Design And Implementation Of A Profited Database System For Government Establishment

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Design And Implementation Of A Profited Database System For Government Establishment


The problem which always emanate from inadequate personnel information maintenance and management has been a torn in the flesh of the entire Nigerian society, Enugu state precisely. In other to proffer solution to the existing problems, the project work researched into the modus operandi of personnel database management system of Enugu state.

In the process of analysis of the existing system were detected, carefully analyzed and possible solution to the problems were proffered in the newly designed system.

The new system designed in this project work is computerized and it works automatically; it addresses all the lapses that cause hindrance to the existing system. It is timely accurate and very comprehensive in report generation.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

As much as have to receive adequate welfare and entitlements the personnel database must be maintain effectively. The personnel database is the comprehensive information update of employees under a particular employee at a particular time. The maintenance and management of employee information has bee a big problem in the Nigerian society workers denied of their primary and secondary entitlements and the most sad aspect of inadequacy in the maintenance of employee information is the erupt of ghost workers syndrome, this has the greatest thing this laxity in personal database system has caused in the society. The problem of promotion is also on offspring of inadequate personnel database management; who to promote when there is necessity for promotion is always the problem faced by personnel officers in change of promotion exercise.

Workers have suffered a lot under this error of ignorance and sheet wickedness in every activity work of life, the first thing to be observed is always information about the staff involved. This helps to give out desired incentives for the works, to help them put in their best in their work the non-payment of salary or in some cases, the delay in payment of salary is always caused by the problems associated with personnel database.

This work researched into the operational activities of existing system of maintaining personnel database in Enugu state with a view to detecting and solving the problems making it not to work out smoothly.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The problem caused by poor management and maintenance of personnel database in Enugu state is numerous. Th procrastination in payment of workers salary is a work force badly. Because of the fact that act information of worker s in the state is not known the state faces the problem of how to provide incentives for its worker. A lot of public money is been diverted into private purses due to the problem of poor information management concerning personnel records.

1.3 Purpose of Study

The main purpose of this study is to provide ever lasting solution to the current problems facing the Enugu state personnel database maintenance system through a well computerized design.

1.4 Aim / Objectives of Study

The primary aim of this work is to make sure that personnel database management system of Enugu State is to serve the citizen better by producing a new computerized system that will tackle the problems currently facing it.

The objectives include:

  1. To create a system that will maintain workers records randomly and give easy and tidy access to the stored record for easy information retrieval.
  2. To maintain a database that will support sorting and searching of records automatically
  3. To maintain an internecine database.

1.5 Scope of the Problem

This study is carried out covering the totality of personnel database system in Enugu state in the areas of quick information retrieval automatic promotion list generation, ghost workers control and timely salary payment


If the new design is completely implemented the whole problems associated with the existing system will be all solved.

1.6 Definition of Terms

Work force

Is the personnel strength of the organization.


Is the condition of comfort in an area of work.


Is a network of interrelated procedures combined to form a unit


Is a plan of actions, aims and ideas, sophisticated, having learnt the ways of the world and having lost natural simplicity.


Carry an undertaking agreement promise into effect.

Information age

The current age of information technology around the globe.

Chapter Seven

Conclusion and Recommendation

7.1 Conclusion

No nation of the world plays with its work force, for the fact that the economy of any nation falls on the work force and any neglect of the work force spite fire for national growth and development. Maintenance of any nation’s work force is the sole responsibility of any government in power and this involves the provision of welfare for the workers to boost their morale in the line of their duty. So many government of the world and other employers of the world always have problems in the area of information maintenance of the work force and this is what guides in the payment of salaries promptly and provision of welfare and social amenities for the workers.

The problem of workers database maintenance has been making the maintenance of workers very difficult. This problem always arise due to the method applied in the system of personnel information maintained which is always very rigid and difficult to operate in some cases, the system consumes a lot of money which could have served for provision of welfare for the workers.

The researcher carried out a detailed study of the existing system for maintaining workers database information, arrested all the problems associated with it and proffered best solution to the problem in the new computerized design. The new design is very sophisticated, accurate, comprehensive in report generation and cost effective.

7.2 Recommendation

The researcher recommends that the workers welfare should be the priority of every government in power and every government should be able to maintain the database of its workers for effective management.

The researcher also advice the civil service commission, Enugu, to fully computerize the commission and immediately implement this design for effective service.

The management of the civil service commission is also advised to organize compulsory computer training for its workers so that they will be compliant with the new technology.

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