The Effect Of Political Thuggery On The Realization Of Millennium Development Goals

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The Effect Of Political Thuggery On The Realization Of Millennium Development Goals


The research is posed to examine the Effect of Political Thuggery the Realization of Millennium Development Goals in Kogi State with a particular reference to Ofu local government area of Kogi State. The researcher shall comprise five chapters, arrange in an ascending order. Chapter one shall start by way of introduction which serve as the preamble of the research work. It shall also comprise of background of the study statement of the problem. Objectives of the study significance of the study, research questions scope and limitations of terms. In chapter two effort shall be made to look into the literature review of the research work. It shall also proceed in digging deep into the causes of political thuggery, bad leadership illiteracy which offense constitutes to a large extent the cause of thuggery poverty and the reaction and response of Nigeria government towards thuggery activities. Chapter three shall concentrate mainly on research methodology and design of the study as well as the method applied in the collecting of data. Chapter four focus mainly on data presentation and analysis including discussion of findings. finally, chapter five which shall deal mainly on summary, conclusion and recommendations.

Chapter One


1.1 Background To The Study

The Millennium Development Goals is a policy made by a group of developed communities in order to promote the relegated face of our economic, social and political status to the level of quality advancement. The use of thuggery during elections has rampaged the little development which has been achieved through this policy.

The policy on its own is useless without the right framework to execute it at the right time and in the right place. The process of electing, these leaders into the various political offices has been a major problem we are facing in Nigeria in general and in Ofu local government, in particular due to the nature and practice of politics in these areas with great demand, and threat on the innocent citizens to comply with the game of rigging.

Before the advent of political thuggeries, Nigerians have been conducting unsuccessful elections with response to rigging and other electoral, misconduct.

It must be put into cognizance that no policy and true development which will promote our socio-cultural, economic and political values will take place without giving the citizens the right priviledge and practical right to vote for the person they feel best to lead them and also control the use of political thuggery through more ‘’iron hands’’

The millennium development goals policy will work for Nigeria, Kogi State and Ofu local government area if only the federal, state and local government, should take security on the priority of their agenda during and after election for this insecurity, has caused a lot of human and material damages, to our society as a whole. Since these local.

We could have complimented this massive silent, and open murder if we are practicing the military systems of government where legal and illegal force is used without questions.

But to think of this barbaric and disputations, act of so called bloody armed civilians who act as military men under the core of democracy is a political sympathetic discord ‘’Abdulsalami (2007) on this note, I referred to our democracy, to a tyrant democracy’’ that is force and unity.

There is need to work hard towards the practice of real democracy whereby these will be an atmosphere of free and fir election that will enhance the implementation of policies including the millennium development goal policy among other which will result to true development (Bottom-top) and changes our identify from been a state of an under developed country to the state of a developed country among others.

The millennium development goal are series of eight time bound goals that seek to address the issue of poverty, education, gender quality, health and the environment among others to be achieved with a unified agreement by the international community at the United Nations Millennium submit, held in New York on 8th September, 2000 within a specific time frame (2015) Oladimeji (2004:31) this time set is expected to be ok for (his programme to enhance development but the political nature (instability) and politics in Nigeria with the use of thugs stand as an obstacle to the achievement of these goals in 2005 in Nigeria which the outcome, will produce a historical landmark development; as such, the government should do all they could to eliminate the use of political thuggeries during before and after elections in Nigeria and in Ofu precisely.

1.2 Statement Of The Research Problem

Ordinarily, the Millennium Development Goals policy is to eradicate poverty which is the central focus of the policy and along side improve the quality of education, health and improve agriculture, through modern farming but the use of thugs in determining who gets what, when and how (political office and power) has reduced the effective implementation of this policy at grass-root level which has also affected the national implementation process.

Furthermore, equitable men who are mentally morally, socially, and politically advanced who supposed, to be elected to execute this policy at the openly killed without questions, security and government intervention.

Moreover, aside wrong leadership, the millennium development, goals have not been able to reduce poverty because of the inadequate function by the three levels of government and lack of proper implementation of policies.

Finally, corruption has eaten deep in to the fabric Pf our society which has finally put a full stop tot eh paper implementation of the Millennium Development Goals policy.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

The overall objectives of this research work is to ascertain the impact of political thuggery on the realization of the millennium development goals (MGD’s) policy and its effect on the development of the country, using Ofu local government area as a case study specifically, the study should attempt to examine, whether;

  1. To examine the role of millennium development goals in national development
  2. To examine the impact of political thuggeries in the implementation of policy.
  3. To examine the role of government in the control and eradication of political thuggery
  4. To examine and forecast the outcome of the millennium development goals if political thuggeries are been properly handled

1.4 Research Questions

The validity of the study has made this possible for the researcher to raise the following research questionnaire. Which shall serve as a tentative statement to examine the impact of political thuggery on the realization of Millennium Development Goals in the third world countries in Nigeria precisely with reference to Ofu local government area?

  1. What is the role of millennium development goals
  2. In what ways can they (MDG’s) assist the developing countries to reduce poverty
  3. What hire the role of governmental and non governmental agencies in curbing political thuggery in Nigeria Ofu precisely?
  4. What parameters can we use to measure the achievement of the (MDG’s) in developing countries?
  5. Inspect the interference of political thuggery corruption physical or human.
  6. How can the MDG’s policy control the political office holders to transparent and given accurate accountability in order for her to realize her goals?
  7. Is political thuggery solely responsible for the ineffective implementation of the MDG’s policy in developing countries and in Nigeria precisely?
  8. What are the pro-poor policy reforms that will assist (MDGs) to enhance the achievement of her target?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

This research work expected to contribute to the existing body of knowledge on the topic under review. Its dimension and indication is appropriately a phenomenon which is on the impact of political thuggery on the realization of Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s.

Equally the study shall orient people on the need to embrace, Millennium Development goals policy shun political violence, thuggery and all round corruption in order to experience real development in the phase of this global world.

However, this work shall also enlighten the people and the government of the developing countries to direct foreign investment from the developed partners like the community of the (MDG’s) to provide social infrastructures, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture which will create jobs as well as economic growth and income for the people and thereby curbing poverty and increase development.

Moreover, this research work will also educate politicians, and youths to desist from any act of violence during an election and also shun corruption which Ukelegbe says is a virus that kills development drastically.

Finally, the study shall contribute to the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) in Public Administration.

1.6 The Scope And Limitations Of The Study

The scope of this research is within the range of the impact of political thuggery on the realization of Millennium Development Goals with emphasis to the nature and practice of politics in Nigeria using Ofu local government area s a study area between the period of 2003-2010 respectively.

However, in the process of carrying out a research of this nature, many problems were encountered. The obstacles so faced in this research work majorly includes:

Time money and respondents

The time for this work is incomparably small to the research work and also, we were unable to make enough questionnaires to get more data as a result of little money I had for the research work and thus, I went to sampling and finally, respondents kept some documents, unreleased for this research work which they claimed is confidential and secret files.

1.7 Organization Of The Study

For easy understanding and comprehension of the study, the study is divided into five chapters:

Chapter one shall be the introduction of the study which is divided into the background of the study, statement of research problem, objectives of the study, scope and limitations of the study and the definition of terms.

Chapter two contains the literature review. In this chapter, related literature shall be reviewed with a view of establishing a theoretical framework for the study and also assess the matter under study.

Chapter three covers the research methodology. This dwells on how the research instrument wad designed, including the sample techniques population of the study.

Instrument of data collection and the validity of study.

Chapter four of the research centres on the presentation of data analysis and interpretation couples with testing, of research questions.

Finally, chapter five covers summary of the work conclusion and necessary recommendations therein.

1.8 Definition Of Terms

Political thuggery:

Is defined as the use of illegitimate force to gain political power.


Is the act and practice of influencing the electorates in voting in representatives.

Millennium goals:

These are eight agenda proposed by the developing communities to bring them to a development limelight, these facet education, health, environment etc.


According to David Basta, development means the movement for a positive change.

Rural areas:

According to Suleiman Justine, Rural areas are the remote village that are out of a state capital.

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