Design And Implementation Of Sales Management System

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

In the accent days, the primitive man uses trade by barter technique, (i.e. exchange of goods for other goods). The barter technique was used by primitive man for year was unable to improve sale cycle. The barter technique was awkward due to the inadequate knowledge the primitive man.

But the primitive man tried to improve sales cycle to enable him keep the record of his sales. His improvement of using cowries for purchasing selling goods was to be valued because, it could meet up to the required technique which, can be use for keeping sales records in the sales cycles, but to the primitive man, he find out that he can not prime sale records to meet up economic cycle, he was sad, the primitive man tried all he could to develop economic cycle.

For sale records keeping but he could not arrive the requirement to criminate the setback of the primitive man of his inability to keep sales record, batik not was invented, this brought about the keeping of sales records. But there is need for sales record development.

For more implementation, digital computer technology was invented. This brought about the design of software program that will manage the keeping of sales records, and the same time computing effectively the record of sales with fast speed and accuracy, thereby, printing out the output information of the sales records via output unit i.e. the printer with the aid of its special capability called memory chips capacity.

1.1 What Is Sales Management System?

It is such a system that is committed to building the products on Clickbank, Paypal or others, assisting the vendors, especially the newbie vendors in general operations of sales management. It can trace all the sales information and affiliates sales are also included. More detailed is much better.

1.2 Why Needs Such A System?

Sales management system is devoted to the management on sales that can quickly improve the sales and competitiveness in the market. It can automatically build the sale system for vendors to track the sales and then generate and send the Serial Number automatically and timely, or automatically send users to returned “Thank You” page including information saying thank you and serial number. Besides, the powerful background features would make vendors count and check for the sales via customer name, registration email, order receipt, country and order time.

1.3 Historical Background Of Guinness Nigeria Plc

The firm Guinness Nigeria Plc came into existence in year 1950 with the sole aim of importing and distributing Guinness stout from Dublin for eventual sales in Nigeria. Due to the success of the product in the country it gave rise to a decision to establish a small brewery in the year 1962.The foundation stone of Guinness was laid at Ikeja on the 31st January 1962, by Arthur Benjamin Francis Guinness now the Earl of Irish to which titles he succeeded on his grandfather’s death until 1967 in active services during the 2nd world war.

Guinness Nigeria is a subsidiary of the prestigious Diageo Plc of the United Kingdom. The brewery was the first outside of Ireland and Great Britain. Other breweries have been opened over time – Benin City brewery in 1974 and Ogba brewery in 1982.

Guinness Nigeria produces the following brands – Foreign Extra Stout (1962), Guinness Extra Smooth (2005) Malta Guinness (1990), Harp Lager Beer (1974), Gordon’s Spark (2001), Smirnoff Ice (2006), Satzenbrau (1995).

Guinness Nigeria Plc is a company that believes in enriching its communities. This it has achieved by embarking on laudable Corporate Social Responsibility projects in several communities in Nigeria. These projects are Water of Life initiative, which currently provides potable water to over 500,000 Nigerians spread across several rural communities, from Northern to Southern Nigeria; scholarship and Guinness Eye Hospitals in three cities in Nigeria.

Nigerian Guinness is said to be twice as strong as Irish Guinness. In the 1800s, the Irish brewed the Guinness twice as strong, due to a fear of evaporation on the long voyage to Nigeria. However, the alcohol did not evaporate, and to this day Nigerians brew their Guinness twice as strong.

Guinness Nigeria limited became a public company In 1965 and was one of the first companies to be quoted in Nigeria stock exchange with shares being offered to Nigerian shareholders, 1200 Nigerian held 20% of the equity.

In 1971, a decision was taken to build a new Brewery at Benin at a cost 12 million to brewery larger beer, this was the biggest brewery ever built in Nigeria.

The company believes that investment in the training and development of its staff are wise investments. This has resulted in the establishment of training centers in Benin and Lagos (Ikeja).

Following the ban on importation of methods barely the company has conducted research into the use of maize and sorghum in place of malt in production of the different brands of beverages.

In the Nigerian market, Harp lager beer gained a remarkable success alongside Guinness stout, due to its good quality too hence received a wide patronage and now known as Guinness Nigeria PLC.

It was merely up to a decade of the brewery and marketing of harp that its brand loyalists started shifting their interest to the other hand. The complaint raised by Harp patronizes for gradually changing preference was as a result of the carelessness on the part of the brewers to eradicate particles discovered in the final product and these were major set-backs suffered by Guinness Harp.

In the year 1995 a new product line “satzenbrau” was in the market and it received attention in Lagos and west Ibadan to be precise for now.

In 1990 another product line “Malta Guinness”, was also in the market and it has received attention all over the country and outside the country.

It indeed received acceptance and as such requires effective management system, to guide against the future of all lines of product carried out by Guinness Nigeria Plc. (

1.4 Statement Of The Programs

During the course of this research, some problems were encountered. These problems are stated below:

  1. Lack of information
  2. Lack of equipment
  3. Transportation problem
  4. High cost of conduction research on the internet

Lack Of Information

Information about computerized sales management system is hard to get in Nigeria because the companies that make use of computerized sales management system are not very many. And most of the companies are not connected to the internet, so they do not know much about the online system.

Lack Of Equipment

Where information concerning computerized sales management system could have been gotten easily, they still use the manual sale management system. Most of the organizations are not connected to the internet and some of this organization do not even have computers, because of the staffs could not say anything pertaining to computerization.

Transportation Problem

High cost of fare also posed a big problem in this research.

High Cost Of Conducting Research On The Internet

During the course of my research I was always suffering for information on the internet and I spent five to six hours everyday searching for information about my research, this lost me a lot of money.

1.5 Objective Of The Study

The objective of this project work is to bring to the awareness the improved system of computing sales management system. Instead of using the manual sales management system. The computerized sales management system therefore involves the following described in performing well operation.

  1. Customers will be attended to on time
  2. To eradicate the problem of over payment and under payment.
  3. To save some money and time
  4. To improve the system of gathering information about customers.
  5. To allow for easy storage of customers records.

1.6 Scope Of Study

In computerized sales management system there are some specific requirements which vary from time to time depending on the nature of the organization.

This has to do with the case and range of covered during the course of this research “computerized sales management system” During the course of my search, I apprehended that any raw data or information that is being entered into the computer must first be validated and verified, before generating an output. Guinness Nig. Plc report on computerized sales management system. Computerized sales management system should be able to produce sales recodes and generate a sale slip for every customer that translated business with the organization. To suit the general organization standard as it was particularly obtained in Guinness Nig. Plc Benin City.

1.7 Signification Of The Study

It described the procedure Employed in a typical computerized sales management system and understands the important of accurate sales records.

I identify the component and procedure of a computerized sales management system and carry out the tasks involves in sales circles.

1.8 Limitation Of System Study

It was easy combing academic work with research. When I was finally settled with all the information need to start. I had faced not only this project work, at the limited time. More so, financially, during this research, there was need to always got to my case study unit often for information at all times I had to go to Guinness Nig. Plc in Benin City, this cost me a lot. There was also need to always brows the internet to search for information about my research, honestly, there was financial predicament.

To mention but a few, computerization in Nigeria is still very low and backward, compared to developed countries, so information gathered concerning the computation could not be got easily.

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