Design And Implementation Of An NYSC Posting System

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Prior to the educational system of Nigeria, it is of importance that graduates from tertiary institutions must pass through NYSC (National Youth Service Corps), which is a compulsory one year program.Criteria for this program is that, the graduate most be 30 years or below as at the year of graduation.

Nigeria currently consists of 36 states and a federal capital territory in Abuja. Nigeria is made of more than 250 ethnic nationalities. In view of these the NYSC scheme ensures that every potential corps members are posted to states other than their states of origin and away from their geographical, ethnic and cultural background in other to integrate with other ethnic group in the country.

This NYSC posting strategy ensures national integration as the corps members learn lifestyles different from the ones they are used to. The NYSC scheme also instills discipline and the spirit of selfless service and self reliance on the youths that took part in the program.

A typical NYSC year program is divided into four phases. They are the NYSC orientation program, primary assignment, community development service(CDS) and winding-up program.

Due to the present trend of information technology, it is of importance that the posting system should be automated, so as to enhance adequate service delivering. By so doing it will support operations, management and decision making for the scheme in achieving her set goal.

This information system is mainly depended on ICT component e.g Computer and the information systems will help to control the performance of the scheme.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The existing system is facedwith theunder listed challenges:

  1. The system of posting of corps was manipulated manually, in the sense that, students that are above the age of service year are allowed to go for service which is against the rules of the scheme.
  2. Another problem that is associated with the old system of operation is the idea of posting corps to their state of origin which is not allowed. In the laid down constitution of the scheme, the scheme is not meant to post corps to their respective state of origin. This was done based on the manual system that was involved in the scheme, and most times the workers can easily get influenced by student and they will be prompted to work their service for the students as well.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The objectives of carrying out this research work is to achieve the following

  1. To provide the necessary information that is required by the students embarking for service.
  2. To post student to a different state outside their state of origin
  3. To prevent the idea of grandaunt who have passed the age of service from going to service.
  4. To reduce the number of corpsthat does go for service by checking if they are disabled, military personnel and married. e. t. c.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The design of information system is very significant in the aspect of National Youth Service Corps because of the sensitive role it plays in the country.

In order to keep the scheme moving and reliable, the implementation of information system will be very important or significant in the scheme in achieving her objectives, because without adequate information the scheme will be useless because information is power

1.5 Scope of the Study

This study is mainly centered on the posting system of “NYSC”. The research will investigate the formal posting system by looking at is short comings and try to proffer solution to the existing system by implementing a new computerized posting system.

1.6 Definition of Terms

In the course of this work, certain terms were used. Some of this term is clearly represented below:

i. NYSC:

This stands for National Youth Service Corps

ii. Information:

Information in its most restricted technical sense is an ordered sequence of symbols that record or transmit a message.

iii. Management:

Is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Sumamry

Application of computer in most areas of human endeavour has made the world to become a global village, because of this the federal government of Nigeria sometime ago brought out a policy urging all Nigerian graduate to embark on one year compulsory service, so that they can be use to other geographical locations in the country and to meet with other set of persons they are not used to before. For this scheme to be very effective, the introduction of an information system was introduced by National Youth service corps so as to bridge the gap between the management of the scheme and the corppers.

As mentioned earlier, the use of computer in information system in National Youth Service corps is based around a micro-computer equipped with video display unit (VDU), a keyboard & alarm panel.

The essence is to ensure that these variables are within accepted units so that the management will be alerted if there is any sign of irregularity during the posting of corppers during their service year.

5.2 Conclusion

To crown it all, it is important that the use of computer in our daily activities should be introduced because of its effect and usefulness. The use of computer by corppers in accessing information will go a long way alleviating the problems that lead to the implementation of this new system. More so, this will checkmate the irregularities and problem caused by the manual system of information system in the scheme. With the introduction of this information system by the scheme it will help to produce greater flexibility of jobs and also save more time.

5.3 Recommendation

It is therefore advice able for cooperate bodies as well as organizations to introduce the use of a computerized system for an effective service delivering in other to meet up with the present technology of computer. Which can help to remedy so many problems in terms of management information system?

5.4 Limitation of the Study

As the researcher carried out this research work, the researcher encountered some obstacle which tends to truncate the study. The following limitations encountered were:

i. Time:

Time factor is another major constraint, which unequivocally did force me to limit the scope of the work. The time stipulated for actual completion of this work is rather too short to cover all relevant sections of the project. Also, I had to spend some time looking for the right material before approval was made.

ii. Finance:

This was a factor that stood against the proper documentation of this research work which leads to the inability to get some necessary material from the internet which involves money to pay for time to access the internet. And because of this, I could not get all the necessary information required to make up this research work.

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