Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Price Determining System For Shop Wares

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Price Determining System For Shop Wares


This project is aimed at the computerization of the commercial operations of ROBAN STORES. It involves maintenance of stock control, updating of sales record and display of goods available for sale at the store. The report also highlight the process involved in the buying of goods and subsequent payment in cash of the goods demanded by the customers.

It is also intended to inform and guide customers and the general public on the kind of services offered by ROBAN STORES as regards their commercial operations, goods and stock available for sale and the benefit and preferential treatments given to the customers who buy goods in bulk or in large quantities.

For efficiency and effectiveness of the system, the method of data collection are:- Interview method and personal observation.

Moreover, Q-basic was specifically chosen for the coding and exclusion of this report because it allows for interaction between the main proportion and their subprograms.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

With the write of their great capacity and speed, computers have been extremely effective in processing massive quantities of accounting transactions and producing essential documents and reports. It is no wonder, insecure, that many managers, planners administrators, educationists, researchers, chief executives and business men now feel an urgent need for computer in their respective organization. In the save view, the objectives of this project is to incorporate computer into the processing of information at OLUYOLE STORES. As a result of their negative effects on nutrition and their current taxation status, soft drinks offer a possible target for public health tax policies.1On average, sugar-sweetened beverages contribute 301 kcal (1260 kJ) per day per capita (13% of total daily energy values) to the diets of American adolescents. Assuming no substitution of soft drinks with other caloric beverages and no change in other factors affecting purchasing behavior, our estimates of the price elasticity of soft drinks suggest that a 10% tax on soft drinks could lead to an 8% to 10% reduction in purchases of these beverages.

Small changes add up. One USDA study that estimated potential weight loss from various tax rates on salty snacks under a range of price elasticities predicted that a 10% price increase from a national sales tax could reduce body weight between 0.2 and 0.99 lb (0.1–0.5 kg) per year while generating approximately $1 billion in tax revenue.State governments already target sales taxes at soft drinks and selected snack foods. As of January 2009, 33 states taxed the sale of soft drinks at an average rate of 5.2%. importance to policymakers, recent surveys show that the public is willing to pay increased taxes if the funds generated are used to address childhood obesity. Although the potential public health benefits of price changes in specific food categories can be estimated, it is essential to assess changes in consumer behavior as price changes occur. For example, in the event of higher prices resulting from increased taxes, consumers could increase their caloric consumption from fruit juice to compensate for their reduction in soft drink intake, or, more positively, they might generalize the healthy changes they make to other categories of foods.

It is also important to consider how governments use revenues generated by changes in economic policies such as taxes. For instance, regressive food taxes could be offset by using revenues to lower the costs of healthy foods, particularly for low-income population groups. Such policies are under consideration. The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 (known as the “Farm Bill”) authorized a $20 million pilot study examining the use of price incentives to promote consumption of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods among food stamp recipients . On the basis of our mean price elasticity of 0.70 for fruits and 0.58 for vegetables, a 10% reduction in the price of these foods would increase purchases on average by 7.0% and 5.8%, respectively. As such, changes in prices alone would probably not increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to the levels recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. However, price changes combined with public education campaigns and other regulations affecting the food environment in institutional and home settings may have a multiplicative effect that could significantly improve diets, particularly among at-risk population groups. Although demand for food is relatively inelastic, the power of small price changes, especially applied to foods most responsive to such changes, should not be underestimated given that their effects accumulate across a population. Computerization of the store can remove wastage, guarantee quick service at service points of vital importance to the public and improve productivity. Such computerization effort often costs for less than the money and time it will save both the public and the organization.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

In every organization (ROBAN STORES) encounter numerous problems, which include keeping goods, maintaining, checking and having goods account records for gods in stock.

Despite the good maintenance in the manual stock control system at ROBAN STORES, there will arise great inefficiency in its accounting system, as well as its record updating system.

However, the main aim of this study is to incorporate computer into the daily operations of the store with reference to mainly it’s accounting system, as well as its stock control system and its day to day commercial operations.

With introduction and application of computer into the operations of the STORE the organization will be able to improve dramatically on its daily information and accounting system.

The above problems discovered therefore prompted to a software design to be able to add to existing stock and delete goods in stock collectively refered to as updating, as well as producing an accurate accounting system for the STORE.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to design and implement a system that will eliminate the above problems such as misplacement of rital information, documents, records, duplications of efforts etc, and a lot of time is wasted or taking when locating and processing of vital files.

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The aims and objectives of this project report is to study how the organization (ROBAN STORES) operational aims and other activities and how they are executed.

In areas of misplacement of vital documents a computer will be used to record, store, retrieval of large volume of documents; which will reduce the duplications efforts due to in-accuracy in activities and time taken in locating of files when it is required for processing.

1.5 Scope of the Problem

The researcher is limited to the study of computerized price determing system (ROBAN STORES, ENUGU)
The study is also limited to the limitation that is being acquired from (ROBAN STORES, ENUGU), more information were gathered from the write-ups of the existing system of back-up the study and design of the new system.

1.6 Limitation of the Study

One to lack of time and resources, the study is limited to certain area concerning problems being encountered and gathering of information’s on how goods are being sold, or kept and how to process them using a computer.

1.7 Assumption

This research was carried out with the assumption of the combusting that might arise in tackling stocks problem and computation inefficiencies.

For this purpose, the assumption reached was to design and implement a price determining software package that will eliminate and arrest any difficulties that involved in manual computation.

1.8 Definition of Terms


A logical of instructions, which are carried out in a fixed order to find the solution to a problem.

  • A system software package that converts a problem oriented language to the language a computer understands.
  • An electronic data processing machine which can store and process information at very high speeds.

The use of computer to control an operation or system.


These are units of observation which do not curvy any meaning


An operating system that uses disk devices for permanent storage.


A diagram in which particular shapes and connecting lines are used for showing how each particular action in a system is connected with one another.


Consists of facts resulting from processed data, providing knowledge relating to events or situation.


A secret word, which one has to know before he can access to a particular system.


Set of instruction, which is used to solve a problem.

Software Package:

A phrase used to define one or more programs or set of instructions.

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The price determining software design in this project checks weight of this placed on it’s load cell and determines it’s approximate weight in the program and as such wherever it is placed, be it in the seaports or grocery stores, there will not arise the embarrassment caused a customer by asking for time to manually scan, record or inventories. A new item whose weight does not conform with weight existing can have it’s price easily determined.

The price determining software was designed using components that ensure accuracy and speed by the use of the differential instrumentation amplifier and to interface card that is compatible to IBM computers for compatibility thus enhancing speed.


The software is recommended for use in ROBAN STORES”, however, this project leaves off ample areas for concentration in further research works.

Areas that will make good researchers include the strain gauge; an alternative transducer could be designed with low approximation value. A research using assembly language program to attempt to access the processor in order to provide an easy and better-automated device (software).

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