Design And Implementation Of An Automated Hotel Reservation Management System

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included


The method of allocating rooms to people on request is a custom performed by hotels since its existence. It has, over the years, fostered the ability for individuals to demand for rooms while they are not there.

The efficiency of any hotel is dependent on the mode of collecting and prevent information from the customers personal data to the various services available in the hotel. The management of their real time activity has really been a complex and difficult operation, especially when information flow is consistent.

There is, therefore, the need to provide a system capable of handling the numerous jobs and reduce tediousness associated to it. A computerized system by which a hotel reserves room for its customers will enhance efficiency, increase productivity and maximize the usage of the available services by readily providing information about the hotel in question to whom it may concern.

Organisation of the Work

The study of organized into seven chapters:

  • Chapter one deals with the introduction of the research topics, the statement of problem, the purpose of the study, the aims and objective of the work, the scope or delimitation of the study, the limitation of the study, the assumptions made and the definition of terms.
  • Chapter two covers the review of literature related of area of the study of the researcher.
  • Chapter three deals with existing system; its description and analysis, the method applied in finding facts, the structure of the organization, the existing system objectives, analysis made on the input process and output operation, diagrams of information, and also, the justification of the new system.
  • Chapter four talks about the design of the new system; specification of the input and output and their designs; the procedure chart, flow chart of the system, and also the requirement of the new systems.
  • Chapter five explains the implementation of the new system, the program design, the program flow chart, pseudocodes, source programme and the running of the problem.
  • Chapter six emphasis on the presentation and analysis of the data, that is, the documentation of the work under study.
  • Chapter seven gives a conclusion of the work. It contains the recommendations based on the research findings. The references follow immediately after chapter seven.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The hotel trade is a fascinating one, because of its vitality and variety, which is display with enthusiasm and devotion. In fact, it is one of the few human activities that provides services, comfort, rest and joie devivre – the essential concept of the hotel trade.The spirit of service in the fullest sense of the world personal attention, consideration, courtesy and kindness should thus from the basis of all hostel management and staff, it would be possible for those who pay to be served and those who are paid to serve, to live harmoniously together.The aesthetic features of any hotel determines the caliber of its customers therefore, there is the need for the hotel to posses luxurious rooms and adequate facilities that will make the customers to feel at home and be “spoilt” a little.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

In hostel reservation the problem that is mainly encountered is the gathering of information. The following questions need to be considered when starting out the problem.-

  1. Can the use of manual operation be more efficient during booking of a room?-
  2. Can the manual operation be able to reach operation standards of the hotel management in terms of speed and/or when there is increase in demand?-
  3. Can it be able to detect any efficiency such as fraudulent activity by the staff and give proper account of the daily transaction?

1.3 Purpose of Study

With the application of computer in hotel reservation, the following can be achieved.


There is constant information about the different operations carried out thus increasing competence.


There is quick, prompt and an increase in the rate of progress of the operational standard of the organization.


Fraudulent activities are eliminated and the correct billing if each customer is do hereby providing a security check.

1.4 Aims and Objectives

The primary aim of introducing computers is to provide efficiency in producing timely information and ensuring proper billing mechanism.

Other objectives include;

  1. To provide a faster way of accessing customers’ information when required.
  2. To reduce the various types of errors encountered during the collection of customers’ information.
  3. For proper presentation of information to the management for an effective decision-making.
  4. To ensure that there is document integrity having considered the flow and growth of information.

1.5 Scope of the Study

The program of this project is brut (that is, customized) to handle room reservation and invoicing which is done for checking in and out. This operation is performed by the staff (may be, a receptionist) who attends to customers’ booking and requests.

1.6 Limitations or Constraints

In the course of the research work the following circumstances were encountered.

  1. There was restriction of information by the case study and a lot of protocols were passed.
  2. Operational failure of some of the devices in use
  3. Unavailability of time for the research work to be properly and comprehensively carried out.

1.7 Assumptions

It is taken for granted that the guidelines in reserving rooms are correct and the procedures for billing a customer are stable. It is equally assumed that the right type of compute hardware and software are acquired.

The researcher also assumed that the management has trained staff or can afford to train the staff who will handle the new system will be implemented have been provided for.

1.8 Definition of Terms


A building where rooms (and usually meals) are provided for people in return for payment.


An instance of reserving a place (for example, accommodation) at a hotel in advance.

Manual Processing

Any type of processing that is not controlled automatically, that is, it is done using hands.


A detailed sequence of instructions in codes that control the operations of a computer in solving a particular problem or application.


An electronic device that can accept and process data according to a series of instructions (program) and give out information as output, which it can also store.


This is a term use to describe basic facts (unprocessed information) about the activities of a business.


The assembling of data into a meaningful and concise form.

Jote Devivire (French)

A hearty or carefree way of enjoying life.

Chapter Seven

Recommendation and Conclusion

From the analysis of the research finding it was found that the manual system of smite reservation is time consuming, due to the complex nature of the computation involved. Since the computation is manually done, they are prone to different types of errors. From the study, it is evident that the manual system gives a lot of loopholes to mal practices and fraudulent activities.


  1. The hotel managements should switch over to the new system so that staff would enjoy the benefits enumerated by the researcher in his project.
  2. The study of this project is concentration reservation, and invoicing which is done for both checks-in and out.


Based on the findings of this study, one is expected to conclude that the computer is an indispensable took in hotel reservation.

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