Design Of An Online Admission Screening System

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Design Of An Online Admission Screening System


The study was carried out on design and implementation of an online students admission screening system: A case of study of Lagos state university. The difficulties students and staff of admission office usually face in any higher institution, made us to realize that computer assisted admission screening system is the best in processing students record in University of Lagos.

This will save our school the embarrassment caused by students complaints at the end of working day. Our basic objective of designing and implementing an online students admission screening system is the development of data Base computer program that will enable the Register and admission officers to efficiently, accurately and effectively process and co-ordinate the various students activities in the institution without much difficulties with little time. In view of this, admission officers must prepare for successful working relationship with an online information processing and in addition get their members of staff familiarized with the system for easy and effortless exercise that produce reliable output (result).

This project describes how much an students admission screening system is developed and how in particular it can be effectively used for the day to day running of the set-up .For the purpose of this research we shall use data base programming language version iv. This is because Dbase iv handles a large volume of data. It is database management package, which is good for students record keeping activities.

Table Of Contents

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title page
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents

Chapter One


  • 1.1 Background Of The Study
  • 1.2 Statement Of Problem
  • 1.3 Purpose Of The Study
  • 1.4 Aims Of The Study
  • 1.5 Objectives Of The Study
  • 1.6 Scope Of The Study
  • 1.7 Significance Of The Study
  • 1.8 Definition Of Basic Concept

Chapter Two

Literature Review

  • 2.1 Project Identification Of Need
  • 2.2 Preliminary Investigation
  • 2.3. Feasibility Study
  • 2.4. Software Engineering Paradigms Applied
  • 2.5. Software And Hardware Requirement Specification

Chapter Three

Methodology (System Design)

  • 3.1 Design Methodology
  • 3.2 Input Design
  • 3.3 Output Design
  • 3.4 Database Design
  • 3.5. Coding
  • 3.6 Technology Specifications
  • 3.7 Optimization Of Code
  • 3.8 Validation Checks

Chapter Four

Implementation And Maintenance

  • 4.1 Implementation Plans
  • 4.2 Changeover Method
  • 4.3 Testing
  • 4.4 System Maintenance

Chapter Five

System Security Measures

  • 5.1 Technical Security Measures
  • 5.2 Infrastructural Security Measures
  • 5.3 Organizational Security Measures
  • 5.4 Personal Related Security Measure
  • 5.5 Cost Estimation Of The Project
  • 5.6 Pert (Program Evaluation And Review Technique)
  • 5.7 Gantt Chart

Chapter Six

  • 6.1 Conclusion
  • 6.2 Future Scope
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

Chapter One


1.0. Background Of The Study

Online Admission screening system is aimed at developing an online admission application for a college. This system is an online system that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. Our system has two type of accessing modes, administrator and user. Student management system is managed by an administrator. It is the job of the administrator to admit and monitor the whole process. When a user log in to the system. He would only view details of the student. He can’t perform any changes .The system has two modules. They are

  • User
  • Administrator

Students logging is to apply for the course by filling an applycation form provided by online. College principal/administrator logging in may also access/search information put up by the students.

The focus of this project work is to develop an automated admission screening system that shall bring about this paradigm shift, in other to proffer solution to the challenges inherent in the existing system implemented by Lagos state polytechnic. The proposed system: Automated admission processing System shall be developed using HTML, CSS and PHP as the font end, and MY SQL database management system as the back end.Desile,M. (2009)

1.2 Statement Of Problem

Student admission processing as being done presently by Lagos state polytechnic is still similar to manual processing despite that students completes their application form online. The existing system has the following drawbacks.

  1. Slow operation due to human intervention.
  2. Delayed information retrieval as a result of heavy web-contents.
  3. Prone to error due to little data validation.
  4. Unfriendly or difficult to use interface.
  5. High cost of operation.
  6. Application still ends up looking more like a manual process because there is no feature that supports decision in the current information system.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

This project is aimed at providing an automated online admission processing system that will helpincrease speed of processing student admission and help reduce or eliminate work by automating the admission process to the most convenient.

1.4 Aims Of The Study

The aim of this research work is to critically assess the collection and processing of student admission form process in order to identify issues encountered in the system, so as to design a new system that will help reduce or completely eradicate the identified problems.

1.5 Objectives Of The Study

The objectives of this research work are stated below:

  1. Study the existing system in order to get a full understanding of it.
  2. Identify problems of the existing system.
  3. Alleviate problems with the application process and record keeping.
  4. Enhance the institution document management system.
  5. Make the system easier to use for even students with less computer knowledge
  6. Provide easy retrieval of student’s data.
  7. Make the web contents lighter to enhance retrieval speed even on slow internet.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The scope of this study is centered on designing an automated web-based application software for student admission processing. The system is strictly based on student’s application processing, record keeping and information retrieval in Lagos State Polytechnic. It will also be capable of shortlisting admissible students and will make them available for a final administrator approval before they are offered a provisional admission.

1.7 Significance Of The Study

The automated admission processing system will help reduce some of the laborious work involve in student admission processing, maximized returns for the institution, provide a friendly user interface to users.

1.8 Definition Of Basic Concept


The replacement of human workers by technology; A system in which a workplace or process has been converted to one that replaced or ministries human labour with electronic or mechanical equipment.


The process of accepting students for study at an institution.


To deal with somebody or something according to an established procedure.


Set of computer components which are an assembly of computer Hardware, Software and peripherals functioning together.


Convert to computer – based system to install or start using a computer system to organize, control, or automate something.


Connected via computer attached to or available via a central computer or computer network.


Disconnected from computer Network; Describes a computer terminal or peripheral device that is disconnected or is functioning separately from associated computer or computer network.


A complex structure, or design www: computer-based network of information resources that combines text and multimedia. The information on the www can be accessing and search through the internet, a global computer network.


Any collection of data organized for storage in a computer memory and designed for easy access by authorized users.

Database Update:

This simply means applying and maintaining changes on a database after data must have been added, removed or modified

System Administrator:

This is a person responsible for maintaining and operating a computer system.


This is a secret code that a user must type into a computer to enable him access it or its applications. This is made up of numbers; letters, special characters or a contribution of any of the above categories.

Chapter Six

6.1 Conclusion

This system, being the first we have created in PHP, has proven more difficult thanoriginally imagined. While it may sound simple to fill out a few forms and process theinformation, much more is involved in the selection of applicants than this. Every timeprogress was made and features were added, ideas for additional features ormethods to improve the usability of the system made themselves apparent.

Furthermore, adding one feature meant that another required feature was nowpossible, and balancing completing these required features with the ideas forimprovement as well as remembering everything that had to be done was a project initself.

Debugging can sometimes be a relatively straight forward process, or rather finding out what you must debug can be. Since so many parts of the admissions system are integrated into one another, if an error occurs on one page, it may be a display error, for example; it may be the information is not correctly read from the database; or even that the information is not correctly stored in the database initially, and all three must be checked on each occasion. This slows down the process and can be frustrating if the apparent cause of a problem is not obvious at first.

Language used must b esimple and easy to understand and compatibility is paramount. If this system were not designed as an entirely web based application, it would not have been possible to recreate its current state of portability.

Overall, the system performs well, and while it does not include all of the features thatmay have been desired, it lives up to initial expectations. The majority of features thatare included work flawlessly and the errors that do exist are minor or graphical.

6.2 Future Scope

The future scope of this project is very broad
Few of them are:

  1. This can be implemented in less time for proper admission process
  2. This can be accessed anytime anywhere, since it is a web application provided only an internet connection.
  3. The user had not need to travel a long distance for the admission and his/her time is also saved as a result of this automated system

Design Of An Online Admission Screening System

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