Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Modern Poultry Farm (A Case Study Imo Poultry Farm Ltd)

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Modern Poultry Farm (A Case Study Imo Poultry Farm Ltd)


The magical impact of computer has made enormous contribution to all aspect of the society people can now do things easily unlike in the past. Computers have lesson human activities (effort) in their day to day life, by reducing both human labour and time in solving their problem which are both numerous / unlimited.

The introduction of the magical machine has led to the further growth of Agricultural products. The technological know how and scientific research reveals that a lot of work can be carried out by the computer in agriculture and help in the growth.

It therefore deems imperative that computers should also be employed and utilized in forms. This thesis centers how computer systems can be useful in a large scale poultry farm, keeping of general stock of the birds, weight of individual birds and finally the accountability of the farm.

Computerized system has been design to take care of all the mentioned activities in a modern poultry farm. The activities will be carried out solely by the computer and any odd actions taken should be notified by the computer.
The work is implemented with the DBASE programming language to control the activities of the computer.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

The huge shape as seen by astrologers from the moon, and discovered and called the earth an enormous planet, has been transformed to small place where activities can easily be carried out with less intervention, thanks to the Polar behind the magical influence of computers.

Computers have been employed in nearly all of the human field, from Business and Banking, Insurance, Agriculture and Technology. Difficult and strenuous jobs that were carried out by humans in the past have today been easily and effectively carried out by computers.

In the development and maintenance of life, Agriculture plays an enormous role. As the population of human increases so also the requirement of food and their need for other agricultural products will be high in order to satisfy the huge population with food, shelter and raw materials for their industries.

Since human being have limit in all they do, it deems imperative therefore that services of this great and tireless machine be put into all of man’s activities including the Agricultural sector for mass production and provision of food and other agricultural benefits to man.

In the field of animals husbandry, whose services are also needed for further (addition) production to satisfy every aspect of man’s wants, because of the usefulness of this sector of Agriculture it is necessary that computer are introduced, in order that its activities be easily carried out for better results.

This projects is concerned with computerizing a poultry farm but our center of attraction is in general stock keeping and other activities that will be done easily and effectively by computers. It is worthy to note that a poultry farmer who engages a large scale production encounters a lot of problems, these problem may include stock keeping proper account of their daily activities and also keeping tracks on feeding the birds.

This project will see the design of a system that will take care of the above mentioned problems. Above all, it will serve as a guide to poultry farmers on how to keep proper stocks and the system of feeding their birds to avoid stunted growth.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem.

The purpose of this study is find out the affect in implementing a computerized in a poultry farm. The introduction of computer in a poultry can have a positive or negative response to the society.

However precaution, principles and strategies should be undergone before innovating a computer system in the farm or organization, so that the effect can be treated. Certain factors should be considered before innovation of the computerized system will take shape such factors include

  1. Statement of the Sub problem
  2. Limitation
  3. Delimitation.

1.3 Statement Of The Sub – Problem.

The statement of the sub – problem centered mainly on the following.

  1. The way it should be handled
  2. The merits towards the computerization of the poultry farm, to farm and society.
  3. The demerit or short coming in innovating a computer system to the society.
  4. The problem it may produce
  5. The ability to keep electricity supply constant in the poultry site

1.4 Delimitation Of The Study

The computer system when fully introduced into our poultry farm will be very during the daily transactions that will be carried out. Birds and feeds when purchased can dully accounted for by registration using the system, each feeds/bird has its distinctive way of being classified and recorded. Provision also exist in case of dead birds, if a bird dies it must be recorded in the system and the computer now uses this for proper stock keeping. Sales can easily be carried out using this system, because when you provide the computer with the quantity and unit price of the birds we want to sell it immediately provides in its display menu the total amount you will sell the bird.

1.5 The Significance / Objectives Of The Study

Since computers are tireless electronics machines, it entails that there would be less need of human labor but the system if design properly will aid efficiency and productivity in the poultry because it has few or no restrictions. The introduction of computer in poultry has enormous objectives.

  1. The ease it bring to the difficult and strenuous job.
  2. To give accurate and also keep accounts.
  3. To reduce cost in terms of paying workers (laborers)
  4. Save considerable time needed to carryout all activities.

1.6 Limitation Of The Study

The poultry farm ha a lot of departments, so to computerized the whole activities of the poultry will not be totally possible at our stage, the problem of time and cost highly restricted. The scope of our study when giving proper and comfortable time with the right resources the study can be totally carried out, leading to the complete computerization of the whole department / section of the poultry farm

1.7 Definition Of Terms

Computer System:

This an electronic device that accepts data as input, process this data and provides information as output, storing it at electronic speed under a controlled program.


These are group of inter – related records on a particular subject.


A network of interrelated, interdependent and interacting procedures that are joined together to perform an activity accomplish a specific goal.

It is a combination of their attributes and their interaction that are organized in the pursuit of a common objectives.


Are sets of electronic instructions given to the computer to tell it what to do, when and how to do it. It is frequently made up of group of related program.

Chapter Seven

Recommendation and Conclusion

7.1 Recommendation

In the light of this study and implication of findings, the researchers recommend that all modern poultry farms that wish to achieve maximum production of their birds and also administrative efficiency should adopt this computerized system

This project work was achieve using DBASE programming language. Hence the researchers recommend that similar study be carried out with other programming languages such as QBASIC, GLO – BASC, C- PROGRAMMING etc.

7.2 Conclusion

Based on the findings and result the study a conclusion can be drawn. It has revealed some important and interesting that a lot of implications for the farmers/workers concerned in a stock keeping. It also reveals that the computerized approach to poultry farming gives a plus in proper records keeping in that it offers flexibility or file manipulation. All files for the poultry can be stored and retrieved at will and with swiftness.

Finally, the researchers based on the outcome of the study and also related works earlier done by other researcher submit that the computerized poultry system provides a more economical, less fatigue and efficient means of keeping stock and poultry files in any farm. This is a plus to the magical influence, the computer is giving to the word

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