Design And Implementation Of Online Jamb Examination Processing System

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Design And Implementation Of Online Jamb Examination Processing System


Computer are known for their wide range of uses especially in scientific and mathematical field. However, title or no thought has been given to designing a complete and true intelligence test on a computer system in our immediate environment. Although in advanced countries where computerized games have been developed computers have proved that they constitute ways of indirectly testing intelligence

This system is designed in order to implement and intelligence test on a computer system, it tries as much as possible to incorporate the important aspect of intelligence on a wide scale. It is designed to test intelligence of secondary school learners using the Jamb matriculation Examination (JME) as standardized sample and as such the psychological implication of such a design is very important.

The design of the system is quite and easily understood. It’s flexibility makes it amendable for future changes and amendment to either incorporate other aspects of intelligence or to be designed for any other school age or class.

The question of the intelligence test are programmed and visually displayed in the system’s screen in an interaction form. The pupil answer the question on the computer system. the results obtained from the test give an estimation on user’s (pupil) intelligence quotient (I.Q). this is equally displayed and tells the pupil in the what category he/she falls within. The result of the test is also displayed at the end of the test which goes a long way lessen the fear of the pupil that they were marked down in the examination.

The JME coordinators were really finding it very hard based on the type of processing procedures that they are using. The manual process entails a lot of complex mistake, Errors, even missing of scripts. Many at times someone that sat for the Examination si been given the result of science subject while he / she sit for arts or management subject.

There have been a situation whereby someone that did not sit for the Examination after processing the forms, got sick and was admitted. When JME result for that year came out, they sent a result for the exam he did not sit for.
It takes time to process the results through the manual process. If the new system is implement, there will efficient, no complex mistakes, No errors and also the time factors will be shortened compared to the present system of JME processing strategy.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

In the past, ability test were used in admitting pupil into the university level, for instance, the scholastic aptitude test, which measures both aptitude and achievement, (the aptitude test measures accomplished skills and indicate what a person can do at present, while the achievement test predicts what a person can accomplished with training.)

But the essential requirement for any test include reliability, validity and uniform testing procedures. The test which measures intelligence ability are often called “ intelligence test” intelligence test are usually designed to access the nature and course of mental development, intellectual and non-intellectual personality differences that might be attributed to hereditary among person at different occupational level and among their children. Intellectual and other traits of a typical group such as the mentally gifted, the mentally retarded, the neurotic and the psychotic.

The topic design and implementation of On-line JME Examination processing system (OLJMEPS) is geared towards impacting intelligence on a computer. Whereby Jamb matriculation Examination will be conducted and taken on the computer system itself and the result displayed to user (pupil) immediately after the examination or once it is compiled sequentially.

One may ask this question. Is this realistic? On the face value it might be seen impossible, but with the advent of computer games, computers have proved that they constitute ways of indirectly testing intelligence.

1.1 Statement of Problem.

In the Administration of the JAMB Matriculation Examination (JME), the exam comes as objective and the answer expected to be shaded on the same question paper and marked by the examiners. The scoring and grading of results and posting of pupils to various higher institutions subsequently has been be divided by various human related factors such as favoritism, graft, bribery and corruption as well as late posting owing to volume of work fatigue and negligence of duty. Natural human errors also occur usually thereby leaving the whole system ineffective.

1.2 Purpose of the Study

The study is to enable the researchers find out the problems encountered by the jamb Matriculation Examination body in conducting and administering Jamb matriculation examination with a view to developing a computerized system that will take care of the problems listed. In the introduction page.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

The objectives of this topic “ON-LINE JME EXAMINATION PROCESSING SYSTEM” is to enhance the use of Computer and processes of their result and admitting them where necessary as individual choice desire. This project enables the organizers to access the intelligence. Capabilities of pupils to be admitted into university schools.

The project aims at incorporation of the time on computer to be able to shop the pupil on the exact time. With the use of computer system the area of our concentration are achieved.

1.4 The Scope of the Study

The scope of this work is to outline the practical use of computer system in the area of secondary school leaves to be admitted into tertiary institution

1.5 Delimitation

This work is designed for solely accessing the result (test) and processing of secondary school leavers into tertiary institutions

1.6 Definition of Terms


The power of learning, understanding, seeing and knowing.

Chronological Age:

The actual age of a person

Mental Age:

Is the persons level of understanding measures in terms of the average age of children having the same standard.

Floppy Diskette:

Is a thin plastic located with an aperture that allows a read / write head access the diskette.

Visual Display Unit:

Is the screen inform of TV component Both input and output are displayed here.


Is a test that measures general intellectual ability.

Chapter Seven

Recommendation and Conclusion

7.1 Recommendation

In the world today, where the educational goal is to develop a child mentally and intellectually to its optimum, one can appreciate the importance of the computer on-line JME Administration system. to be able to develop a child ability or intelligence, it becomes imperative for the instructor a teacher to know in advance the child’s present level of intelligence at to which direction this could be developed enhanced and utilized.

One might take the practical relevance of this design in the school. It is believed by psychologists and education lists, including the designer have come to believe that no one is born a dunce rather no one is born a dunce rather, the child has certain abilities which, if directed towards the right the right direction would bloom. Although this design, due to lack of time it is restricted mainly to secondary school leaves, with its flexibility, it could be improved upon, this computer on-line JME Administration system is designed to portray to the designer and users the specific ability and capability of any particular person. By conducting or taking of JME, it would exactly tell where a child belongs.

7.2 Conclusion

In conclusion computer aided learning (CAL) and the computer on line JME Administration system appears as a ready solution to this problem that has been posed over the years of course this program design was based on a stand alone a single user programming computer on-line JME Administration system program can still be designed to make the uses almult access facilities to the data base. Perhaps the use of network will ensure effective use of this program.

The vital role played by computer in today’s society cannot be over looked computers have become very popular and are widely used in the solution of the problems of modern sciences, Engineering, Business, Government, Industry and Education, this use is based upon the ability to operate at great speed to produce accurate results, to store large quantities of data and to carryout large sequence of operation without human interruption.

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