The Design And Implementation Of An Electronic Sign Pattern Display

Project and Seminar Material For Electrical Electronics Engineering EEE

The Design And Implementation Of An Electronic Sign Pattern Display


This design implementation of this electronic sequential sign post display employs the use of some specialized components. This section of the project introduces the reader to the different section of the project and the components that makes them up.

Emphasis are laid on describing the behaviour and operational system of the components as related to the project modeling, analysis, design and implementation of an ELECTRONIC SIGN POST, which is made up of a power supply, a shift register, a counter, multivibrator (555CMOSI.C) transistor, relay, resistors of different ohmic values capacitors, sensitive mic (for the switching system) and 220V AC lamp.

List of Figures

  • Fig. 3.1: Block Diagram of a Dynamic Sign Display
  • Fig. 3.2: Arrangement of the Pattern Display
  • Fig. 4.1: Transformer Arrangement
  • Fig. 4.2: Bridge Rectifier
  • Fig. 4.3: Voltage and Current Waveforms
  • Fig. 4.4: Full Diagrams of Power Supply
  • Fig. 5.1: Four Bit Series in Parallel out Register Logic Circuit Arrangement
  • Fig. 5.2: Clear and Shift Sequence
  • Fig. 5.3: Circuit Diagram for SR Ftip-Flop
  • Fig. 5.4: Timing Diagram for SR Ftip-Flop Unclocked
  • Fig. 4.4.B: Clocke Circuit
  • Fig. 6.1: Transistor Switch/Relay Drive
  • Fig. 6.2: Wave form of a Monostable, Fti-Flop
  • Fig. 7.1: Astable Multivibrator
  • Fig. 7.2: Internal Block Diagram of CMOS555 Timer
  • Fig. 7.3: 555CMOS Connection as a Multivibrator
  • Fig. 7.4: 555CMOS Connection as a Timer
  • Fig. 7.5: 555CMOS Connection as a Monostable Vibrator
  • Fig. 8.1: Asynchroneous Decade Counter using Reset
  • Fig. 8.2: Asynchroneous Decade Using Feedback
  • Fig. 8.3: Timing Wave form
  • Fig. 8.4: Pin configuration of Latch Counter
  • Fig. 8.5: Circuit Diagrams of a Divided Counter
  • Fig. 8.6: Complete Circuit Diagram of Electronics Sign Post
  • Fig. 8.7: Complete Picture of Electronic Sign Post

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