Effect Of Examination Misconduct On The Nigeria Education System

Project and Seminar Material for Education

Project and Seminar Material for Education


The purpose of this research apart from it being an academic exercise is to critically examine “Effect Of Examination Misconduct On The Nigeria Education System” particular reference to Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi Edo State. It is aimed unveiling the native stage and cause of misconduct and its effect on student in an school the method adopted gives a summarized description of the number of techniques used in the course pf this study which involves source/types of data population of this study and conduct of field work. A complete survey was carried out in order to obtain genuine information about fraud and its control in a computerized accounting environment and the used of oral interview observation and questionnaire formed the response from the analysis carried out fraud is easier in a computerized system than in a manual system therefore, strong control need to part in place to curb misconduct.

Chapter One


1. 1 Background to the Study

One of the objectives of education in Nigerian is to prepare the young one to face challenges and /or develop them to meet the nation’s manpower requirements and one of the variables of economic growth as emphasized by new endogenous growth theory. Schools need to conduct examination as yardstick for assessment. It is the most practical way of assessment in education Maduka (1993) defined examination as a way to ascertain how much of a subject matter in a particular field of study the candidate has mastered. Hornby (1995) defined examination as a formal lest of somebody’s knowledge or ability in a particular subject, especially by means of answering question or practical exercises (P.58) Balogun (1999) also defined it as the process through which students are alienated of tested to find out the quality of knowledge they have acquired within a special period. Examination could be internal or external; it could be oral, written or both.

Examination misconduct is any wrong doing before, during or after any examination. Although one may not be able to rule out examination misconduct in the past, the current trend is alarming and calls for proper management in order to ride the school system of its consequences. Whereas in the past, students tended to hide the acts, now they advertise them with positive blattemly.

Examination misconduct (EM) is now a common phenomenon in the educational system, and indeed the society. In fact, it can rightly be termed “the great monster” in the Nigerian educational system. EM has caught up with all stakeholders in the education of the Nigerian child. The menace is a cause of worry for all stakeholders as well adherents of moral and ethical uprightness in the a veil across, the modern biographer reveals with all the gusto of a showman.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Developing Nigerian have been experiencing dwindling growth in educational system for the past two decided. On the other hand, examination misconduct and cultism have not manifested positively on the growth of education system in Nigerian which has an inverse relationship in Nigerian economy.

In other words, the share of Nigerian educational system to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been shrinking as a result of the development of examination misconduct synthetic devices and /or examination misconduct or cultism syndrome have. Government Policies to combating this syndrome have not yielded the desired result (s) rather aggravating it (Shuaib, 2015).

1.3 Research Questions

The research questions for this study are started below

  1. Does examination misconduct responsible for the education decadence in Nigeria?
  2. Does examination misconduct effect positively in the education system in Nigeria?
  3. Do parents contribute to the falling of education system in Nigeria?
  4. Do government policies help in combating this examination misconduct and cultism in Nigeria?

1.4 Objective of the Study

The general objective of this study is to examine the effect of examination misconduct on the Nigerian education system.

The specific objectives of the study are stated below:

  1. To identify the profile of Nigerian education system.
  2. To examine the contributions of Nigerian education system to economic growth in Nigerian;
  3. To explore the contribution of parents to their children education;
  4. To examine the constraints and challenges of education in Nigeria;
  5. To educate the impact of education in Nigeria.

1.5 Statement of Hypotheses

The hypothesis for this study are stated below:

  1. Examination misconduct has no significant relationship with the growth of the education system in Nigeria.
  2. Parents have no direct relationship with the growth of their children in Nigeria tertiary institutions.
  3. Sorting of lecturers do not have a significant relationship with falling in Nigeria education system

1.6 Scope of the Study

The study examines dwindling of the effect for examination misconduct on the Nigeria education system for the past two decades. Also, the study examines the obstacles of the flow of examination misconduct on Nigeria education system and policies of the past and the present are also examined.

This study is designed to cover the period between 2013-2031 (28 years). The period is chosen because the period had been time the Nigeria education system faced major economic crisis and policies that have been firm and implemented to attract education in Nigeria and hence economic growth.

1.7 Significance of the Study

The finding of this study will contribute to knowledge in the subject matter, other researcher students and the entire public will hopefully benefit fro this study since it will form the basis for other research work.

1.8 Limitation of the Study

The researcher of this study has a keen interest in the effect of examination misconduct on the Nigeria education system. However, existing literature are abound. Besides, regression analysis was also involved in the study in the midst of the above; the researcher has been related with certain limitation such as:

This study would have adequately be researched upon it there were no time constraints for example the researcher is an ND student who is involved in school activities i.e. (lectures assignment, test, quiz etc.)

The researcher would have been able to travel for in searching for materials for the study In hand but because of financial constraint the researcher could not engross on this mission smoothly. Even the available finance was what she used for buying her reading materials.

From the preceding discussion, it was discovered that the needed material were abound, but out dated. Even the few current ones are not detailed discussed.

1.9 Operational Definition of Terms

The operational terms of this study are defined bellow:


These are know to be people following a forma course of studying especially in higher or further education (chambers 2004).


These comprise father or mother or adopter or guardian of a child (chambers, 2004)


These are persons who lecture especially in college or university (Chambers, 2004)


A body of people, usually elected with the power to control the affairs of a country or state (Chamber 2004).


An owner especially of a shop, hotel, business, etc.(chamber 2004)


This, in other word means accompany of piece of paper to the examination hall by students. on the other word means accompanying of piece of paper to the examination hall by students on the other hand improper, careless, illegal or unethical professional conduction of e.g. medical treatment which shows a lack of reasonable skill or care misuse of position of trust (Chambers, 2004)


A set of task especially in written from, design to resk knowledge or ability (Chambers, 2004).

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