Design And Implementation Of An Online Vehicle Registration

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Design And Implementation Of An Online Vehicle Registration


Today, computer has been discovered as a very efficient instrument which ahs played a very significant role in adequate management of information. Beside, it has played more roles in government services and operation especially in all traffic matters in the country.

However, computerization has helped in many areas of life and due to indispensability of motor vehicle registration as it concerns the government and vehicle owners, the thought of computerization of this operation become of great important in orders to wipe out the manual data processing system from which many problem have emanated.

The problems which have engulfed the objective of motor vehicles registration and extensively discussed in this project together with the new method which was innovated.

This work is conducted towards the computerization of the various problems progressing data in order to identify the various problems that is been encountered in the registration of vehicles manually. This theory also compares the existing system with the new system which is exact and a faster way of processing data and the problem faced by customers when they are registering their vehicles.

This work concludes with the implementation, programming, test run, change over progress of the new system.

Chapter One


Computer plays vital role in the development of any company it also saves some of its complex problem that is been faced by man and processes voluminous data within a short period of time or at a fantastic speed.

Recent emphasis on information and data processing in most of our business has grown adversely as in the case of motor vehicle registration. In as much as motor vehicle registration has been in existent for ages now, the old system of registration has been in adoption which did not play a significant role on highway safety until the development of the new system of vehicle registration where a reflective sheeting which is more visible to read even in the dark.

This new system of motor vehicle registration which is the main focus of this project came into existent on the 19th March 1997 and handled by the motor licensing officer. It introduced to enforce strict compliance to traffic rules and regulation as well as providing a proper data as to the behaviour of road users. The roles which the introduction of computer system will play in the function in order to bring about more efficiency, effectiveness and improve competence and discussed in this project. This work is segmented into chapters which will be seen as we move on.

Motor vehicle registration is done by two offices, namely local government licensing offices for personal vehicles and the cabinet office or any military office. Since motor vehicle registration is absolutely essential traffic matters, it is vital to establish and sustain an information system using a reliable device like computer system in order to maintain and provide proper data/record concerning the road users in the aspect of traffic function.

In order to eliminate most hardship encountered in most of our licensing offices, the need for computerization with designing and implementation of a state motor vehicle registration and its advantages to the licensing office.

1.1 Statement of Problem

These are the problems that are being encountered in the manual system of vehicle registration. And the problems goes thus:

(i) Participation of Unauthorized Officers

Unauthorized offices according to my observation are involved in this work especially in the registration of illegal vehicles which can encourage fraud.

(ii) Wrong Charging of Fees

The officer in-charge is bound to charge a wrong bill to vehicle owners which may be as a result of underassessment or over assessment of vehicles. This could be with motive to commit fraud or as a result of mistake on the part of the officer at work.

(iii) Wrong Sales Allocation

Staff under a particular state motor vehicle licensing office indulge in registering of vehicles that does not belong to their state.

(iv) Improper Accounting

There is the tendency of the cashier involved in the handling of income generated to make mistake during this process, thus having some measures of inaccuracy in the work.

(v) Difficulty at times in tracing a record/information

There is difficulty at times in tracing a record/information cautioning a vehicle owner due to improper information keeping as a result of carelessness or volume in the size of record kept.

1.2 Purpose of Study

The purpose of this study is to design and implement a state motor vehicle registration since it is important in providing sanity on roads and yielding revenue for the government. In as much as this problems still exists in the manual operation, we intend to carve out a technique which will serve as means of providing solution to the problems

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study

As we have seen from the statement of the problems, the things that stands as puzzle in the manual system of motor vehicle registration aims at introducing a better system which is the computerized system which will contribute on providing solution to the problems.

i. Automatic Assigning of Fees

Since each vehicle is charged based on the amount was bought. This work aims at automatic assigning of correct amount once the above mentioned assessment is done thus preventing the error of wrong assessment.

ii. Proper Accounting

This also aims at giving an up-to-date report of the revenue generate from vehicle registration within a defined period.

iii. Restriction of Illegal Access

The told number of users that will have access to this program will be limited therefore password will be created for the application software. This password will just be limited to the officer in charge of the work.

iv. Easy Retrieval of Information

This work will help on using the registration of a particular vehicle to call up the information record concerning the owner of the vehicle.

1.4 Scope of Study

Motor vehicle registration since it is two different offices namely local government motor licensing office and cabinet office, and having used motor licensing office Enugu South as my case study which is only involves in registering of personal vehicle just like any other local government. Motor licensing office (L.G.M.L.D) I limited my studies to private vehicles within Enugu.

1.5 Limitations of the Study

In as much as I have so many areas where one could have covered for a wider generalization of result some factors ahs posed as an obstacle to this. And some of these constraints are as follows.

i. Finance

This contributed in limiting my work since there is money involvement in moving to and fro to gather facts for this work.

ii. Time

As students whoa re probably involved in school work like writing of assignment quizzes and other engagement, there is a limited time between this time of approval and submission, thus there isn’t enough room for further research.

iii. Different Registration Points

This is another factor that contributed in limitation of this my work to just private vehicles since government vehicles are registered at cabinet which is not part of my work.

1.6 Assumption

  1. I will assume that the company will like the new system to be introduced. I also assumed that they will have money to finance the new introduced system.
  2. I assume that the office will employ or even their literate employees that will act as programmers, analyst for maintaining the system.
  3. I also believe that the facts and observation got from the office are all reliable for the study to be a very successful one.

1.7 Definition of Terms


This is a set or series of instruction which is arranged in a sequence written for the computer, machine to carryout, in order for a task which is a solution to a problem to be done.


Introduction of the use of computer in an application area by writing a program that will suit the work.


A mechanically propelled and wheeled object used for conveyance.


This is the physical components of a computer machine which can be seen and touched.


This stands for motor licensing office.


This stands for motor Licensing authorities.


This is a device used to a program or system in order to deny access to it.


This is the operation whereby the computer is carrying out order for a task to be performed.


This is the result or information that is gotten after the computer has conducted a particular task.


This is the data or instruction needed for the computer to work on or carryout a task.

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Based on the finding, we recommends that motor licensing office of Enugu South should set up a computer based system for a combination of reasons.

To benefit from the characteristics features of the computer which makes it a voluble tool to carryout operations work with eases.

Secondly, this system will also prevent unauthorized staff from having access into the application software for the operation of motor vehicle registration. This measure is enabled with a password and anybody that does not the pass word cannot gain access to work in it, thus boycotting all unauthorized participation.


Finally, with all the enlisted objectives and the benefit which can be derived through computerization of this operation, the current problems facing the office can be a bye gone and a greater measure of efficiently and effectiveness can be achieved, thus advancing the goal of motor vehicle registration.

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