Design And Implementation Of A Software Based Students Bursary Award Processing System

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Design And Implementation Of A Software Based Students Bursary Award Processing System


Technology has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that compt4er technology application could remove the strenuow burden of paper work which have been affecting that Bursary award system of udi local government. The accumulated files and others documents makes collection and disbursement of finance tedious and cumbersome when processed manually, after much observation on the activities of the students bursary award system.

With the introduction of computers, an automated form of processing which makes processing easy is enhanced. It promotes prompt information retrieval and entry, accuracy is highly heightened and fraud can easily be dictated.

The project will eliminate the problems by designing a suitable program (software) to handle those issues affecting the bursary, award section.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

In large organization such as Udi local government or Ogebe-Oogene local government, the finance and account system is the life wire of the administration. In other words, it is the process of controlling finance of the establishment with the aim achieving the following:

  • To reduce errors in computation of the students bursary award system.
  • To process payroll data.
  • To control salary and wage expenses, which is the main aim of establishing the finance and account section of udi local government council.

Failure in achieving these objectives will be very big set back to the organization. Some of these outlined objectives above are difficult to achieve even though the organization is equipped with officers of higher integrity, many a times, manual accounting is bound to undergo series of set back either during processing or outputting storage or both.

This calls for the design of an efficient and effective system which will go as far as achieving this set-out objective as mentioned above.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

The problem of using a manual system in the finance and account section of the bursary department result in the inability of the bursary staff to process documents on time and the difficulty in achieving an accurate result which is contrary to the use of an automated bursary award processing system.

The design of this automated bursary award processing system will aid the processing files in time, and as well as the achievements of an accurate result in contrast to the manual process which is also cumbersome, time wasting and result manipulated.

1.2 Purpose of Study

The purpose of these study are as follow-

  1. To demonstrate the capabilities of computer
  2. To explore the intricacies associated with software design.
  3. To aid for easy processing of students bursary award high level of accuracy.
  4. To modernize the former method of payment
  5. To eradicate or minimize the problems encountered in the finance and account section of the bursary department.

1.3 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study are as follows:-

  1. The study is of immense benefit for it will check mater fraud in the processing of bursar award..
  2. For maximization of output by increasing it’s input to process payroll data.
  3. Protect against fraud in payroll transaction.

1.4 Scope of the Study

This study covers the computerized bursar award processing system in the finance and account section of udi local government department.

1.5 Lilmitations of the Study

There are conditions of factors that are militating against this project.

These constraint are as follows:

  1. Unavailability of library facilities. This posed a problems on the study, since most of the libraries available are met fully equipped with the needed materials in making the research.
  2. Time factor: this also posed a problem on the research since the project is not the only course of study.

1.6 Definition of Terms


It is the information we get after processing input.


It is source data in which we work on or process to get information or output. We give the computer input and it will process it to produce output.


Udi local government


Local Area Network, which is a networking system in which two or more computer are interconnected together in order to share their resources within a local geographical area.


A series of logical instructions that are designed in a system to achieve a task.


Examining all the facts gathered in order to make a proper assessment of the existing system.


A collection of related records


A column in a table of information


A collection of related fields.

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For the research, we recommend parallel conversion or change over. The reason for this is that it provides high degree of protection to the organization from a failure in the new system.
However, for the effectiveness of this change over there are other tasks that must be accomplished.

They include the following:-

  1. Installation of air condition for the coding chop
  2. Training of users of the system as earlier mentioned an provision of rug to guide against breakage of the computer and it’s parts. Example if the computer system falls down accidentally on rug, there will be no breakage.
  3. Installation of stabilizer and uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  4. Provision of security measures for the system. example, alarming system and burglary proof.

Furthermore, having completed a computer based method of payment services to the bursary office for smooth and effective running or the processing of student bursary award.

Finally, I wish to recommend for further in the work for the incoming researchers since only a section of the bursary department was particularized.


Knowing quite well that computerization of student based bursary award processing system require human and financial resources, the implementation process has to be a contribution effort for it to be successful.

The formal method (manual) of students based bursary award system was found to be associated with many irrelevancies , delay on the students part, stress or the workers side, on ineffective through examination on these problem has called for the heed to computerized the system.

However, this was done by designing a software, the software so designed is been tested and found to have putting and end to this problems.

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