Effective Administration And Organization In Secondary Schools In Nigeria

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Effective Administration And Organization In Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

This work is about the study of successful sports programme in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta state with special attention to Secondary school inter-house sport games.

According to the World Bank encyclopedia (2006), sports involve these activities that demand a combination of physical skill and strength alert mind, enthusiasm, purpose and usually team work. For the purpose of this study, sport is seen as involving athletics and games. Sports have come a very long way; the term is as old as the human race. It was started by the prehistoric or primitive man right from time under what was popularly referred to as traditional physical education with its main objectives being to provide food, and shelter, socializing the individuals, recreation and survival of the individuals within the community. As time went on, these sporting activities began to take new shapes and dimensions due to the emergence of modern physical education in Greece at about 3000 B. C. With the advent of modern physical education and its novel objectives based on the needs of the Greek people (Athens and Spartan), sporting activities began to show some changes due to the introduction of new rules and regulation, new facilities and equipment and organization of standard competitions as opposed to the area of traditional physical education.

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English 2006 defines sports as various types of physical activity that you do for pleasure and that needs physical efforts or skill, usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules.

Dr. Egenege (2005), explained sport as the any competitive activity that has recorded history of development and rules involving physical exertion and organized associations

Bucher (1995), explained that sports objective include that which provide the students or rndividuals at the secondary level with opportunities for releasing tensions and aggression, to provide for a feeling of achievement and progress through participation in sport, all of which are conducive to mental and emotional health. When finally one introduces the importance of organizing inter-house sport games: one thing which is certain is that the appraisal of factors involved in the general organization such as the attitude of the school involves finance and budgeting which will eventually unwell problem confronting them.

Finally, we will look at the predictors affecting successful school sports programme by critically evaluating the various factors involved with an aim of rendering suggestions for consequent improvements in this area

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The problem of the study includes:

  1. The organizational structure in terms of competition in sports in secondary schools in Ughelli North Local Government Area and provision of equipment and facilities adequate.
  2. With the provision of coach and giving out of incentives during secondary competition help to develop and increase the interest and upbringing of students in the area.
  3. How can Ughelli North Local Government Area produce sufficient athletes for the state competition and the weakness so far?
  4. Is there a known standard scheme and sufficient time allotted to physical education in each school in Ughelli North Local Government Area?

1.3 Research Question

The following are research questions formulated to guide this study

  1. Will availability of standard facilities and equipment predict successful school sports programme in secondary school in Ughelli North local Government Area of Delta State?
  2. Will the service of highly trained personel predicts succesful school sports programme in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State?
  3. Will regular competition predicts successful school sports programme in secondary schools in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State?
  4. Will adequate preparation/training promote successful school sports programe in secondary school in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State?
  5. Will financial motivation predicts successful school sports programme in secondary in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State?

1.4 Purpose of the Study

  1. To investigate whether funds, equipment and facilities are provided in the schools for effective administration and organization of sports in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.
  2. To find out whether the methods adopted and applied in the area in organizing sports in accordance with those of other local government areas in the state
  3. And also to find out if the health of the athletes are also adequately attended to.
  4. The purpose of this research is also to find out if first aid is provided as well as that availability of first aid technicians.

1.5 Significance of the Study

  1. It is the researcher’s view to aim at the under mentioned factors which help the local government area and mostly the schools to identify the cause of non-improvement in sports as it is affecting the organization of sporting activities.
  2. To enlighten the communities Government Area of Delta State concerning the roles or contributions of the communities towards the organization of sports in secondary schools.
  3. To create in the minds of the organizers, the need for the selection of the best athletes and how to encourage them in sports.
  4. To uphold the organization and administration, growth in Ughlelli North Local Government Area of Delta State on the part of the teachers, principals, and communities including the role of parents.
  5. This study will produce data that may be used to compare with those collected from other local government areas in the state for standardization purpose.
  6. The researcher also has some recommendations which will be of advantage to the officials concerned in reorganizing to bring about improved organization of sports in the local government area which may also serve as living report for further investigation in the future.

1.6 Limitations of the Study

This study is limited by certain factors such as:

  1. Financial constraints which made it impossible to make all planned journeys to all the schools under investigation.
  2. There were difficulties in the return of the questionnaire by the respondents.
  3. Some respondents completed their quesuonriaire with a biased mind thereby giving false answers.

1.7 Delimitation / Scope of the Study

This research is exclusively delimited to secondary schools in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State in terms of the organization of sports.

1.8 Definition of Terms

Some of the terms the researcher used in this project work and the meaning to the terms as they are involved in the explanation in this work are stipulated below. These terms as they are, may not necessary be new terms and explanation of one type or the other in the work.

i. Equipment and Facilities:

Includes movable and non movable items of materials used for sports. It will also encompass outfit and other vital accessories. Utilized for games. This terms and word like equipment material and facility when used will mean the same.

ii. Intramural Sports Programme:

It is an aspect of the university sports programme in which the current registered students participate. It is usually conducted within the boundaries of the university.

iii. Attitude:

Is the behaviour of people towards a referent subject, lesson or activity.

iv. Athlete:

This refers to individuals whether male or female that participates in any sporting event.

v. Sports:

Includes all games which may be team or individual activities like soccer, volleyball, handball, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, athletics, swimming etc. which are competed for during inter house or departmental games schools.

vi. Personnel:

Includes physical education teachers, game-masters, coaches and other staff in the university who are interested in the organization of the institution’s sports and coaching.

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