The Effect Of Labour Management Relation

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The Effect Of Labour Management Relation


A labour management relation in places of work has become a subject of discussion in recent times. Poor working relationship exist among employer and employee leads to several industrial actions by different set of government organizations, labour union, and management union. The objectives of this study is to identify causes of management labour union poor working relationships and analyze the problems, identified and proffer solution at improving the situation and develop measures that would curtail poor management union relationship in organization.

The method of data collection through primary method which include oral interview and questionnaire secondary data were also collected by the review of related literature encyclopedias, handouts, text books, newspaper. The patterns of the answers has helped to identify the problems that good working relationship exist between management and union leaders. The worker appreciate the condition of services and the fringe benefit provided for them. Recommendations were proffered that employees want basically in the workplace is satisfaction security and basic recognition by management in decision taking.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

The growth of labor sector in Nigeria today inevitable necessitated a definite relationship between union and management. This relationship broadly speaking concerns the continued existence of the firms in order to achieve the purpose for which it was established. The attainment of this goal is largely depends on the relationship between management and worker in industry, the formation of workers union and management union are obviously of the management indicates that employees are interested in the decision of the management in the work place, workers union through their representatives to seek to participate in the determination of the policies under which they will agree to work.

The recognition of this interest, not only formalize the labour management relationship between the two parties, as long as production continues, can be sustained indefinitely. However, the formalization of industrial relations system in nigeria does not mean that conflict has been eliminated from industrial relations, forces involving conflict have come more predictable. Both management and union still holds hostile attitude which would emphasis soured relationship and maximize conflict between management and workers. It is on the basis of the foregoing background that there is a need for urgent attension to an indept research into declining relationship between management and worker in unilever Nigeria Plc.

1.3 Statement Of The Problem

One of the problems confronting manufacturing organization today is industrial harmony. This situation is aggrevated by non-recognition of workers social expectation and the challenge by workers or union who seek increasing participation management decision making the above situation symbolize the soured relationship between management and workers in unilever Nigeria Plc. In Nigeria to day there are certain conditions which influences the nature and practices of management and workers in a work place which ideally should be that โ€œfather-sonโ€ relationship, invariably, the worker carries with this father-son might be expected, the management of unilever Nigeria Plc.

Which is full diagnosed should be aware of this cultural expectation the management. The reaction of some manag ers (who constitute the worsened by general display of influence by some manager and few privileged workers even under this modern world. The whole situation now led to bad blood between management and unions, distrust, uncertainty, insecurity, low moral and productivity, which is against the objectives of unilever Nigeria Plc.

1.5 Objectives Of The Study

The objectives of this study is to identify causes of management or union poor marking relationship and analyze the problems identified and proffer solution aimed at improving the situation and to develop measures that would curtail poor management or union relationship in organization.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

  1. This research work will stimulate further research
  2. This will serve as a source of literature to the general public.
  3. Tt will help policy makers among others.

1.7 Scope Of The Study

The overall scope of this study is concerned with the labour management relations Unilever Nigeria Plc. Robber producing industry.

This work would restrict the management relationship with the workers, this is necessary because it would give a very good understanding of what sendop industry are and their contribution towards increasing industrial harmony in the industries.

1.8 Hypothesis

The null hypothesis is symbolized with Ho while the alternative hypothesis is symbolized with Hi.

  • Ho; Labour management relations do not have any impact on increased efficiency.
  • Hi; Labour management relations do have much impact on increased efficiency.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study

i) Fund:

The researcher faces with financial problems as huge sum of money was required to carryout this study.

ii) Time:

The time needed to complete this study was so short and this is one of the reasons for the scope been limited to Unilever Nigeria Plc, Aba.

iii) Insufficient Libraries:

This factor also limited this research in that of secondary data needed for this study was insufficient as a result of poor libraries in Aba. Despite these limitations, hence the researcher worked relentlessly so as a meet up with the deadline for the submission of this work.

1.9 Definition Of Terms


Management is policy making and implementation body of the company.


Conflict is a situation in which people groups or countries are involved in serious disparagement or argument.

Collective Bargaining:

Collective bargaining is discussion between a trade or labor union and an employer about the pay and working condition of union members.

Industrial Relations:

Industrial relations as a system of rules which the itemize orders trade union and an employer about the pay and working condition of union regulations collective agreement, arbitration awards, social conventions, management decision and accepted custom practices.

Trade Union:

Trade union any combination of workers of which is to regulate the terms conditions of employment of workers, where the combination in question would or not be are unlawful combination by reason of any or its purpose of which is to regulate the terms and conditions of employment of workers, include the provision of benefits to its members.

Fringe Benefits:

Fringe extra things that an employer, salary example free health insurance etc.

Research Question

  1. What are the product that is produced by the Unilever Nigeria Plc.
  2. What has labor see for add to the growth of Nigeria economy.
  3. How can unilever reduce the problems that arises within them.

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