The Effect Of Staff Motivation On Bank’s Services Delivery

Project and Seminar Topics with material for Banking and Finance

Project and Seminar Topics with material for Banking and Finance


This work is designed the bureaucratic process involved on the effect of staff motivation on bank’s services delivery “A case study of Wema Bank plc. The nature and future prospect on the effect of staff motivation is also examined in this research work. The aim of the study is to carry out the effect of staff motivation on bank’s services delivery. This study will give the researcher the opportunity to explore all available, occurred and relevant facts about the topic and gets something presentable through the knowledge of the curve based on the findings in this research work, it is recommend that the management of Wema bank Plc, will have effect of staff motivation on bank’s delivery. Finally, which rounded off the project give useful summary, conclusion and recommendation and while references brings about the suggestion for further research work.

Chapter One

1.0 Background Of The Study

1.1 Introduction

The livewire of any organization setting is labour force. To this extent, human elements have been recognized as the most important resources. The behaviour of people is goal oriented in the sense that it attempt to satisfy certain need. Each person has different needs based on age, education, environment background and personality. It is the duty of manager to know people and order to provide a climate conducive to triggering the motivation potential in people. A question that usually comes to mind while discussing motivation is what motivation is necessary to obtain peak performance from workers? The answer usually given today in Nigeria Company is “Employees satisfaction”. This is almost meaningless concept. Even if it means something employees satisfaction would not be sufficient motivation to fulfils the needs of the enterprises.

It is a fact that many needs can be satisfied on the job and employees exhibit different behaviour patterns when their job oriented needs are not met. I affirm that a man may be satisfied with the job because he really finds fulfillment in it. He may also be satisfied if the job permits him to “get by”

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Motivation as it means a way of encouraging workers to perform his/her works better and even best. Any organization that motivate his/her workers will get better performances from them and this will improve goods and services delivery.

Why Do We Need Motivation

Motivation is the desire to achieve a Goal Motivation with enthusiasm and energy really move us forwarded in life. We need motivation in two ways:

1. Motivation from the External Factors:

When you see something happening you are motivated and you move by it. You succeed in some act of yours and you see these results you are excited and more motivated to achieve.

2. Motivation from Inside:

Motivation is basically because of certain internal picture that will run in your mind, when you set your goals they must automatically motivate you. It must give a sense of Drive so that you could go about achieving more in life.

The Specific Objective Of The Study Are
  1. To Whom It May Concern: determine whether there would be no unsubstantial motivation in the absence of complementary efforts.
  2. How necessary the motivation could be to the organization growth.
  3. If there is no adequate communication between workers and management of an organization.
  4. To determine the various way of motivating workers in an establishment

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

The Banking Industry in this country has witnessed phenomenal changes and employees unrest over the years. It is common knowledge that bank employees who are among the best rested closes of workers in the country normally go on strike to press for certain need that are not satisfied by management.

There is workers apathy and negative attitude in our bank institution. Some cashiers are disgruntled, some clerks are non-challant. Devoted workers is in most cases emerge to his colleagues and there is fiacre to see employees incentives as being aimed at generating good services from them.

This research paper will therefore be tailored to one of the commercial bank in the country to really ascertain such things that lead to desertification on the job. The hypothesis which is going to be tested “Effective” motivation of employees lead to high level of performance.

Suggestion will be made through performance of the bank can guarantee improved performance with no friction.

1.4 Limitation Of The Study

The following are consider as limitation of the study namely:

  1. The study was not extended to cover different industries for the purpose of comparison.
  2. The Unco-operative attitude of some of the senior staff of the bank who were served the questionnaires.
  3. The information volunteered by the company for the case under study is only that of which is allowed for public consumption.
  4. The time constraint also contributes to limitation of the study.

1.5 Research Question

Some questions were asked during the process of the study they are:

  1. The study was not extended to cover different industries for the purpose of comparison.
  2. Does motivation and incentive using in your organization the same?
  3. What types of motivational strategy employed in your organization?
  4. In your own opinion has the operational result of your organization improved or otherwise, since the introduction of motivational strategy employed.

1.6 Research Hypothesis

This hypothesis testing during the process of his study was tested in two ways.

Hypothesis I
  • Ho: The increase in wages / salaries of workers is the only ways of motivating them.
  • Hi: The increase in wages / salaries of workers is not the only ways of motivating them.
Hypothesis II
  • Ho: The promotion and job security are the only way of motivating workers in an establishment.
  • Ho: The promotion and job security are not the only way of motivating workers in an establishment.

1.7 Scope Of The Study

The scope of this study covers the effect of staff motivation on Bank’s service delivery with a particular reference to the Wema Bank plc, its branch in Iragbiji was consulted for verification of information.

1.8 Definition Of Operational Terms

1. Motivation:

This is a way of influencing people to give off their best.

2. Bonus Scheme:

This is a way of getting employees something apart from the normal pay of the year taking the form of one or two month salary.

3. Investment:

This is the activity of buying shares or of putting money into a Bank Account in order to obtain profit.

4. Job Security:

This is a situation whereby workers are motivated through confirmation of its appointment or commendation on the job performance etc.

5. Promotion:

This is a situation whereby a worker move from one grade level to other or from one post to other e.g cashier in the Bank to Accountant

6. Recognition:

This is a way of so appreciation to worker who really excelled to worker or distinguished himself / herself on the job.

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