The Effective Marketing Communication As A Tool For Greater Productivity In Organization

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The Effective Marketing Communication As A Tool For Greater Productivity In Organization


This work is aimed at critically examining effective marketing communication as a tool for greater productivity in an organization a special reference to union bank Nigeria Plc eastern area was used as a case study. Literatures related to the subject were reviewed. primarily and secondary data were collected through the use of questionnaire interviews and form text journals and the company’s record that face to face marketing communication is not common between the top management and the subordinate. For communication to be effective in the organization the following factors must be observed and maintained. Management must develop good communication skill, a common language should be used for better understanding of marketing communication intents, subordinates views should be sought before making decisions. We therefore recommend that to facilitate instruction, the employee responsible for excursion should be solved. Organization should therefore encourage up-ward communication to obtain information maintain good relationship with the workers in order to have effective marketing communication in an organization.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Despite the vital role marketing communication plays in the day to day running of an organization there are still numerous cases of ineffective communication in many organizations. The cause of marketing communication problem in the organization could be distributed to the following factors of variables.

When the management of an organization is friendly and less a good working report communication tends to be effective. But as soon as members of the organization engage in mutual distrust resentment gossip or when there are feeling of incompetence and insecurity. There is bound to ineffective marketing communication.

Moreover, ineffective marketing communication in an organization could as well be a deliberate action of the receiver of the sender inability of the sender to properly encode and transmit the message situation about where the subordinate failed to carry a directive because though the superior is not serious.

Ineffective marketing communication could be due to over loading of information. Too much marketing communication best town the entire system judicious selection of information helps to avoid dogging the entire system with irrelevant information in organization where there is too many memorandum floating around the management from the habit of not reading their meals and therefore refers to these mails as junks. Mean while mechanical insufficiency leads to ineffective in our organization lack of proper facilities like telex telegraphs and ox telephone etc. which is being used for sending and as well as receiving urgent business information causes breakdown in communication process.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem.

Below are the problems facing Union Bank of Nigeria Plc Awka.

  1. There is communication gap between the bank and its customers.
  2. Poor management of innovation examples E Banking .
  3. Poor rendering of services.
  4. Poor management of resources.
  5. Lack of equality in the level of management.
  6. Lack of direct contact between the top management and the lower management.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

Below are some the purposes of the study enlisted as follows:

  1. To determine if effective marketing communication can bring about greater productivity in an organization
  2. To find out if effective marketing communication can yield or foster greater productivity in Union Bank Plc,Nigeria(Awka)
  3. To determine if effective marketing communication can increase customer patronage in the Union Bank Plc(Awka)
  4. To determine if effective marketing communication can help the Union Bank Plc to achieve their organizational goal
  5. To know if effective marketing communication can create enough awareness that can increase the productivity of the organization.

1.4 Significance Of The Study

The importance of effective marketing communication in an organization cannot be over emphasized. The research work will be of good to both the general public’s, the organization and as well the researchers. Other researcher because it may form a source of information for them. They will expand their knowledge of subject area.

The organization: This study will also benefit the organization because based on the findings and recommendation process of the enterprise with a view to identify areas. The recommendation will also benefit them since their implementation may be a solution to the identified. Communication will also benefit from the study.

1.5 Research Question

In other to achieve the above objective, the following research question were formulated

  1. Do the workers perceive effective marketing communication as necessary for productivity.?
  2. What problem are inherent in the organization?
  3. Does effective feedback mechanism exist in the organization?
  4. Are there any differences in the different levels of management as well?

1.6 Scope Of The Study

Communication is a very broad topic. No consensus has been reached about the concept but it is believed that every human activity involves communication. The scope of this research project will therefore be limited to evaluating the effectiveness of marketing communication in Union Bank of Nigeria(U.B.A)plc. It will also focus on factors that aid effective marketing communication in an organization in addition to highlighting the incidence of participative marketing communication on workers management relations. The study will also be extended to find out whether marketing communication process has any effective workers performance productivity.

1.7 Definition Of Terms


This can be defined as the promotion distribution and selling of product or service, include market research and advertising.


This has been defined by different authorities but the adopted for this research work is that of Nwachukwu “Communication is the transfer of ideas from sender to the receiver.


Organization is a stable system of individual who tighter to achieve through a hierarchy of ranks and division of labour common goals.

Communication process:

This is the transmitting message from sender to receiver. It describes the means of passing message from sender to the receiver of the message.


This refers to those who are working in the organization to improve standard of living.


Is a social entailing responsible for the effective and economical planning and regulations of operations of an enterprise, in fulfillment of a given purpose of task, it is implementation and formulation of policy.


Response by a message received which includes whether or not the message has been understood.


The translation mental perception in some sort of communication code.


The grapevine is the position counter part of rumour in an informal system, but the person who gives out the information may not be easy to find.


This refers to unofficial and unconfirmed information sent through interpersonal channels. This is no clear out evidence to where the information is carried him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can effective communication increase productivity?

How Can Effective Communication Increase Productivity? Effective communication and productivity go hand in hand. Organizations where employees speak openly and honestly with their colleagues and managers thrive because of the benefits of clear communication.

What are the best communication tools for marketing strategies?

One of the best communication tools for marketing strategies is ‘Word of Mouth’. It is also a very traditional way of promoting a product or service.

What are the benefits of marketer marketing communications?

Marketing communications tools are excellent ways to promote a company’s product or image. When used properly, these tools make a marketing campaign strong and effective. A good marketing communication strategy is the best way to make sure a company gets the best message to their audience.

Are You implementing effective workplace communication strategies?

These strategies are not only unique, but can also be implemented at your company today. Let’s dive in! There are countless benefits of effective workplace communication. When employees feel like they’re being heard, it creates a positive working environment. This leads to happy employees—and a happy workforce is a productive one.

How effective communication boosts employee productivity and performance?

Although improving internal communications might take time and effort, in due time, the results will be visible and the company will have no other option than to thrive. Here is how effective communication helps boost employee productivity and performance. Communication doesn’t imply a simple conversation between two people. It is more than that.

How can you improve communication in the workplace?

Integrating courage, innovation, and discipline into your messages may help your enterprise survive tough times, and give you a step up in good times too. (Note: The Watson Wyatt Effective Communication 2009/2010 ROI Study Report also contains practical applications for the developing more effective communications in the workplace.)

How to improve productivity of your employees?

Empowerment and Transparency. Another way that communication can improve productivity is with the help of empowerment. If your employees have more information, they will feel more empowered to complete their tasks with confidence and direction.

How effective communication and productivity go hand in hand?

Effective communication and productivity go hand in hand. Organizations where employees speak openly and honestly with their colleagues and managers thrive because of the benefits of clear communication.

What are the most important marketing communication tools?

Let’s explore the marketing communication tools that are essential to any organization’s success. Advertising is one of the most prominent and widely used communication tools in a marketing campaign, as its main feature is increasing awareness. Ads can be effective not only for marketing your product or service, but also for marketing your brand.

What is the best marketing communications strategy for a startup?

Getting press, backlinks, and guest blogging opportunities should be the cornerstone of any startup’s marketing communications strategy. It’s way more cost-effective than advertising, scalable, and helps you build the long-term relationships necessary for promoting your business. What kind of marketing communications strategy do you use?

What are the best marketing strategy tools for your business?

We’ve grouped some of the most useful marketing strategy tools for each focus area for easy reference. 1. Define Company Mission and Objectives a. Business Model Canvas 2. Analyze Current Position

What are the different methods of marketing communication?

There are many marketing communication methods that a marketer can use. Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Public Relations and Sponsorship are some of the best methods for marketing communication out there. Personal selling is great for face-to-face selling.

What are the benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications?

There are several benefits of integrated marketing communications, mostly having to do with how customers perceive and understand your company or brand’s message. Consistency: Consistent messaging is less confusing to customers.

What is the importance of marketing communications?

The importance of Marketing Communications! Marketing Communications are vital for any business and its operational efficiency. Today, it is the formation of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) which is crucial to any organisation.

What is marketer marketing communication?

Marketing communication is the promotions element of the marketing mix that includes product, price and placement. Elements of marketing communication include senders transmitting messages to receivers via media.

What are the advantages of direct marketing?

Direct marketing allows a company to target more precisely a segment of customers and prospects with a sales message tailored to their specific needs and characteristics. Direct marketing offers accountability by providing tangible results. 

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