The Effect Of Personnel Selling On The Sales Of Isol Germicide In Enugu Urban

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The Effect Of Personnel Selling On The Sales Of Isol Germicide In Enugu Urban


The effect of personal selling on the sales of Isol germicide in Enugu Urban will in subsequent chapters the strategies for maximizing the effective and efficient sales calls on customers.

Both primary and secondary data were extensively used in data collection. Tools as questionnaires, study of documents and observation of things and people were employed as a method of data collection.

The population for this study is drawn from the sales department of Hardis and Dromedas sample of household from Enugu urban.

Visit to libraries. References to journals magazines newspapers and other students projects makes this study a vast one yet strictly adlering to the bound of the topic.

This are the findings of this study.

The proceeding chapters presented an indepth analysis of the areas covered in the study. Concerted efforts were made to know if the users of Isor germicide are influenced positively by the application of personal selling effects in sales.

  1. It was find out that users of Isol germicide are positively influenced
  2. It was also diagnosed that the company’s offer many a timers long way to advising on how best to handle these objections.
  3. It was also find out that consumers or users are more interested in getting an accurate and timely information on how best to use the product than telling them about polices.

And this are the recommendation these recommendation are aimed at suggesting useable solutions to effects of personal selling on the Isol germicide in Enugu Urban.

There is need for a careful selesforce organization, recruitment and selection, training, compensation motivation leadership and supervision and performance evaluation of the saleforce.

More effective handling of objectives will be of immense profit to sales calls. The firm should implement selling concept.

If these recommendations are carefully implemented these will be sustained growth for the firm and the effects of personal selling on sales will be fully maximized.

Table Of Contents

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Background of the study
  • 1.2 Statement of problem
  • 1.3 Objective of the study
  • 1.4 Hypothesis
  • 1.5 Significance of study
  • 1.6 Scope of the study
  • 1.7 Limitation of the study

Chapter Two

2.0 Review of related literature

  • 2.1 Definition of personal selling
  • 2.2 Hardis and dromedas sales department
  • 2.3 Peculiar sales positions in hardis and dromedas
  • 2.4 Attaining effective sales through information gathering of sales persons
  • 2.5 The art of persuasion as a key to effective and efficient personal selling
  • 2.6 Principle of contingency benefits
  • 2.7 The selling process and objectives
  • 2.8 Sales force organization
  • 2.9 Sales force structure

Chapter Three

3.0 Research methodology

  • 3.1 Sources of data
  • 3.2 Population of study
  • 3.3 Sample size determination
  • 3.4 Sample technique
  • 3.5 Questionnaire design
  • 3.6 Validation of instruments
  • 3.7 Method of data collection
  • 3.8 Method data of analysis

Chapter Four

4.0 Data presentation, analysis, interpretation and testing of hypothesis

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary of findings

  • 5.1 Recommendation
  • 5.2 Conclusion
  • Appendix I
  • Appendix II

Chapter One


1.1 Background To The Study

A close examination of the promotional tools reveals that there has been little or no attention to the importance of personal selling. The key to achieving organizational goal is the proper intermingling of the promotional tools. Firms pay much attention to advertising, sales promotion and publicity, spending more than necessary on them, this situation leads to increased cost of marketing (promotion), thereby increased cost per unit sales for a product. This condition of increased cost per unit, if all things being equal, and if other valuable should remain constant leads to a lower demand for a product. This reduces sake turnover and this lower profit.

Effective application of personal selling will remedy the situation of lower sales and bridge the gap of customers withdrawing from a product through the building of convocation about a product in the minds of customer. Personal selling is unique of all the promo – tools. I say this because of the human interaction, which it entails. Hardis and Dromedas a firm in the household products industries sees personal selling as the final link in the exchange process between it and her numerous buyers.

Much ineffectiveness experienced in the application of this tool. Should this time be traced so as to show. Case how it can be carried out so as to reflect that, marketing concept is practiced in the firm if the selling must be done, marketing concept will not replace personal selling, but will change its application. This will ensure customer satisfaction and goal optimization for the firm.

Several authors have stated the need for all business entities to pay greater attention to personal selling. Most companies do not really embrace personal selling until they are driven to it by circumstance like declining sales, lots of market share, change in buying patterns by consumers, aggressive competition and increase in market expenditure. Let the role of personal selling be eked out, the time of its application in the products life cycle, the sales persons, carefully selected, trained and motivated, other promo tools used not in isolation of personal selling then we will be achieving our goal of effectiveness and efficiency in attaining cooperate goals.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

Manufactures of household products have been seeing personal selling as a slow, limited and ineffective tool in the promotion of their products some cut it out completely, either because the experienced ineffectiveness in the company’s sales persons. A marketing manager once said, “What are we doing, is to helping reduce unemployment we don’t need people whose works do not yield immediate result on our profits”.

The effect of personal selling in the sales of isol germicide in Enugu has not yet been felt, as it should be. But Germicides is an industrial goods in outlook.

Some complexities associated with the product needs to be addressed and such a situation needs the presence or the emergence of professional sales people.

But can we actually have such in existence without addressing the problems associated with the management of sales organization, recruiting and selection, motivation of sales – persons, leadership and supervision and performance evaluation?

1.3 Objective Of The Study:

The objective of the study are as follows:

  1. To measure how well the company is performing to find the strong and week points of personal selling of isol germicide
  2. To obtain market research on personal selling on information about how, when and where the isol germicide is purchased and used.
  3. The objective is to find out if its product is widely demanded well in Enugu urban
  4. To ascertain the rate of satisfaction to consumers with the present level of physical distribution in personal selling.
  5. To know if the product reach the consumers at the right time and quality
  6. To create a favourable image of the company and indirectly to promote the sales of the company’s product.
  7. Winning the goodwill of the consumers of Enugu urban via personal selling of isol germicide
  8. To informing and serving consumers via consumers magazines, radio and television to buy isol germicide
  9. To and sales personal to make sales and to explain to the consumers that isol germicide is a good product to be used.

With this objective you can say that personal selling is a discipline that effects, practically everyone whether he or she is aware of it or not. Edoga P.N (1997).

Hards and Dromedas Nigeria limited will sour higher with the knowledge that will come from this study.


Given the above objectives, the following tentative solutions to the research problem has been put forth.

  1. Customers patronize isol germicide because of effective and efficient personal selling
  2. The effect of personal selling on the sales of isol germicide is determined by the effectiveness of the sales force.
  3. Customers do not patronize isol germicide because of personal selling efforts.
  4. The sales – force organization has no role to play in the sales of isol germicide

1.5 Significance Of Study

This research topic “The effect of persona selling on the sales of isol germicide in Enugu urban” is a unique one, and this will be if great significance firstly, the study will benefit Hardis and Dromedas, producers and marketers of isol germicide. This is the because of its solution to problem oriented nature with which it is to be tacked. The sales department will benefit most. Middlemen, the government and the users of Isol in Enugu Urban will always appreciate the recommendations culminating from this study especially those opting from professionalism in the fields of personal selling.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

Geographically this study is to he carried out in Enugu urban of the Enugu state of Nigeria. This is to so because, the manufacturer of Isol germicide is located in Enugu urban and a higher percentage of users of the product are domiciled in Enugu urban.

In subject, the study will address those areas that will make for effect personal selling.

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