Design And Implementation Of A Computerized System For Immigration Service

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized System For Immigration Service


The immigration department of the Federal Government Secretariat Enugu is saddled among other things with the task of regulating the entry and exit of persons or the movement of people into and out of Nigeria. It is also entrusted with the task of issuing international traveling passport to eligible Nigerians.

This study focused on the review of the manual mode of operations at some of the sections, namely the control section, the administration and passport section with a view to computerize their activities.

A computerized information system has been developed to facilitate storage and retrieval of information.

Furthermore the adequate keeping of records of immigrants entering or leaving Nigeria and finally prints of the individuals involve are the provisional offers of the computerized system.

All these measures are geared towards improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the immigration department.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The unity and mutual understanding reigning amongst the countries of the world today has encourage the free movement of people all over the world. Such people visits countries of their choice based on their interest many people travel to other countries for business transaction, tourism, education, diplomatic and political purpose and other miscellaneous reasons.

Despite the understanding existing amongst countries, intending visitors to any country are expected to have sought the mandate of the government of that country through the embassy or accredited representatives of the country based on his/her own country.

The immigration department therefore, is the official government agency responsible for taking care of the interest of intending immigrants or immigrants already residing in the country for monitoring and regulating the entry and exit of immigration into or out of their country.

The immigration Department in Nigeria established after the promulgation of the immigration act in 1963 are responsible for examining and interrogating any person wishing to enter or leave Nigeria through air, sea or land, moreso, the person’s baggage are searched to identify what he/she is travelling with.

The control section in the in the immigration department is saddled with the task of approving signed documents for travelling. The administration section deals with the documenting, processing and storage of traveler’s document for future references. The passport in the immigration department is saddled with the task of passport photographs. Filling of the acquired forms and forwarding of the forms to the control section where it will be approved and sign.

The design of an immigration information system involves a situation whereby all the activities and procedures carried out before an immigrant/emigrant will be credited is processed with the aid of the computer it requires a computer statement of immigration program since the computer can do virtually nothing without a workable computer program. The program contains all the immigration form by a particular immigrant/emigrant.

1.2 Statement of Problem

From the inception of organisation, emphasizing on a particular department in the organisation the immigration has been engaging or encountering enormous problem running their daily activities in producing the travelling document for the immigrants/emigrants.

The glaring disadvantages of the manual approach of processing immigration document and some of problems it posses and underlets:

  1. It takes a long time in accessing record in manual system that is in filling cabinet.
  2. Detection of errors and faults on forms.
  3. The fact that records are stored on paper makes it easily accessible for vandalization by unauthorized persons.
  4. Untimely inefficient and inaccurate processing of data and handling of immigrant record by the immigrant officers.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

This project is geared towards eradication of all the deformities and loopholes of the manual method of processing immigration requirement. This developing a new system to handle all the jobs/work involves in immigration electronically. Supplying all the deficiencies of the existing system.

Consequent upon the elimination of the deficiencies and edifying of the deformities encountered in the existing system. Over shadowing its operational incapacitation by developing a computer based, solution of storing information and processing of immigrant’s form

Furthermore, since the immigrations department has been manually functioning ever since it was promoted and established in1963, many people are wondering whether the design of a computerized immigration information system has any impact to their mode of operation. The outcome of these study will be useful to immigration department in general. The study will go along way in highlighting the procedures of the immigration information system been computerized thereby minimizing or eliminating any form of disfunctional or unwanted particulars. The eradication of the problem of traditional method and the implementation of the system will encourage the user’s to work for organisation because it reduces stress of work.

1.4 Aims and Objectives

The aim of this project is to work towards the elimination of ineffective mode of operation. It centered on the user to having conductive atmosphere for work thereby minimizing stress and further aimed as a means of safe guarding information, which will serve as reference for making management decision, it is also aimed at accurate and timely processing of immigration forms.

The objective from the initiator of the proposal is geared towards combating all the aims and the problems being discovered on the existing system. Finding out the requirement needed to build the new system, the type of database to be produced to suit the comfortability of the user of the software; would it be based on the sequential or random or index mode of operation.

1.5 Scope of the Study

The scope of this project work covers all the activities of immigration in Nigeria using the Federal Secretariat Enugu as a case study. It will keep adequate records of immigrants entering or leaving Nigeria and hold a data bank of passport holders.

1.6 Limitations

In the course of carrying out the survey for the project work, the researcher encountered several bottlenecks, accumulated problems and constraints. Based on the limited availability of resources the researcher was compelled to limit his study to Federal Secretariat Enugu as his case study. Some of the problems, constraints or limitations are outlined as follows:

  1. Time Lag: Because of the duration of the project work, the researcher could not probe into a large scope and the time for research is combine with academic work.
  2. Financial Constraints: Financial outfit contributed immensely for not broadening the research to other immigration section.
  3. Insufficient Information from the Federal Government Secretariat Enugu immigration sector.

1.7 Assumptions

Sequel to insufficient information, time lag, the researcher assume that the hardware for the installation of the software is already procured and the people to use the software are computer literate and importantly the researcher assume that the immigration information of the federal government secretariat Enugu has not been computerized. It is equally assume that the information collected during the study was reliable and valid.

1.8 Definition of Terms

Fault Detection:

The act of finding out errors, mistakes and illegal acts carried out while filling the forms.


Time taken to complete the form processing.


The act of making one’s entry into a country legal.


The act of sending one back to his country of origin as a result of being convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment by government.


It pertains to the planning, development and testing of new information system structures and modification of existing structure.


The citizens of non-common wealth nation who are expected to obtain Visa before being permitted entry into Nigeria.


It is an endorsement on passport permitting the bearer to travel into country of issuing government.

Chapter Seven

Recommendation and Conclusion

7.1 Recommendation

There is reservation whatsoever in saying that the purpose of the design and implementation of an immigration information system is a good and profitable venture and steps that could be taken by the staffs of the Federal Immigration Services Enugu should be positive towards the implementation of this newly developed system. This is as a result of its numerous enumerated advantages.

Furthermore, for the immigration department to be on the side of appreciating the efficiency and effectiveness of the new system, I hereby recommend parallel change.

It is not assumed that this work is carried to the extreme because of some constraints, therefore, more can be done in other section of immigration department.

I hereby recommend that interested scholars who would like to explore the immigration information system process would invest more resources on this and carry out more research work on this using my as a foot stool to further probe the immigration processes.

I equally recommend that any programmer who would like to improve on this work should study the program flow chart, System flow chart and the Pseudocode of this work properly before attempt to improve it. More so, every one that wishes to use this newly developed software should be trained and the management of immigration service should organize workshop and seminar for all the workers where they will be taught the fundamentals of the new system.

Finally, I recommend that the entire system requirement stated above should be made available before the installation of the new system.


The research carried out on this dissertation has helped a lot in achieving the aims and objectives of the new system, which was earlier stated. Most importantly the fastest and accuracy associated with the use of the design and implementation of the system.

In view of this, immigrants and emigrants will be issued passport and immigration forms easily and it will be processed on time. As seen from the achievement of this dissertation, the manual system of processing the immigration form will be eliminated and this saves time.

With the encouragement of a computerized immigration information system, the department will also be relieved of the enormous tasks of performing its work manually since the new system is more efficient.

One, therefore need to say that with a computerized immigration information system, this benefits are attributed to only the immigration department.

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