Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Measuring Index For A Nation GNP

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Measuring Index For A Nation GNP


Gross National product the most widely used measure of the cyclical ups and down of the economy and to monitor economic growth. In conjunction with measure of Labour and capital input, it provide indicators of nations productivity. This GNP is a primary focus in the analysis of the current economy situation outside, of macro economic forecasting and in policy formulation but the question remain first, what is the accurate output of economy outside its composition and it use second, what is this economic processor mechanism by which output is produced and distributed and how can these non-mortised activity be accurately estimated. How should a National income account be adjusted to I m corporate the delectation of National I resources and deterioration of the environment?

This project work is a key store to set of a measures, which provide answers to the question looking at a computerized measuring index for a National GND, this proposal is a valued solution its capability to combat and reduce the problems.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Gross National product (GND) in economic is a quantitative measure of a nations total economic activity generally assessed or quarterly most at times GND is said to be the total dollar values of final goods and service produced for consumption in society during a particular economic activity based on Lebour and production output within a country. The figures sued to assemble data include the manufacture of tangible goods such as cars furniture etc provision of service used in direly living such as education health care and auto repair.

The GND is equals to the gross domestic product (GND) plus the income earned by domestic resident through foreign. Investment minus income earned by foreign investor in product is often confused with GNP, is calculated is from the total value of good and service produced in an economy over a specified period. The Gross domestic product measure output generated through production by lebour and property which is physically located in the confines of a country.

Mecr while, GNP being the value of all final good and services, produced within a nation in a given year plus income earned by its citizen aboard minus income earned by foreigners from domestic production which is regarded as the most important indicator of status of an problem since the second world war ranging from drastic increase of errors in calculation accuracy and variation of data collected for the GNP calculation.

However, all these problem arise as a result of traditional technology that is, result of traditional technology that is pen and paper technology. This project work critically analyzed the constraints, the very Large volume of data complexity and the logical task performed which contribute to the challengly and designed a technological solution which when deployed and implemented will explore a cognitive approach to the situation

1.2 Statement of the Problem

GNP/capital is a measure of average national output. There are at least two major kind of problem with this as a major of problem with this as a major of individual income. The problem are

1.3 Problem of Measurement

  1. Non magnetized activity may be poorly estimated (eg product of percent agriculture excluded.
  2. Problem of conceptual legation GNP/Capital is a simple average of output divided by numbers of people so it does not say anything about the distribution of National income between rich and poor other are
  3. The GNP measuring connection is seriously fawned. The Civility can not be rewarded until a more accurate and technological measurement is adopted the flaws here include (what is count and what it does not count.)
  4. Reduced revenue based on mistaken measure

1.4 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to investigable in the inherent problem of measuring index for a Nation GNP, the develop series of design concept aimed at combating the data over ward which this will the achieved by an affective computer food that enable imitative reconstruction of the traditional method of measuring GNP which will be very powerful in both gathering of data and processing result.

1.5 Objective of Study

  1. To measure the nature aggregate economic output
  2. To know the value of all the goods and service produced in an economy plus the value of good and server imported bass the goods and services exported
  3. To know the delete may between physical goods and. Intangible service
  4. To know the measure of National income and output
  5. Finally to be concise about the national GNP (measures not value of output in a two more different year.

1.6 Definition of Terms

GNP (Gross National product)

Is the value of all final goods and service produced within a nation in a given year plus income earned by its citizen abroad minus income earned by foreigners form domestic production

GDP (Gross domestic product)

Is the measure of output generated through production of Labour and properly which is physically located within the continues of a country National GND-This measures the value of output during the year Real GND measure the value of output during a given year using the price prevailing during the year

Real GND

Measures the value of output in two or more differed year by valuing the goods and service adjusted for inflation


Is an electronic device which accept data as an input store process and retrieve it with given set of instruction and display result as an output in a desired format


The resultant value or outcome of an event. In computer science output is the result produced by computer for external use.


Ability of computer to hold date during before or after processing input data entered or key into the computer.

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It we are utilize the computer to the full and make the computer age a golden one in terms of national property and individual betterment both material and intellectually, then we must ensure that every effort is made by every are; our firms and organizations to appreciate the establish of suitable computer centers with facilities for computer literacy education, computer aided programs and application of it to the descried areas to tap from the enormous computer resources and capabilities

To this end therefore, I recommend computer training for all Economist and other that will handle the software designed for wage management. Thus, if there are followed the aims and objectives of this rigorous study will definitely be achieved.


Attempts were made to allay the problems facing the modern day computerization of economic determinants calculation for institutions and organization that may see it very necessary for the proper generation quick. Valid and reliable information that will subsequently help the nation and sub-managerial decisions on matters effecting their worker salaries and allowance.

Hence, this software is design for the country; it handled with care will definitely eliminate in its tardily the manual system for the salaries and wage control.

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