Design And Implementation Of An Online Assignment Submission Management System

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Design And Implementation Of An Online Assignment Submission Management System


The paper examines the design and implementation of an online assignment submission system. The challenges faced by students in meeting assignment deadlines and cost associated with printing hard copies of paper, necessitated the researcher to develop a user friendly system to tackle these challenges. The system allows students to submit assignments online to a particular course lecture, who have access to the system for grading purpose. The system was developed using PHP and MYSQL technologies.

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1.1 Background of the Study

An online assignment handling is a system contained within the Module virtual learning environment. The functionality of the standard assignment handling module has been extended to cater for all the Department’s needs in terms of receiving assignments from students, making them available to tutors to mark, returning grades, comments and marked work to students and keeping Registry and course administrators informed at all stages of the process. Extension requests are an integral part of the system.

Universities, Polytechnics and colleges of education are considered the main provider of knowledge in various fields. Various courses of studies are taught in institutions, covering several fields including applied Sciences, Math, Computer, Human Resource, and Accounting. Most courses at universities consist of theoretical as well as practical subject matter. To evaluate the level of understanding and degree of comprehension among students, assignments are often given.

Assignments are submitted by students either individually or in groups. Assignment management involves collecting, marking, and redistributing to students. Tregobov (1998) breaks the process down into four stages: submission, recording, marking, and return. Online assignment submission and management (OASM) involves the use of the World-Wide Web, the Internet and computers to aid this process (Jones, 2003). With traditional assignment submission system, lots of problems arise especially when the students have to submit the answers of the assignment to the lecturer. There may be problems due to distance, time, or format of the assignment (written or printed). Also every learning process requires administrative support. Much of this administrative support is to some degree transparent but if the latter is not well organized it could disrupt the flow of learning between students and the staff.

As the educational world is moving faster and becoming more competitive, almost every university started to use an online submission system, or newer technologies to facilitate their task, to have more time, and to be in pace with this fast moving IT world.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Many reported failures in courses thought in the tertiary institutions can be attributed to the careless of the course representative or the teaching assistant who failed to submit an assignment paper to the lecturer for marking (Jones, 2003). Such careless could lead to a zero mark for the victim whose paper was declared missing or simply not found. The manual method of submitting assignments to the course lecturer or directly to the lecturer in most Nigerian Universities is simply not effective as these papers could get damaged or get missing due to the carelessness of the course representative or the lecturer.

Moreover, assignments that are large in terms of pages or volume could easily discourage a student from submitting due to financial constraints brought about by high cost of printing an assignment. All these problems highlighted are the main reasons the researcher is developing an electronic assignment submission system to curtail these challenges and make studying more enjoyable in our tertiary institutions.

1.3 Objectives of Study

The main objective of the paper is to design and implement an online assignment submission system. Specific objectives of the study are:

  1. To develop a system for proper documentation of students’ record in the in the school system.
  2. To Create a database that will manage each student assignment submission and allow access by leacturer to access those files submitted by the student.
  3. To Create a quick search and advance search that the student / lecturer when sorting a file.
  4. To provide a system to assure equal opportunity and impartial review of student assignment submission
  5. To provide a full school system by that will take care of registration and grading processes.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The study focuses on the areas of concentration of this project i.e. the assignment submission and grading processes. It also covers the faculty registration, lecturer registration, course registration, department registration, users registration, student registration, perform scores/grades registration, test scores assessment and article entry.

1.5 Limitations

This project covers some of the aspect of a computer software based assignment submission management system. However, the following are the constraints:

A constraint in project management is any restriction that defines a project’s limitations; the scope, for example, is the limit of what the project is expected to accomplish.

The three most significant project constraints are: schedule, cost and scope.


Sometimes stated more broadly as time, specifies the timeline according to which those components will be delivered, including the final deadline for completion.


Sometimes stated more broadly as resources, involves the financial limitation of resources input to the project and also the overall limit of the total amount that can be spent.


A project’s scope involves specific goals, deliverables and tasks that defines the boundaries of the project.

1.6 Definition of Terms


A task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study


A student or pupil is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution.


Indicates a state of connectivity.


Any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP rather than existing within a device’s memory.


A lecture is an oral presentation intended to present information or teaches people about a particular subject, for example by a university or college teacher.


The action of presenting a proposal, application, or other document for consideration or judgment.


Is an academic discipline, a social science whose objective is to study organization and organizational leadership.


Set of computer components that is, an assembling of hardware, software and peripherals functioning together.

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Base on the new system that is developed, several points has been carefully observed for further research in other to further improve our school system activities.

In summary of this project the researcher has read through school management system, which is quite large to be encapsulated in just one project work, so this project is reduced to focus on the online assignment submission management system as a whole.

The online assignment submission management system has been sub-divided into modules in other to carefully handle the processes involved in this system. The online assignment submission management system is sub-divided into (4) four major modules which are:

  1. Description of the system
  2. Program Specification
  3. Interface Design
  4. Structure of the Database

This module is also broken down, so as to capture all the necessary segments that are required to make this project successful.


The software developed for the implementation of this research can be used by any School. The following recommendations are proposed:

  1. System backup should be carry out day-to-day if place on a central server on the school building.
  2. A cloud system backup is highly recommended to ensure safety of system in terms of theft or fire outbreak.
  3. Every staff granted access to the system is require to sign an undertaken to protect the integrity of the system.
  4. Users of the system should ensure to print out payment transactions for future references.
  5. Administrator of the system should create passwords with long characters so as to make password hacking difficult.
  6. User with certain privilege should ensure safekeeping of password since it provides access to the system.


In deciding what a school management system should look like for a school before abstracting to the research domain for any faculty or department. They should be validated in the fields. It’s important to look closely at systems that have successfully been deployed in challenging environment and any available evaluation data.

In creating an online assignment submission management system, out of school management system, it is essential that the assignment submission management system is designed with goal of allowing register student to login in with their valid ID access to access the assignment page and being able to upload his / her assignment in the system.

We are now in the fortunate situation of falling information technology costs, improving computer literacy combined with preliminary evidence of school management successes in resource poor areas. The critical challenge is to create well- designed, effective, low cost systems by sharing resources, learning from each other experiences and evaluating our work.

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