Design And Implementation Of Traffic Offence Tracking System

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included


Traffic Offence Tracking System is a useful web based and database program that records all the traffic offences committed nationwide. The system helps the Federal Road Safety Commission to keep adequate records of all traffic offences that has been committed, the offender details and penalty payment made. It also helps to heck financial fraud for the commission. This work was developed with PHP, AJAX, Python and MYSQL database for effective information keeping.

Table Of Content

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title page
  • Certification
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abstract

Chapter One:


  • 1.1 Background Of The Study
  • 1.2 Statement Of The Problem
  • 1.3 Objectives Of The Study
  • 1.4 Significance Of The Study

Chapter Two:

Literature Review

  • 2.0 Introduction
  • 2.1 Theoretical Background
  • 2.2 Review Of Related Literature
  • 2.3 Summary

Chapter Three:

System Analysis And Design

  • 3.0 Introduction
  • 3.1 Analysis Of The Existing System
  • 3.2 Analysis Of The Proposed System
  • 3.3 Design Of The Propose Syste

Chapter Four:

System Implementation

  • 4.0 Introduction
  • 4.1 Choice Of Development Environment
  • 4.2 Implementation Architecture
  • 4.3 Software Testing
  • 4.4 Documentation

Chapter Five:

Summary, Recommendation, Suggested Studies And Conclusion

  • 5.1 Summary
  • 5.2 Recommendation
  • 5.3 Suggested Studies
  • 5.4 Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix A

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Prior to the establishment of Federal Road Safety Commission in 1988, there was no concrete and sustained policy action to address the carnage on Nigerian roads. Earlier attempts in this direction were limited to discrete and isolated attempts by some states of the Federation and individuals. The unpleasant trend in the nation’s road traffic system which resulted in upsurge in road traffic accidents made the Federal Government initiate a search for a credible and effective response to the challenge. In February 1988, the Federal Government established the Federal Road Safety Commission through Decree No .45 of the 1988 as amended by Decree 35 of 1992 referred to in the statue books as the FRSC Act cap 141 laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN) passed by the National Assembly as Federal Road Safety Commission (establishment) Act 200. Around the world road traffic injuries are a major public health challenges that requires concerted efforts for effective and sustained prevention. An estimated 1 .2rnillion people are killed in road crashes every year and as many as 50million puffer injuries. The world health organization believes that these figures could increase by more than half over the next 20years unless there is a firm commitment to road safety and accident prevention, especially in Nigeria, most adults will know of someone who has been killed or injured in a road traffic accident. It is a dead fact that many of these accidents and their consequences would have been avoided. Therefore the Computerized Traffic Offence System will help to keep records of all traffic offences committed by road users and also maintain the databases of the commission (FRSC).

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The present system of traffic offence system which is the manual system known as (Notice of Offence Sheet) has a lot of problems which are mentioned below:


Going by the present system of operation, time is consumed in the manual handling of operation involved in road traffic documentation.


This is the reatest problem of the Federal Road Safety Commission. The commission tends to lose a lot of money running the agency manually.

Document Integrity:

This is viewed in the contest of safety, in validity of the records in document files used in report generation. In terms of safety, the nature of the system makes it vulnerable to theft, fire or accidental destruction.
This makes the system unsafe as the time needed to replace lost data or files is enormously large.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

The objectives of the study are as follows:

  1. Provide better services to the public and users making the highway safe for motorists and other road users.
  2. To keep records that are complete, integrated and up to date, also recommending works and devices designed to eliminate or minimize accidents on the highways and advising the Federal and State Government including the Federal Capital Territory Administration and relevant governmental agencies on the localities where such works and devices are required.
  3. To produce a system where information and output report will be produced or made available much faster, more accurately and more detailed to the commission and the public by educating motorist and members of the public on the importance of discipline on the highway.
  4. Maintaining the validity period for drivers’ licenses which shall be three years subject to renewal at the expiration of the validity period as well as designing, registering and producing vehicle plate number.
  5. Conducting researches on the standardization of highway traffic codes.

1.4 Significance Of The Study

With the growth in information technology, the study offers numerous values to the Federal Road Safety Commission and any organization that deals with office documentation data/information. Huge files kept through the manual method in offices will no longer be there again because information will be stored on the computer with the help of the Computerized. Traffic Offence System. It will help to keep a comprehensive record of traffic offence documented.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Recommendation, Suggested Studies And Conclusion

5.1 Summary

Computerized Traffic Offence Documentation system is designed to overcome the problems encountered with the existing system (i.e manual) such as prone to attack, data redundancy, time wasted in searching for records, poor security and protection, misplacing and mismanaging of files. The new system is designed in such a way that records about each traffic offender are stored in a database for easy retrieval of data. The new system also helps the Federal Road Safety Commission to have an organized traffic offence documentation system to eradicate the use of the manual system.

5.2 Recommendation

The following are the recommendation required in order to effectively use the new design are:

  1. The hardware and software requirement should be as specified. 1 Staff should have basic knowledge of computer operation, the Federal
  2. Government should budget funds for adequate training of all personnel and the staff of Commission should be paid well in order for them to work effectively and yield maximum results.
  3. The Federal Road Safety on their own part should employ well educated graduates with the right discipline and qualifications to occupy right positions to function effectively and improve their efforts to serve the nation and mankind better.

5.3 Suggested Studies

Due to limited resources, funds and time the researcher suggest that, other researchers who wish to embark on the mission of further improvement of the Federal Road Safety Commission should advocate for the adoption of the project which is the computerization of Traffic Offence Documentation System. Researchers should push for this project to be passed as a bill to the National Assembly and ensure it should be approved for the welfare of the Nation.

5.4 Conclusion

The Federal Road Safety Commission was established to control the rate of road traffic accidents and control road users. It is a good start towards the eradication of road accidents which has claimed a lot of lives, but the system used presently by the FRSC is the manual system which has a lot of limits presently, back in the days when the commission was first established, the manual system was effective. But presently the world has gone global and so should the FRSC. They should embrace and develop the computerized ideal of documenting Traffic Offences to help them function better and achieve the goal for which it was established.

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