Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Market Survey Reporting System

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Market Survey Reporting System


This project is based on the possible exploration of computer Technology in Today society in market surveying in the daily discharge of duties.

This project involves the design and development of computerized market survey report analysist.

The design will enable the user to achieve a desirable report at an increased efficiency, accuracy and speed of doing work and at the same time reduce man – hour repured for piece of work.

This calls for an alternative method which ie accurate, quick and inexpensive. This project achieved merit by eliminating all these flows that result from manual operation and present a very accurate, decisive and systematic measure of survey report.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

In order not to embrace hitch in the carrying out of any project, it is necessary to define the objective of the project. The process surveying enable us to map out the limitation and the delimitation of the project.

In surveying, we set out the necessary steps and areas that considered to be useful and necessary to implement the objective.

In this case, we identify the problem, it’s sources, causes and to identify solutions to the problem.

In the case study of doing these, the objective must be certain.

1.1 Background of the Study

The Background of this study involves indent study of the system report being designed to determine the input data to the report system and how system report objective can be realized.

Data collected or survey made determined the system output and input and grouped into various files (1) Equipment requirement.

Equipment Requirement:

To use this report system in survey the following equipment may be needed.

  1. An IBM or its compatible
  2. Magnetic Diskette (3.25 x 5.25 or 35 x 3.5 inches)
  3. An IBM line printer or its compatible
  4. A printer interface cable.

Optional equipment: Hard Disk Properly Installed.

Memory Requirement:

The design of this system was highly structured by breaking the program in module using Top-Down design technique and loding the program in GW BASIC. Each program after use call another program from the diskette and pass over the content of relevant variable over to the incoming program by using “COMMON” statement it minimizes effectively the size of primary memory required by the system.

Test Data:

The whole system was tested by obtaining survey analysis of previous building project. Fed the cost of sub-element into the system and compare the output.


This system is documented in a way that any one who is not a computer scientist or market surveyor can use it effectively. The following types of a documentation are implemented.

  1. Design documentation
  2. Operational documentation
  3. Test documentation

1.2 Objective of the Project Aim

Market survey report system has the following objectives

  1. To give client good value for money
  2. To achieve the required balance of expenditure between the various parts of the building
  3. To keep expenditure within the amount allowed by the client.

1.3 Statement of the Problem or Purpose

Recent Researchers to a great extent have been directed towards finding means of efficience, accuracy and speed of doing work and at the same time reducing man-hou. Required for each piece of work. The success of these Researchers have been attributed to the invention of modern computers.

But all these recent invention and discoveries not withstanding, the work of the market surveyor has largely remained a manual work. Hence the research problem is to explore the possibility of the market surveyor in Nigeria employing the technology of our days (computer) in the daily discharge of his duties. The use of computer in cost planning has the following advantages over the manual process.


Computer are very fast in carrying out operations as compared to humans. E.g the production of survey plan may take five to 10 man – days. But with computers, it is a matter of seconds. This reduces the time of the market surveyor will spend on each job.


Once the data have been entered correctly into the computer the need for further manipulation by means of humans is eliminated and possible errors reduced. Also when properly programmed, computers are unlikely to make computational errors.

1.4 Justification of the Project Topic

It is justified that ever before the introduction of computers in survey system report process, there was no accurate and complete similar work related to such. Therefore, we advice that in the course of this research work if necessary any suggestions would be welcome.

1.5 Scope of the Project


For a perfect and accurate result a any system, it all depend on the data collected. In any Research of this nature, it sis proper to ambark on secondary method of data collect in other to achieve a decisive result.

Source of Data

The source of data for this project work include text book, journals, market surveying firms and computer centers.

Method of Data Collection

The data collection method used in this work are personal interview and distribution of questionnaires to market surveying firm, and use of website (internet)

Reasons for Data Collection Method

Because of the nature of the project work which does not call for the sampling of people’s opinion, But ascertaining what is obtainable in the field, and interviewing of market surveyors was adopted.

On the other hand, visiting of NET and professional journals like I said earlier was consulted to facilitate balancing between the idea and the actual practice.

Thesis Organization

This research work is based on two angles. First, it is viewed that, the survey report system needs enhancement format to facilitate the process. Tow, the market surveyor needs to be equipped with items needed to enhance his efforts.

Therefore, the use of computer is considered necessaries market surveying system processing.

In this research work, the use of computers, its importance, and its application in market surveying has been stated and specified int his project work. What the surveyor need to do, how he can do it, and how he can use it are all stated and specified here.

Chapter Seven

7.0 Recommendation and Conclusion

Based on the discoveries made in the course of this research
I made the following recommendations:

  1. Computer Education should be made part of market surveyors training.
  2. Computer should be seen as essential surveying tool and not a treat to the survival of surveyor.
  3. Practicing firms should be trained on the use of computers
  4. The researches by computer scientist into other fields of human endeavours to ascertain the possibility of using computers to increase efficiency and productivity should be encouraged.

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