Design And Implementation Of A Web Based Student Collaborative Library

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included


Library has been a very important aspect of educational and information sector of any institution. The success/failure of any library largely depends on proper management. So many libraries have suffered failure because of the inadequate management in handling information as regards members and users of the library. It’s now the solerefore aim at of developing a web-based student collaborative library, which will help direct and position library to meet its ever increasing demands in higher institution, Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMinna) as a case study. In the course of the development of this new system, the current system was analytically and critically studied or assessed and thus the identified strengths and weaknesses were highlighted and a new system was designed for the weakness. PHP, a web programming language was used to code the program modules developed for the system while Microsoft access was used for the database.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

This chapter discusses the background to the study, statement of the problem, objectives of study, significance of study, scope of study, limitations of study and operational definition of terms.

1.1 Background to the Study

Times are fast changing; we now live in a jet age which is mainly characterized by rapid changes in technology. It is indeed an age of information explosion.

One of the major inventions that have driven the world to a fast pace of technological advancement is the computer. The computer is primarily an electronic information processor that is rapidly changing the way we acquire, organize, recall, access, analyze, synthesize and apply information. The effectiveness with which the information is generated and communicated determines the rate of progress of a society and the fulfillment of its people. Modern society is information driven and information today is a universal need.

Moreover, computers have affected the ways with which people use information. It has changed the rate of work done, the method for accomplishing the work alongside the relationship among the people carrying and using the information. However, computers and libraries are not left out in the utilization of computer to carry out their day-to-day activities especially as it concerns the amount of information generated. Libraries have evolved over the years which gave rise to digital libraries. The idea of the project is to make Federal University of Technology, Minna; School of Information and Communication Technology in particular to be part or benefit from this rise of digital libraries.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

There are so many problems with the current way of operating libraries in Federal University of Technology, Minna. Some of which are:

  1. The users of the library need be physically present which most times could lead to congestion of the library.
  2. Inability for the library resources to be accessed twenty-four hours per day.
  3. The library resources cannot be concurrently used. It is one at a time.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The proposed system Web-based Student Collaborative Library has its objectives which it is set out to achieve. They are as follows:

  1. To explore the current process of operating library in the School of Information and Communication Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna.
  2. To design and implement a Digital Library System for the School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT), Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMinna).

1.4 Significance of the Study

In implementing the objectives of this study, the advantages of a web-based student collaborative library over the current way of operating library are enormous. Users will be able to access library resource digitally without the inconveniences of users carrying books, journals, magazines etc. which could result in rapid wear and tear of this library resource. Besides, it will afford users the opportunity to access digital books simultaneously without waiting for the book to be returned to the library. The system will also help to eliminate some of the routine manual work prevalent in the current way of operating library in SICT, FUTMinna.

1.5 Scope of Study

The scope of this study includes the following:

  1. Reading and downloading.
  2. Registration of books/uploading of digital resources
  3. Registration of users.
  4. Comments by users on books.
  5. Expert advice/answers to issues/questions which is in the mode of forum.
  6. Database management.

1.6 Limitations of Study

The proposed system will not take into consideration audio and video collections. It is web based not a stand-alone delivery system. It is strictly limited to the School of Information and Communication Technology in Federal University of Technology, Minna. Also, time constraint during the time for this project work is short.

1.7 Operational Definition of Terms


Often called World Wide Web is a complex system of interconnected elements i.e. computer devices.


Means working with others to do a task or share ideas.

Collaborative Learning:

Is a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together.


Relating to or using signals or information represented by discrete values of a physical quantity.


A building or room containing collections of books, periodicals and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow or refer to.

Digital Library:

Is a type of information retrieval system in which collections are stored in digital format.


This is a collection of facts or data.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.0 Introduction

This chapter will look into the summary of the project, findings, recommendation and the conclusion of the system.

5.1 Summary

The investigation and analysis of the present system was conducted and the problems associated with the old method of accessing electronic resources were discovered. The new system was designed and implemented which took care of the problems identified during investigation. The implementation stage was successful and it was implemented using PHP.

5.2 Findings and Discussion

In the course of this project, I found out the urgent need for a web-based student collaborative library in this age of information explosion that will help in learning. As part of my findings, computer is fast in changing the method of library management. Computer and automated systems brings better and more efficient ways of carrying out operations.

5.3 Suggestions for Further Work

Digital library collaboration will probably underlie mostly unitary standardization or widely accepted best practices. In the next years the main task of organizations responsible for digital libraries will be to find successful approaches for such topics as metadata encoding, rights management, preservation, ubiquity and other processes necessary for the field of digital library collaboration.

The main existing standard organizations will have to agree on common techniques and approaches and software producers should apply these agreed-upon standards in their products. After that, the focus of digital library development is expected to shift from experiments and trials to implementation of achieved results.

In the next stage of web-based library collaboration development the topic of providing greater efficiency for library users, increased interoperability among digital libraries, and more alternatives for individual preferences will gain importance

The most revolutionary trend is the moveme library collaboration and information exchange. This model proposes the scientists and authors of articles to enable a free and unrestricted access to the printed materials and to treat costs as a final step in the research projects. Of cou be made accessible for everyone with no constraints and no charge. But this is a model, which will suit the aims of many scientists and publishers, and which will probably become very popular.

I look forward to the time when digital library will move to the next level in Nigeria, where it will be a conglomerate of electronic resources made available through the use of Digital Library. A situation where digital resources will be made available in Nigeria through a global network where collections are created, stored at one library and made available to others through an agreement about the requirements for systems architecture, metadata, indexing and retrieval. The development and adoption of common standards will require significant additional effort and exploration.

5.4 Recommendation

Based on my findings, it is recommended to every tertiary institutions in Nigeria most especially the Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMinna) to embark, embrace and fully implement web-based student collaborative system as this will boost the efficiency of our library services and also the corporate image of the institution and the quality of books available to student, thus placing the institution in a leading position in Nigeria. Also, I recommend that the FUTMinna library should ensure that books are made available in electronic format as it is in the hardcopies.

5.5 Conclusion

Libraries, information retrieval system in a digital format, and human-computer interfaces are very paramount in this age of information explosion. A Web-based Student Collaborative Library provide for an interaction among students, human knowledge, organizations and technology. The presently digital library is transforming research, education, learning and living.

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