Effect Of Motivation On The Productivity Of Worker

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Effect Of Motivation On The Productivity Of Worker

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

The word motivations come from Latin word mover, which means to move. it is a general term that refers to all those owner forces such as desires drives or motive and so forth which kindle, direct and sustain behaviour towards a goals. To be able to motivate people managers must do those that so fishy thee forces so as to undue individuals to perform.

Over the years many psychologist and scholars have put forth several theories of motivation most of these theories have contributed in various ways boarding management understanding of this force that more people towards a accomplishing goals and objectives and may of the available theories of motivation are (Maslow theory hierarchy of needs theory Herzberg’s two factors of motivation Douglas mc Gregory’s etc.

In an attempt to evaluate and brake the complexity in the process of motivations. This call for this study of the effect of motivation on productivity of workers out emenits Enugu as a case study.

Emenits limited is one of the biggest companies in Enugu state and is also has a large number of employees. The emenits company is an incorporated registered company in Nigeria the company was incorporated in 1961 as eminite Liability Company with the name Tuners As Best Nigeria limited. Due to the indigenization decrees of 1976 22nd March the name was changed to turnee building producing company limited emenite.

In july 1988, the name was later charged to emenets limited due to change in ownerships with foreign partners. When taking about the location of this company emenite is the headquarter, the company has about four branches Enugu Lagos, sapele and Kano Nigeria.

The company specialty in produces of

  1. Fiber rooting sheet called fiber corrected sheet
  2. Ceiling board of various sizes and thickness.
  3. Roofing sheet of carious size and thickness
  4. Pipes for water supply 9building / materials)
  5. Tanks sinks
  6. Flower pots.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems

Some of this problem observed in Enugu are of the stated below. But for more understanding and clarity we summarized the major problems of motivation in Nigeria with more attention to emenite Enugu.

  1. The management inability to deserve properly this task to be performed by the worker (inadequate job description and job analysis) .
  2. Lack of adequate training given to workers. The newly recruited workmen are not given adequate workers training before purring them to the field to go and sell for the company.
  3. The workers in most cases suffers from low moral. This can be caused as a result of discovering for themselves the true position of things in the field.
  4. Due to the present economics there is increase rate of dishonesty and disobedience amongst the workers who are doing everything to survive the hard times.
  5. There is also the problem of the second ties foreign exchange market (SLEM) felicity or rather variation in terms of the company important of its roofing sheet product) art times t could be revealed in one and questionnaire the possible outcome of these problem can be traced to changed in the relations to NP (price, place, product, and promotion ).

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

Since the turn of twentieth century the phenomenon of motivation has been the subject of considerable and extensive study of theorist and researchers in a number of disciplines over this span of time a number of distinct perspective of approaches evolve in an attempt to assess the development of motivation theory in productivity has been favourable.

The study has broad objectives of investigation the effective of motivation a on workers’ productivity in eminent company limited Enugu state.

  1. To identify the various causes of low productivity of the workers in emente limited.
  2. To improve understanding on the nature and roles of sales person.
  3. To improve understand in the nature
  4. To determine the relationship between job satisfaction motivation and productivity.

1.4 Significance Of Study

The basic duty if a manager is to create and maintain an environment in which employees will find personal satisfaction to be induce to contribute effectively towards a goal. The key action is now to get employee encourage or motivated in other for them to increase their effort in other to enhance high productivities which will in turn yield higher taking on how to motivate to employees but the issue on ground is practicing it as a result of doing this worked will be motivated to add more effort in the accomplishment of company objectives and goals.

Hence these researches work of getting across to this organization. The most important action in employee of to increase productivity and also how coming out with a recommendation on how best workers productivities in emenits can be improved after examination of the nature of incentive that appeals to employee of labour in the era.

1.5 Research Question

The research question in this project work is as follows

  1. Are workers people adequately motivated
  2. Indicated some of the problems management encounters in its efforts to motivate workers
  3. What effect does other management function have on workers?
  4. How do you rate the level of cash incentives?
  5. Indicate the most compliant of workers personal in your company.

1.6 Hypothesis

Hypothesis I

Taking the stated research objectives in due consideration the following hypothesis have been formulated.

  • Ho: emenite staffs are not satisfied with the rate of cash incentives presently adopted
  • HI: emenitw staff are satisfied with management staff relationship
Hypothesis II
  • Ho: factor of motivation adopted by the management of emenite limited the management of emenite limited which yield higher productively.
  • Hi: factor of motivation do not adopt by the management of emenite limited.

1.7 Scope Of The Study

The research is focused on motivated and its effect in production, sequence to this, typical organization (emenite limited) is emene Enugu stat has been selected for study. Since the study focuses mainly on workers men and workers manager.

This study will at the sale job and some programme or measures design to motivate the workers in a typical production and sale force, training the worker evaluation the performance of this worker to their supervision further more formulating workers objection and task and establishing workers structures and size.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study

In the course of carrying out this project work the researcher encounter certain problem which tired to bounder the researcher from effectively achieving these objectives prominent among these problems are.

1. Financial problem:

The researcher was constraint by financial as it limited him from engaging on much journey for which collection of data.

2. Time constraint:

The researcher had very limited get, busy schedules. This rind st work ordinary requires an expensive study of the issue and cases.

3. Attitudes of respondents:

Some of the respondents where not ready to let go vital information as they felt they were letting for official secret. However all these constraints where not allowed to hinder the researcher for putting to gather this articulate prices.

1.9 Definition Of Terms


According to igbeli management (19:6:137) motivation is a general terms that refers to all behaviors towards a goal.


It is the inner state that direct behavior towards goals igbeli (1996:138) defines need as a state of deprivation of some basic satisfaction.

Job Motivation:

It means transferring workers from one territory to another at a similar level in an management involves getting things done through other people Oliver (1995:99)

Job Enhancement;

It entails changing from some aspect of job in order to have it satisfaction more of a person higher in order needs. (kotler 1997:34)

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