect does safety have in the reduction of waste on materials, financial waster on accident?
  4. Does the production deadline clash with safety?
  5. To what extent does safety in the organisation rely on management policies?

1.5 Hypothesis

The major hypothesis used in this research was that there were no supportive factors to the application of the safety precautions concept or is there any contribution it could lend to the manufacturing industries.

The major hypothesis gave room to some sub-hypothesis like:

  1. Hi: Organisation regards safety as a priority to enable them achieve management objective.
    Ho: Organisation does not regard safety as a priority to enable them achieve management objective.
  2. Hi: There is benefit accured to safety regulation in which management can save cost and increase profit.
    Ho: There is no benefit occurred to safety regulation henceforth management cannot save any cost and there is no profit increase.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

  1. The purpose of this research is to ascertain the need for effective safety management in a manufacturing firm.
  2. This research is equally carried out in the fulfilment of higher National Diploma (HND) course in the polytechnic.
  3. Other students can equally use their research and its findings in his research as a point of reference for their studies.
  4. With regards to the findings of this research, the organisation can use the work to know their performance and take corrective measures where necessary.
  5. This research is equally valued in the nation at large because the findings optionable here covers the whole branch of the organization all over the nation.

1.7 Scope Of The Study

The scope of this work is restricted to Star Paper Mill Plc, that organisation the researcher concentrated on the factory production unit, the tooling and machine room and the stores department. These are areas were adequate measures on safety should be properly enhanced.

The researcher moved further to ascertain the extent in which safety in obtainable and managed in this mentioned department.

1.8 Limitations Of The Study

The researcher was confronted with various obstacles in the course of carrying out his investigations and collections.

These obstacles include:

  1. Getting a reasonable information from the personnel and employees as most of them were reluctant to reveal such information needed for the research.
  2. Since the study revolves more on management policy, most managers of various unit claims to be busy to attend to the researcher the few ones reached to fill the questionnaire were gotten after several calls and repeation of visit to their offices.
  3. Many of them could not spare time on oral interview due to security reasons.
  4. Another constraint was that the researchers lecture coupled with the work as well as other specular activity this makes work very tedious.
  5. Finance was another constraint were the researcher has limited source of funding coupled with the prices of materials that is used for this research.

1.9 Definition Of Terms


Security consciousness to avert danger or anything harmful.


Men who were employed to work for organisation and to be paid monthly or no agreement.


Employed staff


Dangerous or anything that could cause death.


System of doing things which one has to adhere strictly.

Production Deadline:

Time which production start and ends.


A group of personnel working under a firm to achieve specific goal.


A most important aspect of a thing should not be left behind.


Top officials of an organisation that represents the organisation as a whole.


Safety which should be bear in mind before engaging in any activity.


Thing that is used in the manufacturing firm as an input.


Sudden adventure which can cause harm or death.


An out dated material that could be in use.


Principle which guide the activity.


A guiding pineapple which should be adhere by the working personnel.


A place where an organisation is situated.


Doing things well with limited time.

Safety Management:

Effective application of safety for positive result.

Management Skill:

Procedure which is defined by the organisation as a way of doing things.


Money which is used to implement activities in the organisation.


Substance which noticate material when they comes in close contact.


Substance which can cause harm when inhaled


Mixture / substance which cause cancer when swallowed or inhaled.


Protective materials that protect the head on high temperature and hand objects.


An act of monitoring the employees by the superior to ensure that policies are maintained.

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