Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Temperature Control System For A Cold Room

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Temperature Control System For A Cold Room


The purpose of the study was to design and implement a computerized temperature control system for a cold room.

This work is also designed to monitor and detect any abnormality in the temperature value of any system thereby improving the efficiency and through put of that system.

This piece will go a long way to monitor and control the temperature of any system through incorporated interrupt device.

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents

Chapter One

The Problems and Its Setting.

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 The problem
  • 1.3 Sub-problem
  • 1.4 Hypothesis
  • 1.5 The delimitations
  • 1.6 The limitations
  • 1.7 Definition of terms
  • 1.8 assumptions
  • 1.9 organization of the study

Chapter Two

Literature Review

Chapter Three

The Design of the Study

  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 The components
  • 3.3 The procedures for the design
  • 3.4 The circuit diagram
  • 3.5 The flow chart for the design
  • 3.6 The program for the design

Chapter Four

Presentation and Analysis

  • 4.1 The introduction
  • 4.2 Detail analysis
  • 4.3 General analysis

Chapter Five

Summaries, Conclusion and Recommendation.

  • 5.1 The introduction
  • 5.2 Summary after study
  • 5.3 Conclusion
  • 5.4 Recommendations for further research
  • Bibliography

Chapter One

The Problem and Its Setting

1.1 Introduction

Feed back control systems exist in nature to a considerable extent. This can be explained with a single human analogy. The simple action of a human being picking up a pencil typically involving two feed back paths which are firstly, visual feed back data enable the current positions of the fingers to be signaled to the optional system and hence to the brain. Temperature Control System

Secondly, having located the pencil, feedback data are transmitted to the brain, via the nervous system to signaled the amount of pressure currently being applied by the finger tips to the pencil. The objective of the human brain is to establish the desired position for the fingers and the desire degrees of fingers pressure to compare these. Desire values with the actual values being transmitted back to the brain, and to use the results of these comparisons to compute an appropriate course of action which will then be implemented, by appropriate body muscles upon receipt of suitable signals from the brain. Temperature Control System

Systems such as this which employ feed back data, are termed closed loop concerned with computer temperature control in which the functions alluded to, so far are implemented by hardware with the function of human operator reduced to the task of establishing desired values of goals.

Whenever, controlled disturbances are applied to a system of whatever, description, in order to improve the performance of the system. then, provided that the performance is monitored and the performance measures are used to determine appropriately the nature of the disturbance, control principles are being used and theory may be applied to analyze and predict the behaviour of the system. because of the rapid evolution of digital computers occurring in over the last few years, much of the electronic hardware used in control systems has become based and the level of intelligence inherent with in the system has escalated. Temperature Control System

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Due to the component (Micro chips) used in the design of microcomputers, there is need to control the temperature of the system with breaking down, hence the need for computer temperature controller.

The essence of this computer controller, is that it will regulate the temperature of the computer system and detect any abnormal situation in the system so as to apply appropriate measures.

1.3 The Sub Problem

The sub problem that would be involved in this work-include.

  1. The detection of abnormal temperature in a cold room: this is done by comparing the set-point of the temperature with some temperature values that will be read into the system.
  2. Apply appropriate mechanism to control the temperature in a cold room.
  3. Program the computer to trip off whenever the temperature is above the set point.

1.4 The Hypothesis

At the end of the work it is infected that the desire help to eliminate abnormalities due to temperature increase or decrease in the computer can operate over a long time without breaking down or blowing up. Also with the design the information or data stored into the system will be safeguarded thereby avoiding any damage in the computer files. Temperature Control System

1.5 The Delimitation

The scope of this study covers only computerized temperature regulator of a cold room and emphasis on the level of the temperature the operation of the sensor and time will be simulated.

1.6 Definition of Terms

Some terms which are used in this work are being defined such as:


A transducer is a device or combination whose response to a mechanical, electrical physical or chemical stimulus is an out signal functionally related in terms of magnitude and sense, to the magnitude and sense of the stimulus. The transducer may often be compose of two principal component in direct contact with the source of the stimulus, and the secondary element, which is that component directly responsible for the generation of the output signal. Temperature Control System


A converter is a transducer which converts a signal of the standardize form into a signal of a different standardized form.


The measurement of how or cold a thing is by using thermometer is known as temperature.


The instrument used to measure the degree of a temperature is called thermometer.

1.6 The Assumptions

It is assumed that the normal input value (set point) which posses through the system is well known to the computer Engineer. This helps Engineer in the system being monitored. The employee is expected to have known or undergone some training on computer population and operation so as to use the design very well. This design will work more effectively if there is an analog 70 digital. Temperature Control System

Converter which will convert the analog signals to its equivalent values. If therefore complies that a transducer converter must be available.

1.7 The organization of the Study.

The work is organized in chapters. There are a total of five chapters in this project.

  • Chapter one deals with the problem and its setting the sub-problem, hypothesis, delimitation, limitation and assumption are all covered in this chapter. Temperature Control System
  • Chapter two covers, literature review as well as the background of the study.
  • In chapter three, an overview of the design of the study with their specification is reviewed, the circuit diagram, the simulation program together, with the hardware design and covered in this chapter.
  • Chapter four is an analysis of the system already designed both the software analysis and the procedure for implementation are all reviewed.
  • Chapter five, contains the summary, conclusion and recommendation of the study. Temperature Control System

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.0 Introduction:

This chapter covers the summary, conclusion and the recommendation of the project. The summary and conclusion concentrates on the brief outline of the work done to this project and the usefulness of computer in the temperature control system.

5.1 Summary

This project is an overview of the computer application in temperature control of systems in a cold room the design of the study is made in such a way that the computer need to be attached to the system whose temperature in controlled.

It is hoped that for real life required so that the readings on the system whose temperature is being control can be converted to its digital requirement of that system is not the digital types.

The output of the simulation is such that a graphic display in the form of lines are provided with calibration attached. The set point (accepted temperature) is indicated with an arrow head and the points or the abnormal ranges fo temperature is also indicated as well, such that when the temperature of the system reaches the charge through the alarm system.

5.2 Conclusion

The use of computer especially the effectiveness in the control of temperature of system cannot be over emphasized. Ti is worth remembering that these benefits incur lost. Inevitably, input data will be increased with attendant collection and handling cost and risk of error.

This work will go a long way to reduce the long operating time strictly. The operating speed is also enhanced and this will relief the engineers of the tedious task of manual monitoring of the system.

5.3 Recommendation

  1. In considering all that have been designed in this project, I be employed in the control of temperature of certain equipment like room temperature.
  2. I also recommend that research be carried out to improve the software designed in this work so as suite the hardware design preferably.
  3. I also recommend the program using assembly language which is most appropriate for micro processor based applications.

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