The Effect Of Packaging On The Consumer (A Case Study Of Avon Cosmetics Nig Ltd ABA)

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Project and Seminar Material for Marketing

Project and Seminar Material for Marketing


This project work is dedicated to Almighty God for helping me through out the project work.


It will be a mark of ingratitude if fail to appreciate efforts of those who contributed in one way or the of making this project work a success. First and foremost my special thanks goes to project supervisor and also the HOD of my department. 1 also acknowledge my lecturers most especial amongst other lecturers.

My acknowledgement goes to my elder sister elder brothers most especially sister Gloria Ajuebits fore rendering her financial support and whose motivation on my academic carrier geared me to May God Grant her heart desires Amen.


Tills research work traced the effect of packaging on the consumer buying decision in the packaging of their products such as Avon medicated soap, Antiseptic soap, mild soap, Lotion, relax, Powder and So on. The researches selected Avon cosmetics Nigeria limited Aba as a case study. The importance of package as a promotional tool was examined with the aim of asses. Sing its contribution towards the purchase of cosmetics products.

To gather data personal interview and two sets of questionnaire were used, one for consumer and the other for staff.

To analyze the data collected, percentage was used while chi-square technique was adopted in testing the hypothesis and it was at 5% level of significance.

1. Package of a product attract a buyer I Basj on the findings above, it was recommended that efficiently, the management should give effectively packaging and an diligent dynamic bivolved leadership and support since packaging complex and improving their packaging policies area, this the policies are properly implemented. for the company to achieve its goals controller size business is a and ensure that

Chapter One

1.1 Background Of The Study

Packaging is a general group of activities in product planning that involves designing and producing the contains or wrapper for a product, because a braid’s packaging is highly vesicle Part of the product packaging assumes a major role in marketing the product. In some consumer goods companies place much importance on the products container and wrapper that they have vice president in charge of packaging influence on consumer decision making, shades additional light on the significance of packaging.

Bush (1985 :370) proximally 38% of respondents making initial purchases said that the package had great influence on purchase of cosmetics or toiletry products.

Packaging is a very important element in the marketing products especially in cosmetics industry it is often products brand name, cases evaluate the quality of a particular braid by the referred to as the nearest company’s salesman.

A products package apart from protecting the production contents, provide important information about the product such as discrimination, ingredients, method of usage, expiring date price and warning to the consumers. A product package containing all these is portrayed as an Idea and effective product packaging design.

In some case. however, consumes may tends to look for the content or quantitative value of the product thereby over looking ‘The packaging element an important marketing1 tools for advertising and other necessary information consumers needs about the product, which actual sense serials as an influencing factor toward buying decision. decision.

But as a matter of fact, consumers cosmetic is most cases evaluate the quality of a particular braid by the alternative of its package in relation to the brand getting products into the market in the desire state and at affordable price is a high-mare for the manufacturers and consumers as well, they cause high cost of packaging materials yet, the package appears to be indispensable. A package keeps a product:in tact and available to the final consumers.
Packaging is very important even more for perishable goods such as cosmetics.

The conventional purpose of packaging is meant to perform two basic functions. protecting the product against damage and against degradation, these functions aim at controlling the possibilities of spoilage of physical or chemical product and promotion. Therefore, the market of a produce has to confront the issue of package in the case of any product (physical) that is offered to the market, of all the controllable variables that marketing decision, only packaging plays a major role in all the strategic marketing executive refers packages as the fifth “PS” of marketing price, product, place (distribution) and promotion. The other reasons for packaging of goods include; To communicate the product, brand, price, denunciation ingredients and method of usage.

To identify a product and in this regard it could help to prevent substitute goods. The only significant way a company can differentiate it product from others. Apart from serving, to prevent a product, differentiate a product, its is also an important form of promotion.

Hence, the package should help persuade consumers try the products and suitable try of the product in case of new product, and it is in this case that the bulk of this work will be concentrated.

Furthermore, management may package its product in such a way so as to increase the possibilities of an Increase in sales, decrease in the cost of production and so on. Packaging account for up to 50% of the selling price of some
products, such as cosmetic. But packaging adds to the value of a product. The rates of packaging affect societies (Such are higher than those of poor nations countries). Growing affluence is making consumers in Nigeria to demand improved packaging good they buy.

The importance of packaging cannot be for the over emphasized especially when one considers several functions it performs in consumer attraction and satisfaction. Cosmetics industries represent a typical example of industries where package as a marketing device plays an important role the introduction of SAP in Nigeria (social adjustment programmes) and the subsequent banning on importation of consmetic.

This result to the proliferation industries and competition and dangers quality innovation. To overcome this and complete favourably, package should be good enough to persuade consumer try the product and convince them of the product.

In- furtherance, some product classes, such cosmetic, packaging and brand naming are majot item promotional strategy.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

A question which is work looking at is what guild companies inn the type of packaging they use for product. Avon cosmetics has a lot of problem which by end of the research would have a lot solution.

Amongst are the types of packaging to be used for product (consmetic product). How to determine it. What to be taken into consideration. The approach and prince to be followed

All these can be gathered under internal variable that is controllable element.

More again to identify what variable t lie consumers prefer mot in packaging in terms of colour, shape, and quality so that the product can compete with other cosmetics products in the market.

Finality, how would the. Package be of benefit to consumers, distributors, government or economy as a whole and Lo Avon cosmetics Nigeria Limited Aba.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

  1. Determine the effect of packaging buying decision. on consumer buying decision.
  2. To ascertain how packaging can company’s sales profit goal assist to achieve company’s profit goes.
  3. To Find out the effect of cost of packaging on the
  4. To identify what variables the consumers prefer most In packaging in terms of colour, shape, size and quality.
  5. To find other useful information a that will help to satisfy both company’s and consumer needs.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. What is the impact of packaging on consume copying decision?
  2. How can packaging assist in achieving company sales Profit goals?
  3. What is the effect of packaging on the total profit of the company.
  4. What variables prefer most in packaging in terms of colour shape size and quality
  5. To find other useful information that will help to satisfy both company’s and consumer needs

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The importance of packaging and effect on the consumer cannot be overemphasized. It is one thing for a company to invest so much on packaging and another to receive the returns on increased sales due to repeat purchases, attraction for new users and so much.

1.7 Scope Of The Study

The research intends to identify and highlight those Factors that are necessary in cosmetics products packaging, design and their effect on consumer buying decision. The study is also to know how packaging would be of benefit to consumers, distributors, government or economy as a whole.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study

The research work; attempts look in to the effects packaging on the consumer buying decision in Aba. it also tries to identify these effects on the consumers, producers and as well as the society. It also went ahead to find out how effective packaging will enhance consumer buying decision in order to ensure effective and efficient marketing of Avon cosmetics in the society.

The type of packaging they use for their produce matters a lot, if they use attractive package it will enhance the sales of their product. Organizations usually packaging of their product concerning the quality and other necessary information about the product which they feel will put their product in a more competitive position than other competing brands.

On entering any of the larger self service or supermarket shops, customers are faced with numerous alternatives every few minutes as they move round the store.

Despite the scale of advertising behind so many proprietor, there, they are sure to be influenced by what attracts, there is abundant evidence to show that many people are influence in their decision to purchase at the actual moment of shopping-this is know as impulse buying.

It is important that avon cosmetics should know that these techniques helps in business growth and they should apply them in their cosmetics store in order to limit the problem of low sales and also to enhance the growth of the supermarket.

1.9 Definition Of Terms

I. Packaging:

packaging is an activity involved designing and manufacturing for a product an activity the container or wrapper for a product.

Ii. Product:

A product is anything that can be offered market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption want or might satisfy a want or need. And it includes personalities, Places organization, and ideas

Iii. Consumer:

A consumer is an individual who purchases, or has the capacity to purchase goods and services offered for sale by marketing institutions in order. Satisfy personal or household needs, wants or desires.

Iv. Cosmetic:

Cosmetic measures or changes improve their
Appearance of something or somebody without changing its basic character or without solving a basic problem.

V. Purchase:

This is a process that represents a system in which organization or individual define and list their needs for goods and services . The activity is accomplished through identifying and comparing the supplies as well as the suppliers that are available to them and choosing the best that suit the organization individual.

Vi. Promotion:

it is a form of short-term incentive designed to generate immediate product purchases from the consumers. To achieve this spontaneous sales, the marketer offers some value to the customers.

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