Design And Implementation Of Password Based Access Control With Intruder Alert System

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Design And Implementation Of Password Based Access Control With Intruder Alert System


The necessity of a low cost electronic home security system designed in co-ordination with other security measures is always there in our society to reduce the risk of home intrusion. Keeping this problem in mind, we are working on a project on automatic password based control system which is technology is based on access control system. We want to utilize the electronic technology to build an integrated and fully customized home security system at a reasonable cost.

This is the design and construction of access control system which is use in locking or switching on and off a password based design through a microcontroller (at89s52) for example creating a password system to make led on and off when the write password is entered

Chapter One


1.1 Background Study

Traditional lock systems using mechanical lock and key mechanism are being replaced by new advanced techniques of locking system. These techniques are an integration of mechanical and electronic devices and highly intelligent. One of the prominent features of these innovative lock systems is their simplicity and high efficiency.

Such an automatic lock system consists of electronic control assembly which controls the output load through a password. This output load can be a motor or a lamp or any other mechanical/electrical load.

An electronic lock (or electric lock) is a locking device which operates by means of electric current. Electric locks are sometimes stand-alone with an electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock. Electric locks may be connected to an access control system, the advantages of which include: key control, where keys can be added and removed without re-keying the lock cylinder; fine access control, where time and place are factors; and transaction logging, where activity is recorded. Electronic locks can also be remotely monitored and controlled, both to lock and unlock.

Many times we forgot to carry the key of our home. Or sometimes we come out of our home and door latch closes by mistake. In these cases it is really difficult to get inside the house. This project is designed to solve this purpose. Main concept behind this project is of a door-latch opening using a password entered through keypad. As well as turning on the Buzzer when password is entered wrong for multiple times. User can change this password anytime he/she wish using a keypad.

Here we develop an electronic code lock system using 8051 microcontroller, which provides control to the actuating the load. It is a simple embedded system with input from the keyboard and the output being actuated accordingly.

This system demonstrates a password based door lock system wherein once the correct code or password is entered, the door is opened and the concerned person is allowed access to the secured area. Again if another person arrives it will ask to enter the password. If the password is wrong then door would remain closed, denying the access to the person.

The main component in the circuit is 8051 controller. In this project 4×3 keypad is used to enter the password. The password which is entered is compared with the predefined password. If the entered password is correct then the system opens the door by rotating door motor and displays the status of door on LCD. If the password is wrong then door is remain closed and displays “pwd is wrong” on LCD.

1.2 Statement of Problem

Home security is one of the major needs of human race, coming to security locks electronics system has introduce different ways of protecting lives and properties by the use of password authentication, this system has one of the major electronic advanced system and can be used in different locking system.

1.3 Aim and Objectives

The aim of this project is to design and construct a digital password based locking system which is use in different places for door authentication and other form of locking system.

Objectives includes:

  1. To design and create a password door locking system
  2. To implement and show how to design a password looking system
  3. To show stages involve in the design and implementation of password based system.

1.4 Scope of the Project

A student will be show on how a digital password system works, how it can be implemented and different stages on how to design and construct a password locking door.

1.5 Significance of the Project

It is important to increase the system of our various abode with a dependable security system, password system are not just used for security purpose but due to its mode of operation has being applied to car ignition lock joints and engine voltage supplied when it saves as a security system for car system. It importance does include:

  1. As a fast way to increase security intrusion protection
  2. It saves a better way to protect homes and properties by using the user personal identification system for effective protection.
  3. It also help in highly advance ones to trace treat finger tips if when trying to intruder without authentication number accuracy etc.

1.6 Project Limitations

  1. If not supplied the recommended voltage can keep the door lock until the voltage level is reached.
  2. It has a low authentication Barry and can be breaker by hackers.
  3. Only one password can be used which only known by the users

1.7 Definition of Important Terms


Human interface numerical button to typing passwords


A programmable unit that controls the whole section


A set of security number or code use only by one person for security authentication

1.8 Project Report Organizations

Chapter one carries the introduction, aim and objective, scope of study, limitation of the work, significance and the project report organization of the work.

Chapter Five

Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Summary

This section of this project report forms the concluding part of the write up and takes a look at some of the problems encountered during the progressive job on the system and also brings in suggestions for further improvement and/or enhancement for the system design.

The design and development of this project has really been challenging, as I have been faced with choices far beyond what I expected. But in the long run the result paid off.

After the complete design of the system, the deviation between the expected result and the actual result was very close. The performance and efficiency was beyond expectation and from every ramification, the design of the project was a success.

5.2 Problem Encounter

During the course of the design of this system, there were series of problems which came in the way of achieving the design goals of this project, most of them where over come via share troubleshooting, in some cases some parts require redesigning and the software debugging also created a bit of a problem.

One major setback of this project is the availability of components required to build the hardware of the system. In most cases I had to look through electrical catalogs to obtain replacements of some of the components which are not available in the market.

After developing the software for the microcontroller, it was very difficult to find a firm/individual to help program the chip (burning the embedded software on to the chip). This posed serious problem as it brought about delay in the design time and it was also costly, this also affected the overall cost of the system.

The final packaging of the design was also another trouble, as this actually caused problems on the circuit board. Such problems include partial contact within the circuit board, between components and also with the wiring. This was actually one of the most challenging aspects of the circuit implementation phase. Due to this fact, there was a lot of soldering and de-soldering to ensure that the circuit was well implemented.

5.3 Suggestion for Further Design

It will be more appreciated if the system is designed to a password in cooperated system so to help reduce stress if the system finger type malfunction

5.4 Recommendation

  1. Avoid water spillage onto of the design.
  2. Supply the necessary voltage to the system by plugin its power mains to 200v to 230v ac.
  3. Ensure proper placement before running the design.

5.5 Conclusion

Going through the planning, flow process, design and software implementation the system had really been a tough one; but on the whole it has been a chance to show case a little bit of craftsmanship.

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