The Effect Of Computerization On Service Delivery

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The Effect Of Computerization On Service Delivery


The study was about the effect of computerization on service delivery in Airtel Uganda.

The study was carried out in Nakawa division, Kampala district.

Both primary and secondary data was collected using the questionnaires and review of the existing literature respectively.

A questionnaire was designed which covered the employers, employees and customers of Airtel Uganda.

The study showed that most respondents were in agreement that computerization contributes a lot to service delivery in Airtel Company and they pointed out the major reasons for their argument.

Recommendations and conclusions were drawn among which included the following,

Reducing on the calling rates especially to make Airtel to Airtel call rates slightly cheaper than calls to other networks such that Airtel service consumers can enjoy a benefit over the other networks so that they can stick to Airtel

Sensitizing the public on Airtel’s services and products available and this includes services like mobile money, internet connectivity and sim swaps and replacements. This is because some customers are not aware of these services and this forces some of them to shift to other networks.

Need to improve on their customer care department so that incase a customer calls in for guidance, he can be picked up in a polite and professional manner and be guided in line with the services they offer.

Use of sales promotion and samples such as offering sales and trade discounts to their customers and also providing samples and training on how to use their products and services so as to capture their attention towards their products and services.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Use of highly sophisticated and modern technology in service companies has taken root since the industrial revolution took effect many years ago. The improvement in technology has eased for example communication and service delivery in all sectors in different countries. In Airtel telecommunication company computerization as a form of technological advancement ensures effective feedback from clients in the quickest period of time possible. The proposed study is aimed at establishing the implication of computerization to service delivery in airtel Telecommunication Company since it is not clear whether computerization is the only contributing factor to effective service delivery in the Airtel telecommunication company.

This particular factor presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, research questions and the scope of the study.

1.1 Background of the Study

In the recent years organizations have witnessed and adopted the phenomenal rise of computer technology as has progressed from bulky to unwidely equipment rarely found outside the scientific research laboratories and to hand and adoptable person raised tools. French (2000)

In Uganda every one and every organization is touched by computer technology to some degree. Computerized data takes place, for example in daily life such as depositing and withdrawing money in banks. The role of computers in society is too wide and they are widely applied almost in every aspect of life, for example mostly in business/commerce and leisure.

By definition, computerization is the application of computers and other associated accessories for the collection, storage, and manipulation of data to produce, present and communicate information with an intention to improve service delivery to customers mostly in profit making organizations.

Many organizations in Uganda have adopted the use of computers because of the advantage/benefits they accrue such as faster processing than manual systems. This is because they are always more flexible and once produced it is in a form suitable for communication to other people or organizations. Trevor (1994)

Lazo (1985), asserts that the attitude of service delivery providers both managers and employees applied must be aimed at developing a good working relationship and ensure handling of customers in the course of service delivery. A service is a product but is perishable and has intangible attributes.

A service oriented organization such as Airtel Uganda has specific duties of efficiency and customer based; its customers must be served with efficiency. This calls for placing a high priority on delivery off personalized and efficient customer service. The desire to deliver quality services has motivated most organizations to invest heavily and computerize their system of operation. It is believed that an organization with a computerized system can deliver quality service to its clients.

Many service organizations in Uganda have adopted the use of computers so ads to ensure service delivery despite the limitations of computerization such as high initial costs, breakdowns, complex programming and lack of skilled manpower to operate the computers.

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1.2 Statement of the Problem

The use of computers in Airtel Telecommunication Company started way back in 2003 when the introduction of sophisticated technology was realized however, all customers needs have not been met especially in the customer care departments, the networking department, production and marketing departments due to a number of complaints raised by employers themselves and the mass switching of customers to other networks..

The implication of computerization to service delivery thus not being clear in Airtel Telecommunication Company

In the wake of the above therefore, one would thus be interested to generally ascertain the relationship between computerization and service delivery in Airtel Telecommunication Company

1.3 Purpose of the Study

To establish the extent to which computerization has affected service delivery in Airtel Uganda.

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The major objectives of this study intend;

  1. To establish the level of computerization in Airtel Uganda.
  2. To evaluate the level of efficiency on service delivery at Airtel Uganda
  3. To establish the relationship between Computerization and Service delivery.

1.5 Research Questions

  1. What is the level of computerization in Airtel Uganda?
  2. What is the level of service delivery in Airtel Uganda?
  3. What is the relationship between Computerization and service delivery?

1.6 Scope of the Study

This section outlines the limits of the study such as the geographical scope, conceptual scope and the time scope.

1.6.1 Geographical Scope

The researcher intends to carry out the research in Airtel Uganda.

1.6.2 Content Scope

The study focuses on establishing the effect of computerization on service delivery in an organization. Computerization being the independent variable and service delivery being the dependent variable. Both primary and secondary data will be collected and analyzed for future interpretation basing on those two variables.

1.6.3 Time Scope

The researcher intends to cover the period 2010 –June 2011.

1.7 Significance of the Study

  1. The study will be of high benefit to Airtel Uganda in a sense that it will provide a useful framework for analyzing the strategic significance of information technology and to diagnose their current approach as a mode of improving performance. It leads to widening business scope, improving services, targeting markets, adding value to the service, effective management, improving delivery of information, strategic alliance based on information technology and providing a just in time service.
  2. The study will benefit to the government, since information technology provides timely, accurate, relevant and reliable data, this is very useful to the government towards decision making, problem solving, planning and control and management of the trend of economic activities within the country. Information also helps to avoid the duplication of government efforts and wastage of resources thus enhancing productivity.
  3. The study will be of great benefit to smaller firms or individuals hat are intending to introduce information technology to guide them to avoid problems in information and reduce costs of operation.
  4. The study will also equip students with knowledge especially those interested in carrying out the findings on the impact of computerization on the performance of business sectors.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendation

5.1 Introduction

In the proceeding section of the study, the research dealt with the Effect of computerization on service delivery in Airtel Company.

5.2 Summary

In this chapter, the researcher presents the summary of the finding of the study. The researcher also establishes whether the objectives of the study were fulfilled and provides recommendations and conclusions based on the research objectives.

Computerization is the process through which a company decides to computerize its operations and service delivery is the process through which a company extends its services to its clients and in this case, we can note that there is a strong positive relationship between the effect of computerization on service delivery in Airtel company at Pearson correlation coefficient r = 0.902 (**). This implies that a small change in the way of handling computerization program would bring about a big change in the services delivered by 81%.

5.3 Conclusions

From the conclusions, the researcher concludes that computerization has got a very significant effect on service delivery in Airtel Company for which failure to computerize would lead to collapse of the Company or even divestiture of the company.

This can vividly be seen from the correlation table showing the relationship of the two variable of Computerization and service delivery where by a small positive change in Airtel’s computerization would bring about a big change in service delivery extended to clients and or customers represented by the Pearson correlation coefficient r = 0.902 (**)

5.4 Recommendations

In respect of the findings of the study, the following recommendations were suggested.

Respondents suggested that there is need to improve the network system both in urban and in rural areas and there is also need to boost the network system to avoid calling jam.

According to the findings of the study, most respondents recommended that there is need to reduce on the calling rates because some customers do not afford 3/-per second mostly those who are unemployed but would wish to make calls. This is because phones are now a necessity because everyone needs to communicate.

Other respondents recommended that there is need to sensitize the public on the services and products on the market and provide valid and easy ways on how to access them. This is because though there is need for computerization, it only caters for the literates and who have computer knowledge.

Findings also suggested that there is need to improve their customer care department because customers call for help and they take too long to respond and when they respond, some of them tend to be harsh to customers.

Respondents suggested that there is need to increase the customer service centers to cater for customers in distant places who cannot afford travelling to the head offices and would desire to be helped. This is because little service centers are located in the big towns and people in upcoming towns and villages suffer down there.

Respondents also recommended that Airtel should intensify on sales promotion to sensitize people about on their benefits and also to boost their sales in order to earn big profits.

5.5 Further Areas of Research

Network coverage and Service delivery

The effect of competition on sales performance in telecommunications industry

The impact of computerization to the growth and development of the telecommunication industry

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