Design And Implementation Of Computerized Verification System For Tertiary Institutions

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Design And Implementation Of Computerized Verification System For Tertiary Institutions


This work was produced out of the necessity to address the inherent problems that spring up during admission of students in the institution this effort is geared towards assisting the necessary bodies to verity students within a given time. It also addresses the issue of time wasting in admission/verification of students.

It is also designed for easy associability to all and sundry.

The software of this project when run, prompts the user to enter the name, his personal data,WAEC result, prelim result and then the department for which he or she is to be admitted. The computer will verify and inform you if the student in question is qualified to be admitted or not.

Also, the software of this project contains storage facilities as well deletion of out dated/obsolete information. It should be noted that this project if utilized reduces considerably the volume of files to be carried in the office as tedious of work will be reduced.

Chapter One


In this jet age where technology and computer know-how in the bedrock of development the collection of data, retrieval of information and verification of needed data becomes necessary for an improved organizational efficiency in order to achieve this, the design of software for the above remains undoubtly important.

Thus, the design of this computerized verification of admitted students into the institute of management and technology (IMT).

This design if implemented will go a long way to correct the anomalies of the manual sorting of records.

The result to be achieved by this computerized as the workers of the institute especially the non-academic staff of the institute will find this work invaluable.

Statement of the Problem

Below is some of the problems encountered when carrying out student admission processing menacing

  1. Document stored on shelves occupies more space in the office.
  2. It also makes the office untidy and congested.
  3. Verification attention takes days to retrieve.
  4. Typographic errors.

Purpose of the Study

The utmost aim of embarking on this project is to design a standard students verification system which will serve as a substitute to the manual method. This will Make the tsak easier and will help the necessary bodies to verifies students within a given time and also stress been reduced in the institution (IMT).

The study also goes further to address the long controversy surrounding the processing of student admission in the institution.

It will serve as a base for further studies by system designers. The study will help to determine the nature of students to be admitted that will be under the absolute control of the school.

Finally, this study will go along way covering the staff of admission department their job id not tedious but one of the easiest and most interesting task in the school. It will also serve as guide for future researchers or computerization and related field.

The work will also help the researchers to meet up with an essential academic requirement for graduation.

Aims and Objectives

The study is significant in that the researcher aimed at achieving the following.

  1. Reduction in the time the manual processing take.
  2. Provision of an efficient computer based system verifying, updating and retrieval of necessary information about students admission.
  3. Provision of a system which will reduce the lost associated with bringing of materials, accuracy, reliability, efficiency of processing student admission.
  4. To provide a result which will be reliable and accurate.
  5. The researcher also aimed at eliminating all traces of typographical errors that may occur in our manually compiled students name for admission.
  6. Complexity: production of a system, which will be less complex to operate.
  7. Adjustability.
  8. The work will be able to provide a solution to in urgent enquires about student’s qualification.


This work is aimed at providing the easiest way of verifying qualified students in the institution as a whole: This levels are ordinary National diploma (NDI and ND2) Higher National Diploma.

The Limitations

There are conditions or factors that affected this work when gathering facts. These conditions went a long way in limiting the intended scope of the studying. As a result of this setback, we worked with available resources.

1. Fanance:

During the period of data collection and analysis; the researcher faced a lot of finance problem.

2. Time:

Because of limited time, the facts and figure collected were gotten randomly.

Secondly, the work was done during the last semester, which is a critical time to combine the work and academic work so my time has to be shared between the two to handle the situation.

3. Poor Response:

Some of the staff consulted during the research refused to disclose some of the required data due to fear.

4. Lack of Materials:

There was shortage of books, which is rated to the topic.

Definition of Terms

This section is aimed to help anybody who will come across this study to understand some terms that are not commonly used and also help the reader to understand some basic computer language terms.

Computer Based

This means computer oriented. It also means the use of computer in solving problems.


Is a series of logically related instruction fed into a computer to solve a problem.

Computer Hardware:

This is the physical part of the computer. They are also the major electronic components in the computer system. They include the central processing unit.


This implies drawing an outline from which something may be made.

Flow Chart:

This is a graphical picture of the logical steps and sequence involved in a procedure or a program.

Chapter Seven

Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion


It has been confirmed that the process involved during the manual processing of student result are tedious, cumbersome and time wasting. From the analysis of the existing system, the problem of verifying of students admission could be solved.

The software so designed offers to a great extent the solution to the problem associated with the manual system.
No doubt, the newly designed software is the required solutions to the problem of manually verifying student admission since it goes to a great extent to address the problem of the manual and make necessary provisions to avoid such problems.


This research work, I recommend a parallel changeover. This is a situation where by the old and new system is implemented. This is to enable a sound understanding of the change over, a suggestion that a nation wide literacy campaign be carried out in order to remove the prejudices people have about computer.

This help in producing excellent work. The staffs have to be trained do as to create a positive atmosphere.
By participation it becomes important that the management of the school should make sure that the concerned staff should really participate in the design and implementation of the system.

Finally, it is recommended that the school use the current software package to ascertain its efficiency compare to their manual procedures and result of the research. It is dear that computerized verification system is error free, simple and more reliable. The government and authority should support computerization of student’s qualification.


In conclusion therefore, if the institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu deem it necessary to enhance its computerized verification system, there should be no doubt that the institute will have problem concerning student record and this should be done effectively and efficiently.

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