Effect Of Marketing Planning On The Performance Of Service Organization

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Effect Of Marketing Planning On The Performance Of Service Organization


This research study outlined the effect of Marketing Planning a performance services organization. Suggest possible remedies to correct some of the difficulties encountered in the course of carry out marketing planning the research methods used for data collection were mainly questionnaires and personal interview which are both primary sources, in addition to these research was the secondary sources. After analyzing finding were singled out and conclusion reached. The finding revealed that lack of adequate information on the company’s strength and weakness are limitation off effect marketing planning and lack of co-operation from other. Recommendation were made that there should be a planning committee in the business department. The company sales force should feed in information about competitions activities and the customers reactions to marketing activities.

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

Marketing planning is crucial to business because it begins with the determination of an organization marketing objects and designing strategies and technical programmes to achieve these objectives which help to achieve corporate objectives of any business organization. Some organizations do not pay sufficient attention to planning, they merely cost along from day to day doing and what come accidentally.

This is also more so that large organizations have too much at stake, other companies plan but they do it poorly, this is also bad. Good management requires that an organization should plan ahead so that it is not caught flat footed by environment dynamics.

Many marketing managers believe that marketing planning is one of the keys to corporate survival in the long-run. Most marketing programmes are in short-run, encompassing periods below two years long range programmes were not in existence. This is highly regretted as it shows lack of marketing sophistication to the large – Nigeria industrial establishment. Marketing planning has not the simple reason that our present problem is a production problem when formulated due to the marketing plan,; a new performance to evaluate or an existing plan to revise. Therefore its marketing planning would center on analysis available resource and potions to access opportunities.

Manager could then develop marketing objective and a strategy, companies should recognize to include information system in their plan so that they can have continuous feed-back and keep their marketing activities oriented towards objective.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Effect of planning and decision making are two crucial and interrelated aspect of administration that must be understood and appropriately carried out in order to successfully achieve organization goals. It has been the lack of understanding the intricacies of importance of planning and decision making that sometimes influence organizational authority into making decisions and plans are unprofitable to the continuity of there operations.

In bid to solve this problem with viable solutions this study is sought out to look into different approaches of effect of planning as well as improving the effectiveness in order to create an atmosphere where workers in the organization will work together in a cordial environment through effect of good planning and decision making.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. Do most banks in Nigeria practice marketing planning?
  2. Does the response to whether marketing strategy in bouting operation in term of product and performances service has resulted in greater patronage?
  3. Marketing planning does not enhance profitability in most service organization?

1.4 Objective of the Study

In viewed of this reason a discussion on this issue is to formulate a broad planning and development frame work setting out guidelines and stand aids for more effective and comprehensive planning.

  1. To clarify if marketing planning relevant to efficient performance of business organization.
  2. To clarify if banks in Nigeria practice marketing.
  3. To clarify if marketing planning enhances profitability in service organization.

1.5 Statement of Hypotheses

  1. Marketing planning is irrelevant to efficient performance of business organization.
  2. Most banks in Nigeria do not practice marketing.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The researcher will examine how organization plans there marketing efforts to achieve stated objectives. Access Bank of Nigeria PLC service and marketing activities has been as the case study of the researcher’s work to enable the researcher efficiently examines an outline planning in order to compare actual results with goals set by the company.

However, occasionally were necessary, acquisition of data will be limited to the marketing plan, the requirement of the good marketing planning and the benefits of a good marketing plan will also be looked into.

1.7 Significance of the Study

Due to the prevailing economic situation, there is need to carryout marketing planning to minimize problems encountered by companies in attempting to integrate and co-ordinate their marketing effort into a concrete marketing programmes.

Some companies hardly know that marketing planning can enhance the level of services as well as the rate of organization growth and create assurance and tangibility of services in our environment.

A company or its implication such as education technical expertise among service operators, this study will be very beneficial to the service firm or sector also to the state and federal government. It is aimed at setting the importance of services marketing in an organization where services are rendered.

1.8 Limitation of the Study

It must be mentioned at this juncture that a lot of problems were encountered in the course of this research work, among which are:

The attitude of respondents:

The attitude of the respondents posed a great problem for the researcher, they doubted the genuine intention of the use of information as such sought, and some of the respondents were redundant and too busy to fill the questionnaire. The expensive from the respondents were rather an unfortunate one.


Though the study took place in second semester the academic calendar was obviously too short. Besides engagement with staff and managers of companies visited were always in function with normal lecture hours.

Lack of Book:

None availability of books for this work initially expected.

1.9 Operation Definition of Terms


A market is defined as a place where title to goods/services between buyers and sellers in exchange. It includes any place where physical transfer of materialized takes place, there are two factors to consider.


The institute of market defines market as the management process responsible for identifying anticipation and satisfying customer requirement portably.

Target Market:

The aimed market, a well defined set of customers who need accompany plans to satisfy profitably than its competitors.


Planning is the predetermined cause of action that organization or individual follows to accomplish a specific set of objectives which have been established.

Threats and Opportunities:

They are outside factor facing business organization such factors may be cause by government regulation, market structure. A threat is a challenge posed by an unfavorable trend or specific event that would lead in the absence of purposeful marketing action, no product stagnation or denies.

Marketing Effort:

This means developing of a marketing strength by specific decision relating to the product, the price. The distribution and the promotion in order to satisfy the needs of the needs of the target market and ideally provide strategy is otherwise know in as the marketing mix.

Marketing Planning:

This involves the setting of goals and strategies for the marketing effort in the firm’s, this planning would the development of long range programmer for the major ingredients in the marketing mix.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary of Findings, Recommendation and Conclusion

This research was carried out on marketing strategies for improved performance in banking sector in Kaduna State using Access Bank as our case study. Both primary and secondary data were collected by the researcher. The analysis of the data collected and test of the various hypotheses gave the following findings:

5.1 Summary of Findings

  1. 93.3 percent of consumers believe that the quality of Access Bank’s product in the market is strategic to its continued success in Nigeria.
  2. 73.5 percent of consumers generally agreed that the prices of Access Bank’s products are also moderate.
  3. Most consumers, given the percentage of 85.8% satisfied with the availability of Access Bank’s products in the market.
  4. Personnel of Access Bank generally agreed that the promotional campaigns used by the company have helped to increase the sales of their products in the market.
  5. Consumers will continue to buy the company’s products since they are satisfied with both their quality andprice.
  6. Distributors of Access Bank agreed that their products have been well accepted in the market as a result of the products good performance.
  7. The company’s personnel rating on the performance of their products indicated that they are satisfied with the products performance in line with their objectives.
  8. The impact of Access Bank’s promotional programmes on consumers purchase action has been very good and this has made consumes to continue making repeat-purchase of their products in the market.
  9. About 93.7 percent of the company’s personnel agreed that the channels used by their company have ensured its products availability in the market
  10. The overall marketing strategies adopted by first bank have helped to increase its products sales and profitability effectively.

5.2 Recommendations

The researcher made the following recommendations to ensure that the marketing of Access Bank of Nigeria PLC’s will continue to succeed.

First bank should continue to maintain its products high quality to ensure continued brand loyalty, consumer patronage, repeat-purchase action and the attraction of new buyers.

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