Determining The Effect Of Advertising Strategy Adapted In The Sales Of Consumer

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Determining The Effect Of Advertising Strategy Adapted In The Sales Of Consumer


Most companies do engage on promotion and as a result creating awareness between their product and the consuming publics. The ignorance of this promotional tool has hard on the sales/revenue profit of the business and its competitive ability. The purpose of this work is to find out, analyze and report the effectiveness of advertising strategy adopted in the sale of consumer goods, a case study of Unilever Nigeria plc. The research employed random sampling method of data collection by the use of questionnaire. The work also offers a useful suggestion on how to use advertising, one of the promotional tools to stimulate dealer effectiveness and encourage more purchase. A random research is meant to test the effectiveness of advertising strategy adopted in the sale of consumer goods, the sampling system was chosen to represent the population.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The case study of this work is Unilever Nigeria plc(formerly lever Brothers Nigeria plc) was known as world largest producer of consumer goods like lipton (solaru 1973,pg 25).

Unilever Nigeria plc was established under e name West Africa Soap Company limited and it started production in the year 1924 within a few foliage of laundry soap.

In 1955, the company changed its name to lever brothers Nigeria limited, sixty percent of it company’s equity share was owned by Nigeria in compliance with the federal government indigenization decree of 1977.

Unilever plc and lipton Tea Company limited owned the remaining forty percent. Unilever Nigeria plc currently have a staff of about five thousand spread over its factories situated in Apapa (Lagos), Aba,(Abia), Agbara Estate (Lagos) and Isolo (Lagos).

The company’s objective is to create job opportunities, employment and quality consumable goods for the citizenery of the country.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The inability of some producers in our country today is to embrace on proper and intensive advertising as a result of high cost associated in advertising.

One of the major problems facing Unilever Nigeria plc advertising strategy is the inability to reach its numerous prospects or customers in rural areas in Nigeria.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

It is used to find out and report on the effectiveness of advertising strategy adopted in sale if consumer goods to its numerous prospective buyers (a case study of Unilever Nigeria plc)

The main purpose of this study is centered on finding and reporting whether the huge amount spent on advertising is in proportionate to its returns and also to see how it affects the consumers change in selling behavior and immediately after this work.

1.4 Significance of the Study

In carrying out this research work the researcher intends to highlight the importance of advertising in today’s business.

Moreover, carrying out this research work will go a long way to increase the public knowledge of the importance of advertising so that the masses will learn to appreciate the effort of the advertisers.

However, from this work the advertisers will learn to work harder and be aware that the accountability of their product by the general public equality. It is when the advertisers achieve what is required of them that they will they will remain in market especially understanding the nature of the advertising business.

It will also make them understand the reason why their previous effort was not accepted and then adjust better for future purpose.

1.5 Research Questions

  1. Have you ever felt the presence of advertising activities of Unilever plc, products in your area?
  2. How often have you been seeing or hearing of advert of unilever plc?
  3. How do you access the effectiveness of advert done by the Unilever plc on its brand products?
  4. Does advertising lead to higher sales volume?
  5. Do you think that it is through advertising that the consuming public knows the existence of goods and services?

1.6 Scope of the Study

Many industries in Nigeria today produces different brand of consumable goods/items, but from random sampling unilever plc was selected for the purpose of this study, because it is one of the world largest producer of consumable goods.

This is because it has sales force and numerous prospective consumers scattered all over the world and also in Nigeria, which could be interviewed orally.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary of Findings

It was stated earlier in this study that the main aim for this research work is to know the effectiveness of the advertising strategy adopted in the sales of consumer goods by Unilever Nigeria plc

This study was to analyze, identify and discuss the nature and type of problem faced by Unilever Nigeria plc as regards the strategy adopted in the sales of their consumer goods. Also, in this study it was discovered that nearly all the consumers of Unilever Nigeria plc takes the company advert message is effective to the customer.

It could be from the general opinion of some of the customers that advertising message would have been highly effective but it is not, due to the advertising message used by the company. It could as so be seen that the media house chooses by the company is not one of the problems that hinder the effectiveness of the advertising of advertisement’s message, this is so because a greater percentage of the consumers said that they come about the company’s advert through the electronic media and one hundred percent of the people that returned the questionnaire said that they have either television set or radio set in their houses.

Moreover, all the staff of the marketing department of the company that filled and returned the questionnaire confirmed it that the company usually places its adverts in the electronic media. This implies that the media house used by the company is not effective of the advertising strategy adopted by the company.

It was seen from the questionnaire distributed to the staff of the company that although their advertising strategy brings about an increase in the company sales, that it is only a partial and that the partial increase in the sales volume of the advertising message to the target audience.

5.2 Conclusion

In conclusion, advertising as a branch of marketing can be seen to play an important role in the distribution and consumption of goods and services of a company.

Therefore, the place of advertising in marketing of goods and services should not be over emphasized, there is the need for a company to recognize the importance of advertising in the promotion of their goods and services. They should therefore, plan their advising strategy to conform with the requirements of the consumers, so that the advert message might yield an effective and vibrant result. There is also the need that the company product to other promotional tool which they have not been trying before, so as to aid the effectiveness of the company advertising strategy.

Finally, it has been observed that the success or failures any company depends absolutely on the competitive strength of its product in the market, therefore for a successful marketing, the marketers must be innovative to reach this competing demand of customers.

5.3 Recommendations

The following recommendations were advanced after the successful completion of this research work.

  1. Unilever Nigeria plc should use big words which the target audience will not understand, so that the effectiveness of their advertising strategy might be improved.
  2. The company should endeavour to use other media house for conveying their advertisement message to the target audience.
  3. The company might involve themselves in the use of other promotional tools other than advertisement alone.
  4. The company should plan a well effective sales promotion for the product in question for instance the company could make use of consignation packs as a pull strategy for the consumer.
  5. Finally, the company should have a cordial relationship with their advertising agency.

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