The Effect Of Teachers’ Motivation On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students

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The Effect Of Teachers’ Motivation On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students


This research was carried out specifically to evaluate the effect of teachers’ motivation on the performance of secondary school students.

This research was carried at in three schools under Agbado, Ifo District of Ogun State to actually known the extent in which teacher’s motivation goes in affecting the performance of secondary school students.

Many motivational theorist, who propounded and experimented motivation theories stated that is the only techniques to make workers effective and efficiency whether on school setting or in an organization is motivation. Motivation is seen as an energizer that energizes workers in order to give their best in discharging this duties.

However, it can be concluded that teachers are not satisfied because they are not adequately motivated and their have brought doubts in the mind of many people as regards the dignity of the profession.

The basis for solving teachers problems is by improving their motivational structure in which will help to improve the performance of students in secondary schools.

Finally, if the government can motivate the teachers as recommended in this project, the teaching profession will be more attractive and teachers will be more dedicated to their job and this will eventually bring about excellent academic performance of secondary schools students.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The value of teachers in preparing human ‘being for a useful living is very high and as contained in the national policy on education (1977) reviewed in 1981 that teachers help to equip” students to live effectively in a modem age of science and technology. This has made the growing complexity (in terms of enrolment explosion, resource mobilization and organization) of educational institution, and the increased societal demands for more result oriented schools have made the duties of the staff in the schools to be more critical in organizational behaviour. Therefore, here is a corresponding need for more pragmatic motivational designs that will enhance the job performance of staff in these schools.

The word motivation is derive from motive, which is an active form of desire, or need which must be satisfied. All motives are directed towards goals and the needs and desire affect or change our behaviour which is goal oriented. Effective job performance results from the interplay of three types of resource, namely physical, financial and human. However, physical and financial resources themselves do not result in productivity.

It happens only when the human component is introduced. The human component, even though most important, is most complex and unpredictable. Understanding human behaviour and affecting it positively can enhance productivity and improve performance. The level of performance of staff is a function of his ability and his motivation.

His ability determines what he “can” do and his motivation what he “will” do. The ability can be measured and depends upon background, skills and training. Many factors have contributed to the falling standard of education; some of these factors are shortage of funds into the educational sector, lack of qualified teachers, inadequate educational facilities such as adequate highly ventilated classrooms, well equipped library, and adequate laboratory materials just to mention a few. All these factors have contributed to non-challant attitude ‘towards the profession.

These problems and most especially teacher’s motivation will be looked at so as to enhance and improve the supposed standards of education.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

It is undisputable that a poor motivation of teachers at the secondary school level will in one way or the other constitute an obstacle to the general performance of student at that level. It is seen that teachers in secondary schools within Ifako-Ijaye local education district seem not to, have enough motivation from some aspects of their job. Individual, while at work look up for, some aspects of their jobs that are related to their value system. The focus of research is therefore to find out these aspects of teachers’ motivation value that the employer is yet to satisfy.

Tesar (l974) has observed that there is a strong relationship between job motivation and self­-esteem and other behavioural manifestations. If therefore, the needs of teachers in these institutions are left .uncared for, most of them might leave the job. Thus, the objectives of the new policy on education will be affected, the quality of education reduced which will eventually affect the development of the nation.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

In the course of finding out the effects of teacher’s motivation on the performance of students in secondary school, the researcher aims at finding out whether if:

  1. There is an increase in the teachers’ motivation; teachers will be more dedicated to their work.
  2. Motivation could lead to an upliftment in the standard of education at secondary school level.

This project work will focus basically on the roles of teachers’ in spite of their relatively poor motivation and the effects it has on student’s performance which enable the researcher to make constructive suggestions aimed at improving the performances of students.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The study will be a significant contribution to the existing literature in the area. It will also show the needs for an increase in teachers motivation and other benefits where necessary to elevate the falling standard of education. It is also to encourage the undergraduates and graduates alike who have the intention of coming into the teaching profession not to feel withdrawn towards teaching as efforts are already on for an upward review of teachers’ motivation structure.

1.5 Research Questions

In an attempt to solve this problem, this research word will focus on these questions formulated below:

Research Question One

Would the motivation of teachers affect the academic performance of students in Ifako Ijaye Education District?

Research Question Two

What are the attitudes of the public on the teaching profession?

Research Question Three

Can the motivation of teachers affect their level of dedication to work?

Research Question Four

Do teachers’ academic qualification influence the academic performance of schools?’

1.6 Limitation of the Study

This research work shall be dependent on the pieces of information supplied by the teachers within the chosen samples of .the target population. Biases and prejudices of individual respondents are likely to affect their responses to the items on the questionnaire.

Also, there shall be limitations on the part of instruments used for data collection, all the sampled schools are located in Ifako-Ijaiye Education District, the result of the study is not expected to differ from studies that may be conducted in other parts of Lagos State.

1.7 Delimitation of the Study.

For this study, the, limited number of school to be used is the extent to which generalization could be made about the result, this is due to the short time at the disposal of the researcher, that is to say coupled with the short time when the investigation was carried out alongside with the investigator academic studies. Conclusively, it is on the basis of this chapter that their entire subsequent chapter will be renewed and analyzed.

1.8 Scope

The scope of this study is limited to Ifako-Ijaiye schools management committee area of Lagos State, it is however suggested that further researches could be extended to other schools management committees in Lagos.

Chapter Five

Discussion, Conclusions, Implications of the Study and Recommendation

In this chapter, the result of the data analyzed in chapter four are interpreted and discussed. Also, the educational implications of the findings, recommendations, suggestions for further study, summary and conclusion were made.

5.1 Discussion of Findings

The result of the research as shown in table 4.3 indicates that teachers in Ifako-Ijaye Local government area do not received regular payment of salaries and allowances. 61 representing 55.45% respondents agreed that teachers are not regularly paid and also 62 representing 56.36% respondents agreed that allowances do not come often.

From the above, it can be concluded that irregular payment of salaries and allowances hinder teachers’ dedication to duty. This view is upheld by Eliogu and Harries (1997) saying that lack of motivation of teachers has contributed to teachers’ poor performance which, as well affects students’ (economics students inclusive) performance adversely.

To them, a teacher performs better when motivated than when not promoted.

In table 4.4, the result indicates that teachers in Ifako-IjayeLocal Government Area receive poor salaries as 65 representing 59.09% respondents agreed to that. It was also observed that the situation affects the performance of teachers in the classroom.

From the result above, poor salaries reduce the teachers’ performance in the classroom. Following the result, Equity theory of motivation suggests that an individual’s motivation, performance and job satisfaction depends on the individual’s comparism of his or her contribution and rewards with those of others in similar situation. However, since teachers in Ifako-Ijayefia Local Government Area receive poor salaries which when compared with others in similar situation is nothing to write home about, their performances are affected adversely.

The result of the research as shown in table 4.5 indicates that teachers in Ifako-Ijaye local government Area do not receive or are not promoted as at when due. This was confirmed by 60 representing 54.55% respondents who agreed. However, it can be seen that non implementation of teachers’ promotions reduce the moral of teachers. In view of this, promotion which is one of the incentives that encourage growth on the job, when it is lacking, teachers’ morale on the job get reduced or affected.

The result of the research as shown in table 4.6 indicates that teachers’ interest in the job and their output in teaching and learning are affected due to unconducive working environment. In a school where nature of the classroom, laboratory facilities and library are all in discouraging state, the interest of teachers as well as the output would be hampered in the course of discharging their duties. To this end, 63 representing 57.27%, 64 representing 58.18% and 73 representing 66.36% respondents attested.

Bernes (2014) upheld the findings of the study by asserting that the motivational elements are incentives granted to an individual to enhance his or her performance.

These rewards and incentives contribute to strategy for effective implementation of descried goals and shaping of individual’s or group’s behaviour. When teachers are motivated their performances would be directed towards achieving educational goals.

5.2 Conclusion

In conclusion, this study has shown that with adequate motivational elements such as regular and prompt payment of salaries and allowances, upward review of salaries, implementation of promotions, provision of conducive working environments, availability of teaching aids/instructional materials etc. would help to improve the job performance of teachers and the standard of education.

5.3 Recommendations

Based on the findings of this study, the following recommendations were made.

  1. Regular and prompt payment of salaries and allowances should be made available to teachers in Ifako-IjayeLocal government area, in order to enhance their dedication to duties.
  2. Government of Ifako-Ijaye local government council and Lagos state government should look into the allocation or monthly salaries and allowances of teacher with a view to reviewing and increasing it, since the economic situation in the country is not static and favourable. This will help to increase the job performance of the teachers.
  3. Promotion exercise should always be conducted annually and as at when due and subsequently implemented without delay so as to reflect on their salaries.
  4. The working environment under which teachers perform their duties should be made conducive enough to boost there interest in the teaching and learning process.
  5. Adequate teaching aids and materials should be made available for effective teaching and learning.

5.4 Limitation of the Study

Each research work is subject to one form of limitation or the other and this research is not an exception. However, the research was aimed at sampling the entire secondary schools in the area of the study, but owing to the distance at which each school was from another and considering the transportation cost, only ten (10) schools were sampled. Consequently, respondents were found to be reluctant in supplying the needed information as they often entertain fear of indictment even with the use of the questionnaire method insisting that the name of the school could indict them. Nevertheless, efforts were made to ensure the objectivity of the study.

5.5 Summary of the Study

This study focused on the influence of teachers’ motivation on the academic performance ofstudent in Ifako-Ijaye local government area of Lagosstate. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, ten (10) schools where selected out of twenty (20) secondary schools in the local government area. Questionnaire were designed distributed administered, collected, analyzed and findings or results interpreted.

In the light of the results, the educational implications of the study where pointed out based on the findings.

Furthermore, some recommendations were also made and if adequately followed and implemented, would go a long way in ensuring greater job performance of teachers both in Ifako-Ijaye local government area and other local government areas in Nigeria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does teacher motivation matter for student academic achievement?

  • A strong positive correlation was found between teacher‟s motivational strategy and academic achievement of higher secondary students. References: Amrai, K. Motlagh, S. E, Zalani , H.A &Parhon, H. (2011). The relationship between academic motivation and academic achievement students.

What motivates teachers in the classroom?

  • The teachers‟ motivational strategies in the classroom are very essential to achieve the students‟ academic achievement. Significant of the study In all educational institutions, the whole teaching-learning process is directed towards achievement in the academic field as well as in the sphere of co-curricular activities.

What motivates students to achieve high student achievement?

  • High student achievement comes from students who are motivated from inside. Therefore, instead of giving rewards, teachers need to consistently teach students to become intrinsically motivated.

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