Design And Implementation Of An Online Outpatient Management System (A Case Study Of Sokoto Specialist Hospital)

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included


Outpatient management systems in hospital today necessitate a competent administration when handling patients, generating reports, patient details which serves as a key factor for the flow of business transactions in Sokoto State Specialist Hospital. Unfortunately the current outpatient management system leads to misplacement of drug details, and late release of reports and insecurity to records. This research project is aimed at computerizing all the records about patients, staff and doctors management.

In order to achieve this goal, a thorough System Study and investigation was carried out and data was collected and analyzed about the current system using document and data flow diagrams. The concept of report production has been computerized hence, no more delay in report generation to the hospital manager. Errors made on hand held calculators are dealt out completely. The method used to develop the system include iterative waterfall model approach, dataflow, logical and entity relationship diagram were used to design the system and finally the language used were MySql and php

Chapter One


1.0 Hospital

A Hospital is an institution with an organized medical and nursing staff provide a range of medical service, like surgery, for people requiring intensive treatment or observation. It may also include facilities for childbirth as well as various out-patient departments. A Hospital make up of various departments where various cases and handled.
For example

  1. The surgery department where patients are operated on in the theaters.
  2. Obstetrics and gynecology unit where pregnant women are taken care of.
  3. Pediatric department where you treat children.

An outpatient is a patient who does not reside in the clinic where he/she is being treated. The registers of the outpatients are used for documentation of the outpatients. The documentation of the outpatients. The data for outpatient registers are registration number, name of patient, age, sex, registration address etc.

The outpatient unit is made up of casuality section, records, outpatient, theaters, various clinics etc. The treatment of the outpatients ends in the outpatient department which that of the inpatients ends in their various wards.

1.1 Statement Of The Problem

It could be very burdensome for someone who is seriously ill. It wounded or weak to queue on hospital line waiting for the doctor to attend to him or to pay for service and also get drugs. But when the designing and implementation of a computerize outpatient information system is achieved, a lot of problems will be documented for the outpatient. These problems include:

  • Time wastage
  • Absence of doctors involved
  • File sorting

1.2 Purpose Of The Study

Hospital organization today is an essential part of the medical care scheme, owing to the increasing complexity of medical problem. It is very necessary that medical practitioners and specialists have an up to data and automated services.This study will examine the problem arising from manual operations of the outpatient information system and how these can be conquered by introducing the computer. This research work also aims at designing a statement that can replace the manual operations of the outpatient information system

1.3 Significance Of The Study

The significance of this study is that it eliminates:-

Time Wastage:

When this study is practiced the time an outpatient wastes in registering seeing the doctor, buying drugs will be eliminated. Because it will no longer be handled manually rather it is going to be computer based.

It Also Eliminates Inconveniency:

In a situation whereby a patient registered in the clinic for the past three and later came back in the fourth year for the check up, the information of that out-patient can be accessed convenient using the computer, rather than searching for the outpatient information or records manually

1.4 Scope Of The Study

The scope of this study is limited to the design and implementation of a computerize outpatient information system for the Specialist Hospital Sokoto.

1.5 Assumptions

It is assumed that all the data located are true valid. It is also assumed that the basic requirements of the outpatient information system should not be changed often so that the program will score for a very long time.

1.6 Definition Of Terms


It means a determination of an individual’s disease, illness, or injury, made by a health care provider.


A person who is receiving medical care form a doctor.


A patient who is not an inpatient (not hospitalized), but instead comes to a doctor’s office, clinic or day surgery for treatment.


A patient living in the hospital where he is being treated


A collection of related records or a folder that is based keep documents


A written instructions from a physician to a pharmacist stating the form, closage, strength, etc, of a drug to be issued to a specific patient.


These are raw facts, but when captured or processed, generates information


A sequence of coded instruction fed into a computer, enabling it to perform specified logical and arithmetical operations on data.

Chapter Five

Summary, Limitation, Conclusion And Recommendations

5.0 Introduction

This chapter describes discuss the objectives of the system stipulated in earlier chapter, limitation of the system conclusion and recommendation of the system

5.1 Summary

As discussed in the previous chapters the main problem that we addressed was dealing with patient medical document. It is the above situation that drove us to techniques of developing this Outpatient Management System to be used at Sokoto state specialist hospital to enable them to handle details on policies efficiently and effectively.

The project has implemented Most of the objectives stipulated in earlier chapter. The Outpatient management system offers a number of benefits to the user and can capture data, store, view, add and delete the records entered the data can also be posted information to the

Problems Encountered During Data Collection:

Sensitive information released to us, few projects and books written about patient records management system.

Problems Encountered During System Design:

Limited time to finish up the work, limited numbers of computers with the internet in the faculty hence it becomes difficult down load PHP codes from the internet and In adequate financial support to facilitate the project.

5.2 Limitations

This section describes those services that are not provided by the system and those include the following. It does not auto generate alarm to alert the pharmacist manager of the expiring date of drugs at a given period of time. Reason that we use MySql program to develop the system which cannot support the triggers which can only be found in Oracle program.

5.3 Conclusions

The core reason for the establishment of computerizing patient records management system is to enable the hospital administrators in a convenient, fair and timely manner. Therefore the IT used should support the core objective of the system if it is to remain relevant to the hospital. A lot still needs to be done in the IT department in order to make available technology effective. This may involve training of the staffs on how to enter data in the right and relevant data in the system and the management to keep updating the hardware and software requirements of the system. IT and computer systems need to be kept being upgraded as more and more IT facilities software are introduced into days IT market. The researcher acknowledges the fact this system does not handle all staffs the hospital like the security and asset section. The researcher therefore suggests that for further research, the following can be researched on. The most cost effective way of handling all staffs and interlinking Sokoto state specialist hospital.

5.4 Recommendations

Training of all the members of the staff in the hospital to get accustomed to the system will be a priority. This being a new system, some members of the staffs management will get threatened that the computerized patient records management system will replace their jobs .I would recommend that management of the hospital educates the staff of how this system will operate and how it will supplement their efforts. For the efficiency of the hospital, users of the system need to be thoroughly educated about the use of the passwords and staff name, not only that but also not to be careless of them. They should be kept confidential. Access to the server room should be physically guarded against unauthorized person; the server room should be dust free and should be fully protected and should have an air conditioner of 1100BTU to prevent the server from overheating. Backup media like CDs, Diskettes and Flush disks can be used for backups and storage of data.

5.5 Opportunity And Lesson Learned

During the course of this project, we were able to understand better what goes in the patient records management system in the hospital. This was effectively done through reading of literature and research. The whole process of developing the system was an opportunistic challenge. Seeing the system into a tangible system was a rewarding exercise.

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