Design Of A Standard And Functioning Primary Health Care (PHC)

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Design Of A Standard And Functioning Primary Health Care (PHC)

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

The Primary Health Centre is the basic Structure and functional unit of public Health service in developing countries. Primary Health Centre (PHC) to people, in accordance with Alma at a declaration of 1978 by the number nation of world Health Organization (WHO).

1.1 Definition

Primary Health Centre (PHC) can be define as an Essential Health care based on practical scientifically sound and social acceptable methods and technology made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community through their full participation and at a cost that the community can afford.

1.2 Background Information

In August 1987, the Federal Government launches its primary health care (PHC) plan, which president Ibrahim Babangida announce as the corner stone of health policy. Intended to affect the entire national population accelerated health care personal development improved collection and monitoring of health data.

1.3 Justification

Based on the personal observation, there is virtually on standard primary health centre (PHC) where people can receive a Good care service in Oke-Ero Local Government in Kwara State, hence provision for one is very important and justified.

1.4 Aim and Objectives


To design a standard and functioning primary health care (PHC) centre where by Good health care service can be receive and with a well- functioning standard facilities.

  1. To provide social and physiological pleasant environment for health users.
  2. To provide proper links within the units of the primary health centre (PHC).
  3. To provide open access primary health centre (PHC) to all community and its environment to the best standard.

1.5 Design Brief

Administrative Unit.
  1. Entrances
  2. Reception / waiting area
  3. Nurses station
  4. Card room
  5. Consulting room/conveniences
  6. Pharmacy/ Drug store
Maternity Unity
  1. Immunization area/ store
  2. Family planning
  3. Counseling room
  4. Insertion
  5. Labour area
  6. Lying ward
Outpatient Department
  1. Treatment room
  2. Injection room
  3. Laboratory and store
  4. Convenience
Inpatient Department
  1. Male ward
  2. Female ward
  3. Emergency drop –off
  4. Ambulance bay
Design Scope
  1. Admin section
  2. Immunization, family planning and Delivery Section
  3. In patient
  4. Out patient

1.6 Limitation of Study

The proposed project is limited to only one main building, mosque, mini mart, eatery, pharmacy.

1.7 Contribution of the Body of Knowledge

Visiting existing primary healthy care helps a lot, vital information’s and experience were gather before proposing the new project. Also seen how the structure of the existing project were placed and the arrangement of the unit will contribute to the proposed project. Knowledge getting from primary health care contribution to the body of the proposed project..

1.8. Reasearch Methodology

  1. Field survey (case study)
  2. Oral interview
  3. Internet
  4. Literature Review
Field Survey:

It involves the designer paying a visit to the site of existing related Project. Appraisal is drawn from the existing building tell about the merits and demerits of the existing structure. The merits incorporated in the new structure and the demerit is corrected.

Oral Interview:

Regular user of the various office and official charge of the building were integrated to what problems they are facing in the use of the office and hear views as regards to the needs for selling up a more pleasant been derived.

Literature Reviews:

Effort were made of consult available architectural journals test and planning needs of the erection of such problems.


This is the process by which a study carried our online to obtain useful information about the proposed project topic.


From the reach above many existing primary health care is not well arrange and will functioning and there is no provision of drug in the pharmacy.

1.9 Types of Health Institutions

  1. Mobile Health centre
  2. Clinic
  3. Maternity and Dispensary
  4. Primary Health centre
  5. Comprehensive Health Centre
  6. General Hospital
  7. Teaching Hospital
Mobile Health Centre

This is health care unit concerned with rendering of mini mum health care service to the community with the participation of the community leader and health auxiliaries.

The service may include Health education, preventive and curative activities etc. It serves a population of 10,000


A clinic is defined as a place or part of a hospital where a particular knoll of medical treatment of device is given. It is also a medical establishment for a specified purpose e.g An Immunization clinic.

Maternity and Dispensary

This is an institution established mostly in rural area by the missionary and British Administrators. Then may be up to five beds in the admission ward and may serve a population of up to 7,500 peoples.

Primary Health Centre

This is a physical and more define building rendering primary level of health service to the community in which it is located. It consist of 16 to 20 beds and may serve a population of about 10,00 to 15, 000 people.

Comprehensive Health Centre

This is also called college hospital with its comprehensive structure and equipment. It is mostly founds in rural area.
It carries out health complicated issues referred to it from primary health centre/Basic health centers. It serves a capacity between 10,000 to 25,000 people and has 10 to 30 beds in it.

General Hospital

This is an addition to general health care services, it handles cases referred from low level of health institution. It is well equipped to cater for all common medical and surgical cases.

Teaching Hospital

This is a health institution attached to university for academic and research purpose.

It also renders health care service to the public and training of medical and para-medical student.

Functions Of Primary Health Centre

  1. Provision of jobs to medical and para-medical personnel.
  2. Maternal –child health including family planning
  3. Prevention and control of locally endemic disease.
  4. They performs basic laboratory workers.
  5. Training of health guides, health workers, local dais and health assistants.
  6. Education about health
  7. National health programmes as relevant provisions of medical care.

Chapter Five

5.0 Construction Methodology and Material Standard Forms

A. Interior


All the construction will be simple rein forced concrete frame with columns, beam and slabs where necessary. The extend walls and internal walls will be of 225mm solid block plaster and finished with milk fish white emulsion plant inside while the external will be off white to control neatness. Through this paint generate health, especially during hot weather this problem is solid through the number of opening and ceiling fans. The emulsion paint of wall will rut labour any infections diseases and is also easily clean whenever necessary.

The wall to the toilets shall be of white tiles up to 1.2m high from floor surface in latrines and 1.8m high from bathrooms.


Sominating hospital floor covering vinge, asbestors tiles, terrazzo, tiles carpet etc but for this primary health centre terrazzo floors finish is to be used on the concrete floor. Thus, apart from further reduction of risk infection from floor will ease cleaning and allow free pushing of wheel chairs, bed wheeled stretcher and movement of people.


All doors are allow for easy passage as there width range from 8m for toilets, 9m for office and 1.5m for wards this allows for easy movement of wheel chair, and stretcher and beds,

All the doors are solid core aluminum with portion glass for everlasting purpose. Also the location of these doors is such that they are easily reached whenever there in emergency such outbreak.


The entire window is of aluminum frame with glass fix casement window to enhance free circulation and control of air into the building. Also the windows to the theatre and delivery will be high level windows to prevent people from outside to be limp.


Roof member are of hard wood timber that are well seasoned and here treated against pests and other woods defects with 50ligram termite killer. Tie beam, rather king posts are of 15mm*75mm size while the purling arc 50mm *50mm hard wood, well seasoned and treated against all wood defects.

The rafter and tie beams are placed 1200mm centre to centre, ceiling noggin are 600mm centre to centre, ceiling noggin are 600mm center centre.

B. External Works


Fencing is to be constructed of block with reinforced concrete columns and iron steel , the height will be 2.1m ands the 3m internal.

Factor that influence the choice of fencing are appearance durability, maintenance cost, initial cost and effectiveness.


The gate will be made of metal gate and reinforcement concrete post and prevent with paint against erosion to maintain the proper security of the primary health centre.


The road is to be constructed with asphalt which will last long and beautify, the entire hospital and drainage of water efficiently.


The kerbs will be made of stone dust and cement and laid to specified area drive and democate the edges.

5.1 General Requirement


Ventilation needed in interior part of the building varies from place to place. This is because atmospheric condition best in building construction, and is attained with the use of natural air reaches interior part of building through buikldind windows and other openings artificial ventilation is attained with the use of fans and other atmospheric cooling machines. In addition to this proposed health centre needs proper natural ventilation. This can be attained by locating it to a place of good orientation.


In other to reduce sun glare and heat with in the building the structure are laid with its sides diagonally to the sunrise and sunset direction, device are used to prevent both north east trade and south_west. Non soon winds are fins. The two function of the shading of sun device of sun and wind breaker and for aesthetic. On the other side grasses and trees and shrubs are planted or prevent erosion and for aesthetic.

Rain Protection Services

The proposed sight falls with in heavy rainfall belt between april and October. As a result of this simple roof drainage system with long span aluminium roofing sheet river flow of rain water fro the roof.

Fire Protection

The major building materials for about 95% of the building component are of fire resistance materials. However to ensure protection from hazard to live and property, fire fighting materials such as fire extinguisher, water lobes, collection are located at strategic position with in the proposed primary health centre.

Water Supply

Adequate water supply device have been planned for the proposed primary health centre through the use of bole water. This will be useful in the toilet and other part of the building.

5.2 Summary

I believe, I have done through research into planning and designing of health-establishment in this part of state. Especially in fact at oke-ero local government area. In fact at the end of this project, I almost have much idea about health generally, especially this primary health centre.

This is also applied to the reader of this write-up by the time he/she read through the whole pages.

This project has enable me and the readers to know what is really primary health centre is all about, it enable me to evacuate and analysis sufficiently and efficiently the needs of this projects. Aesthetics values and functional need of project of this type are very difficult to combine which have been successfully done in this project.

Environmental problems which are always associated with health establishments have been solved through the proper landscaping of the site.

Finally this project fulfils my ambitions to contribute my small quota to the development of my father, land.

5.3 Recommendation

Odo-owa and its environments increases in population everyday as a result of surround it have becomes a commercial area that deserves to have a functioning and standard primary health centre for the growth of the community.

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