Design And Implementation Of Online-Examination Of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination

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Design And Implementation Of Online-Examination Of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination


Registration for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME, is organised by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This registration is conducted in all the states in Nigeria in a given period of the year. Many a times, the process is cumbersome, not organized and posses a lot of stress to students. So, the goal of this project is to provide a readily accessible and user-friendly system for students to register for UTME online and also to access the result of the examination online.

This would be similar to other online registration forms, but it will also feature the following advantages; as a web-based system, students will be able to have access from any computer that has a web browser and is connected to the Internet to register for UTME, with a graphical interface, this system will be more user-friendly and intuitive to use. The introduction of on-line registration was an enormous improvement over the old, cumbersome paper-based method. In the course of implementing the software, HTML and Visual Basic 6.0 was used to design an online examination registration and result checking form for UTME.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

It is obvious globally that most candidates seeking admission to higher education prefer universities. The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), however, will help recruit students to other kinds of institutions such as the Polytechnic and the College of Education.

Emodi (2010) observed that our higher educational institutions are confronted with the pressure of an increasing number of students demanding for access. She stressed that students compete for the limited places in our universities and that in all countries, admission into the top institutions have become more difficult to achieve. Emodi therefore noted that competition has always been a force in institutions of higher education and that in many ways, it can help to produce excellence and best performance.

Adedoyin (2009) however canvassed for the approval of more private tertiary institutions in Nigeria, adding that the number of Universities in the country was inadequate and cannot satisfy the educational needs of the Nigeria youths. This assertion is also true and applicable to both State and Federal Universities in Nigeria, bearing in mind the number of candidates seeking admission yearly.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) was established in Nigeria in 1978. Prior to this, each University was responsible for the conduct of its own concessional examination and admitted its students. In 1987, JAMB performed the exemplary feat of printing examination materials in Nigeria. Since then, the Board’s question papers have always been produced and answer scripts processed in Nigeria-Idoko (2008). JAMB, which is now (1978-2010) 32years old, celebrated its 30th anniversary of success (1978-2008) at the Headquarters office, Bwari, Abuja. A review of JAMB activities after more than thirty years of existence, with the introduction of UTME is seen as imperative and justifiable.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Manual registration and examination processing system in any process or institution or exam body is always affected by delay, misplacement, erroneous entries, etc. Examination registration is highly a critical issue as students affected by these lapses may loose one year before they can register for another exam. This leads to lost of resources, time, discouragement, and defeat in academic pursuit. Going by this, it is evident that for an effective administration of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, the registration and examination result process has to be online.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The objective of this project is to examine how unified tertiary and matriculation examination system can be computerised, with the main objective being to:

  1. Develop a website that can enable the JAMB administration to process student‘s registration form.
  2. Design an online examination processing system for UTME
  3. Design a system that will allow students to check their results online.

1.4 Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this study is to design an online database for unified tertiary and matriculation examination for the purpose of online registration form for student‘s examination registration and checking of result online.

1.5 Significance of the Study

Clear advantages of Internet information processing over those of traditional manual system are higher yields. Online system allows the users to process information online. There are many other advantages of online registration for unified tertiary and matriculation examination system and some of them are listed below.

  1. It saves a lot of time.
  2. Students registration data are secured Accuracy of bio data is guaranteed
  3. It is very convenient to use.
  4. Information processing are very fast.

1.6 Scope of the Study

This research work covers student‘s examination registration and printing of registered candidates list online. It also covers post and checking students result online.

1.7 Limitations

As a result of time constraints, the researcher was unable to visit JAMB Headquarter

Abuja to gather information on how they operate the unified tertiary and matriculation examination registration. So, most of the information were sourced from JAMB website and their state office in Enugu.

1.8 Definition of Terms


Unified tertiary and matriculation examination

Competitive Examination

Competitive examination is an examination where candidates are ranked according to their grades


A systematically arranged collection of computer data, structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated. It is also called databank.

File Transfer:

Any kind of computer file can be sent via the Internet from one Internet user to another. Table of accounts on spreadsheets, design by a graphic artists, music sound files etc, can all be exchanged in this way.

Web Site:

A website is a collection of many interconnected web pages organized by a specific college, organization company etc, containing web pages (good and commodities) on the Internet.


Is a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; “when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions”

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary

Online registration for JAMB UTME is very simple, although this system developed a few facilities have been added. However, if you have some basic computer skills you will be able to register yourself with little difficulty. If you already know how to browse the internet using tools like Yahoo mail, Gmail, or Facebook, then registering for JAMB UTME will probably be a piece of cake for you. However, if you are not computer literate it may be quite challenging. But that does not mean you should give it out to a consultant to do for you. The fact is that you can register for JAMB UTME yourself. You can use such a cafe to signup for your UTME account. You can then logout and continue the registration yourself another time or you can complete it at the internet cafe. Note that the JAMB UTME registration portal required that the Java Runtime Environment be installed on your computer. Registering yourself for JAMB UTME may also be challenging because of slow internet connections at cyber cafes as well as the capacity of the JAMB UTME registration portal. We hope JAMB have taken care of the high level of load expected during this period. Some cyber cafes may block access to JAMB UTME e-registration portal fron their cafe so that you pay them for your UTME registration. In such a situation, you are advised to look for a cyber cafe that does not offer

JAMB UTME services. In this research, the researcher was able to replace the error prone manual system with the new online registration form for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination System.

5.2 Conclusion

It was heart warming to read very important information, particularly, the proposal to discontinue UME and replace it with UTME. To start with, the process of the UTME will be very computer sensitive. What are the provisions that the organizers have made for candidates in rural areas with little or no access to computers to ensure that they will not miss the opportunity to register for the UTME? The April 2010 is likely to be the maiden edition of the examination, what provisions have been made to make the maiden edition hitch-free, and should there be any hitch, what recovery strategies are in place? How far has the candidates been educated on those remedial procedures, if any? So, there is need for mass literacy campaign on the use of computer.

5.3 Recommendation

This effectiveness and efficiency of this new system provides room for further improvements. As earlier mentioned, some of the objectives of this project were not actualised due to some limitations. So these objectives could be improved upon. In addition, the areas of possible improvement includes:

  1. Developing an online student entrance processing system to enable full tracking of student‘s records.
  2. Automation of student‘s entrance exam questions to enable the management has access to student academic performance.
  3. Maintaining a central database for accessing all information relating to students and their university entrance processing.

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