Design And Implementation Of Computerized Student Registration System

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Design And Implementation Of Computerized Student Registration System


This work introduces a computer oriented approach to the registration of students in the admissions department of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu as opposed to the Manual process that is currently in use. Although there may be a computer system existing already in the department used for staff and student’s services, it cannot handle the registration of the students since it was not initially designed for this, if there is, the computer, system may be making use of batch processing techniques.

The loopholes in the existing system (manual) will be taken into account in designing the new system. All the system’s specification required to put the system into operation will be considered. This on-line operation will be made to be user-interactive. The programming language to be used for the system’s design and development is visual basic 6.0.

This work is expected to eliminate the shortcomings of the existing system thereby being an explicit solution to implicit problems inherent in the system.

Table of Contents

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 The problems and its setting
  • 1.2 The purpose of the study
  • 1.3 Aims and objectives of the study
  • 1.4 The statement of the problem
  • 1.5 The scope of the study
  • 1.6 The limitation of the study
  • 1.7 Assumption of the study
  • 1.8 Definition of terms

Chapter Two

2.0 The Review of the Related Literature

Chapter Three

3.0 Description and Analysis of the Existing System

  • 3.1 Form purchase and submission
  • 3.2 Objectives of the existing system
  • 3.3 Input process and output analysis
  • 3.4 Problems of the existing system
  • 3.5 Fact finding method
  • 3.6 Justification of the new system

Chapter Four

4.0 The Design of the New System

  • 4.1 Input specification and processing
  • 4.2 File design and processing
  • 4.3 Output specification
  • 4.4 System requirements

Chapter Five

5.0 Development and Implementation

  • 5.1 The package design
  • 5.2 Staff training
  • 5.3 The change over procedure
  • 6.0 Documentation

Chapter Seven

7.0 Recommendation and Conclusion

  • 7.1 Conclusion
  • References

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 The Problems and Its Setting

In our modern technological age, science strives as it can to alleviate the problems of man with a view of making like less tedious for him. With the advent of computers in the later forties which is regarded as one of the greatest scientific discovery, the problems of our society are gradually being reduced to their minimum level.

The aims of this project in a more improved and confined way is the use of computer in the registration of students in the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu.

The design involves the steps to software development using Visual Basic (VB) 6.0.

1.2 The Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to provide the overview of the existing system, sport the shortcomings, design and develop a new system that will be able to overcome these limitations of the existing system.

This project work has the intention of developing system that can provide fast retrieval, update and storage of information and data inclusively such that access to information can be done with a greater ease.

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study

This project work is aimed at producing a system that will eliminate the difficulties and unnecessary protocols inherent in the existing system. From the feasibility study the researcher took, he came out with an alternative which is much better in terms of cost effectiveness, time saving, reliability and clearity of output.

1.4 The Statement of the Problem

The admission department of IMT has for long now been admitting students through only two mediums.

  1. Through Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Polytechnic (JAMBPOLY) Exams and
  2. The institution screening exercise. This project work delves more into the institutions screening exercise.

Students are expected to buy forms, fill them and submit to the department which will be scrutinized by a set committee who will inscribe “QUALIFIED” OR “NOT QUALIFIED” on each of these forms screened. After which there will be short history.

On the course of this exercise, the following problems have been identified:

  1. Less efficiency
  2. Less effectiveness
  3. Less reliability
  4. Labour demanding
  5. Time consuming
  6. Waste of material resources
  7. Poor security networks and
  8. Vindication

The developed new system takes control of all the above mentioned problems efficiently.

The project has the objectives of making the registration exercise less tedious for the students and even the registering staff. It is also aimed at developing a system that will restrict unauthorized access thus providing strong security to stored information. One of the prior objectives of this research work.

1.5 The Scope of the Study

This project work is set to design and implementation of computerized student registration in the Institution of Management and Technology, Enugu. It covers the registration of both old and fresh students.

It does not cover the registration of students in other polytechnics of Nigerian Universities although with little amendments, it could be used by any desiring universities or polytechnic. This project does not cover records, student’s affairs and others hence it cannot be used in the processing of student’s results, students’ hostel allocation etc.

1.6 The Limitations of the Study

For the fact that this research work is a spectacular one-spectacular in the sense that it is a case of providing a usable materials to a named organization which it has not before, there were not books available for retrieval of relevancies needed for this project work.

It was not easy getting some required information in writing this project as most of the information needed were considered confidential by the authority of the institution.

1.7 Assumption of the Study

Most people ignorantly perceive the advent of computer as a great threat to their jobs hence they welcome the introduction of computers in their place of work with misgivings. In carrying out this project, the researcher is assuming that the staff of admissions department IMT Enugu has not the wrong perceptions about computers and will be to undergo training in the use of the new system.

It is also assumed that the information that are provided by the students are correct as any false information will result in corrupted output (Misinformation) rendering the whole exercise futile.

1.8 Definition of Terms

This section defines or describes some strange words to some readers of this project work. These strange words could be information technology jargons or other borrowed terms. These include:

Chapter Seven

Recommendation and Conclusion

7.1 Recommendation

The important of an online system in an establishment cannot be over emphasized. This ha led to some of the recommendations.

The Design and implementations of any electronic gadget especially in an online in such area of school admission process must be facilitated by some certain factors

  1. The federal government through federal ministry of education should find the online of such adventures.
  2. The school in its own should see to the implementation of the project.
  3. There should be available online engineers and technicians for both installation, operating and maintenance of the system
  4. There should be attached to the admission form some educative manuals that should guide and direct the new students on admission processes.
  5. There should be workshop or seminars organized to educate the staff members on some basic aspects that concerns them.
  6. An air-conditioning unit is vital to increase the life span of the machine and to keep away from dust.
  7. A standy power generator is needed to avoid current fluctuations, a stabilizer should be acquired.
  8. There should be need for the acquiring of the uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  9. The monthly servicing of the entire system would be a good policy and spare parts further study may be carried out on the project topic availability should be assured.
  10. Ensure that only uninfected diskettes are introduced to avoid rival corruption of the programs.

7.2 Conclusion

The research work was mainly carried out to develop a functional design. That could be used in the college registration process. It was not some in isolation of staff members of admission. Also there is an expert in the field of computer science who supervised the work to ensure it workability for the real purpose it was made.
So far the fact hat it was carried out under a systematic reconstruction of knowledge and experiences of both teaching and non-reaching staff of the college, it has the implication that the same could be functional in other colleges and universities in all parts of the country as well.

Data were collected from different sources and its analysis was such that any sincere user can follow it systematically and arrive at expected conclusion even without the presence of the researcher due to its clarity and unambignity stated in the work and how both the staff and the student can through the folders in the drive (diskette) examine properly every students document. Students on registration can find a solace in the procedures presented here in the work by going through it accurately and patiently.

There is clear and detailed information on what students have to bring along on admission.

Therefore it becomes imperative to state that its educational implications is its applicability in all other colleges and universities

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